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By: Robert Jevahirian The Maze Runner.

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1 By: Robert Jevahirian The Maze Runner

2 Setting The Glade The Glade is the place where all the “Gladers” in the story live. In the Glade, is the is A big house that the Gladers built. Also in the glade, there is a graveyard. There is not very many bodies buried in the graveyard, but that’s where the bury everyone that has died. Then, there is the slaughterhouse, That’s where they kill all the livestock for food. Lastly, There is a forest, a secret map room for the runners only, and a farm in the glade. Also, The glade Is surrounded by an almost endless maze that the runners from the glade have never solved in almost three years. Throughout the book, this is where Thomas remains until he becomes a runner. .

3 Characters

4 Thomas Thomas is one of the major characters in the story. He is also the procrastinator. Thomas is very brave. I know he is brave because when he arrives in the glade, instead of crying and getting sick the first couple of weeks, he just goes along with everything happening. Also, I can tell he is brave, because he becomes a runner even knowing he may die every day while running through the maze. His last act of bravery was when he ran out into the maze – even though he knew he was breaking the rule – to save Alby who had been stung by a Griever. He was stuck out in the maze that whole night and did not freak out, but instead, he just did he needed to do to save the injured person.

5 Thomas Continued… Thomas is also very kind and smart person. I can tell he is kind, because he was nice throughout the story to his friend chuck – knowing that he didn’t have very many friends. Also I can tell he is smart because when he was in the maze with Alby, he knew a way to Alby tied to the top of the maze wall. Also, he got stung by a griever on purpose just to get his memory back. He also figured out how to solve the maze. This is why

6 Minho Alby Minho is a major character in the story. He is also a protagonist. He is the leader of all the runners and is very strong. He teaches all the runners how to get through the maze and how to map out the maze. Minho is also a very friendly character when he wants to be. For example, when he teaches Thomas how to be a runner, he was really cool about it. Alby is another major character in The story. He is a protagonist and a leader to the other gladers. He is very strict and kind when he wants to be. He is strict because when Thomas first arrived in the Glade, he wouldn’t do any explaining until later. Also he is strict because He didn’t welcome or greeat Thomas very much when he arrived, and just told him what to do.

7 Chuck Teresa Chuck is another major character and protagonists. He is very friendly and kind. And becomes his best friend. He is Thomas’ first friend in the story. He also saves Thomas’ life by jumping in front of a throwing knife that was thrown at Thomas, thrown by Gally when the creators where controlling him. Teresa is another major character in the story. She is a protagonist and the only girl in the book. She arrives in the Glade the day after Thomas. She is important because after she arrives the walls stop closing, the sky stays dark, and the grievers start killing only one person at a time and much more.

8 Figurative Language Imagery Foreshadowing
“Using his drained, rubbery arms, he turned himself around to face the maze.” pg. 123 “Sweat slicked his palms, and he felt a drop trickle down his temple.” pg. 169 “Thomas was hit with a wave of confusion, blistered with panic” pg. 3 “Dude, it smells like feet down there!” ~Unknown pg. 3 Foreshadowing “Everything is going to change” ~Teresa pg. 57 “I think the creators want us to know there’s no way out.” ~Minho pg. 286

9 Figurative Language Simile Metaphor Alitteration Personification
“Its like watching a pig eat it’s own klunk.” ~Chuck pg. 147 Metaphor “Your so stupid, you might as well be a dog.” ~Newt pg. 210 Alitteration “Minho’s eyes were dead, staring at a spot somewhere in the gray distance.” pg. 287 Personification “Something’s fishy about you, and I’m gonna fins out.” ~Ben pg 68 “The room spun, colors moving into each other, churning faster and faster. pg. 296 Onomatopoeia “Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” ~Griever pg. 127 “Booooom” Found Online “Swissshhhhh” Found Online

10 Key Events Rising Action Climax Falling Action
Thomas Arrives in the Glade. Thomas runs out of the doors when there closing to save Alby ,and ends up saving him and killing 5 grievers with Minho. Teresa arrives in the Glade Thomas becomes a runner. Ben attacks Thomas after being stung by a Griever. Thomas learn him and Teresa can share thoughts. Teresa becomes conscious. Climax Teresa tells Thomas how to solve the maze. Thomas gets stung by a Griever on purpose to remember all of it. The usual stuff stops happening; The walls stop closing, the sky stays dark, supplies stops coming in the box and no one else comes in the box. The Gladers all go into the maze to protect Thomas and Teresa so that they can get to the Griever hole. The Gladers fight off the Grievers and Thomas and Teresa get the code of the maze in and they escape. Falling Action They meet the creators. They drive them away on a bus, and tell them they were in the Glade because of a terrible disease around the world.

11 Plot Plot – Also called story line. A plot is the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story. The plot of The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who is stuck in the glade and has to escape with everyone else. The “gladers” sre trapped in the glade, which is a large meadow that’s is surrounded by an almost unsolvable maze filled with creatures that kill anything in sight called “grievers”. The “gladers” believe that they can solve the maze that surrounds the glade. Thomas thinks he is different from the other “gladers” He knows he is special because the only girl ever in the glade comes after him, he shares thoughts with her, has weird thoughts about the glade and being a runner. He is learning more and more every day. Everyone else in the glade seems to think Thomas is bad news for them. They think he is going to get them all killed somehow. They dislike him for many reasons. Thomas has to lead everyone out of the maze before thay are all mauled by the “grievers”.

12 Conflicts The glade doesn’t tell Thomas anything and Thomas has to get answers from them – Man vs. Society Ben attacks Thomas in the woods of the glade – Man vs. Man Minho and Alby are arguing, them Alby threatens him and minho pushes him on the ground – Man vs. Man The gladers fight the Grievers in a gruesome battle – Man vs. Nature

13 Theme and Resolution Teamwork I think the theme of the story is teamwork. I think so, because all of the gladers have to work together in order to survive and establish a good, working community. I could not find any quote that showed this theme. Resolution The resolution of the story was when all of the gladers fought off a group of grievers. Meanwhile, Thomas went into the griever hole and typed in the kill code for the maze into a computer. That deactivated all the beetle blades and grievers and opened a door for them to get out. They then, met the creators and they drove them off In a bus. They then found out that they were in the glade as an expirement because there was a worldwide disease that spread.

14 Sources

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