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Brave New World Ch. 1-3 (pgs 3-56)

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1 Brave New World Ch. 1-3 (pgs 3-56)
Edlyn Serrano, Jesse Hernandez, Jasmine

2 Chapters we will be covering 
No I don’t eat rice o.O -Ch. 1 (pgs. 3-18) “Now Let’s Make Some Babies” -Ch. 2 (pgs ) “Pornographic Parents and conditioning” -Ch. 2 (pgs ) “ -Ch. 3 (pgs ) “ -Ch.3 (pgs ) “keep your Whittle Willy in”

3 -Ch. 1 (pgs. 3-18) “Now Let’s Make Some Babies”
The setting takes place in the Central London Hatchery and conditioning center a.k.a a “baby maker factory”. As the chapter begins The Director tours students around the fertilization facility. Throughout the tour The director explains how certain embryos a pre-destined to develop into 5 castes: Alpha,Beta,Gama,Delta or Epsilons. The Director further explains the process by which these embryo’s must go through such as a process that helps with cell division called the Bokanovsky Process. He also explains Podsnap’s Technique, which increases more eggs in a single ovary. Mr. Foster hopes to exceed the 16,012 that was previously produced once in the Centre and explains how other countries are undergoing this same process.

4 “Pornographic Parents and Conditioning”
-Ch. 2 (pgs ) “Pornographic Parents and Conditioning” In Chapter 2 (Pavloe’s children) The tour Continues as does the aging of the embryos.The students get to see how the claste’s conditioning begins at 8 months. There they witnessed a group of Delta Babies getting shocked for showing interest in books. The Director exemplifies Reuben Rabinovitch who experienced "sleep-teaching or hypnopaedia”. He states why conditioning is significant So that over time Deltas would be afraid of books and end up not wanting to seek knowledge in books that may corrupt their minds, this process is called the Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning. In Addition The World State instated a law that abolished any nature of love or affection, therefore the idea of a mother and father “doing it to make a baby” is consider pornographic (hence the title).

5 “keep your Whittle Willy in”
-Ch.3 (pgs ) “keep your Whittle Willy in” The Director remarks that “in Our Ford’s day,” games involved no more than a ball or two, a few sticks, and maybe a net. The Director astounds the students by explaining that sexual play during childhood and adolescence used to be considered abnormal and immoral. The students are overwhelmed by meeting Mond, the Resident Controller for Western Europe, and one of only ten World Controllers. He has heard rumors that Mond keeps forbidden books, such as Bibles and poetry collections, locked in a safe The date of the introduction of the Model T was chosen as the start of the new era, and all crosses had their tops cut off to make them into Ts. The problem of old age was solved, and people could now retain the mental and physical character of youth throughout life. Fanny mentions the rumors that someone might have accidentally injected alcohol into his blood surrogate when he was in the bottle.

6 Major Character’s Director- over sees the entire facility
Mr. Foster- scientist Students-aspiring Directors Nursees- aid in the conditioning Castes-social classes Alphas Betas Deltas Gammas Epsilon

7 Quotes and it’s Significance
“Community,identity,Stability…If we could bokanovskify the whole problem would be solved”(7) The importance of this quote is the iorny behind it.Bokanovskifying involves producing inentical twins by the hundreds, yet the world motto is community,identity,stability.So where is identity in Bokanovskifying? ……

8 Symbolisms In Chapter one a symbol would be a test tube. The reason being because in the future all babies will be made with the assistance of doctors instead of what we currently consider naturally. In Chapter two a symbol would be a megaphone because If we do not establish individuality then we will be told what to believe. In chapter three a symbol would be the drug soma, soma is a symbol of the use of instant gratification to control the World State’s populace. It is also a symbol of the powerful influence of science and technology on society. As a kind of “sacrament,” it also represents the use of religion to control society.

9 Exposition We are barely getting started with the story so we do not know what to expect nor do we know of any conflict that the facility faces.

10 Internal and External Conflicts
External: This would be conflict with the company because they are the ones producing the babies and not humans like it use to be nature is being defied. Internal: Being controlled by society.

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