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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 10-11.

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1 To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 10-11

2 Chapters 10-11 1. What brave thing does Atticus do in Chapter 10?

3 In Chapter 10, Atticus’ bravery is shown when he shoots a mad dog.

4 Why are Scout and Jem shocked?

5 Jen and Scout are shocked because until this day, they think of Atticus as having no real talents or anything to be proud of. He never touched a gun, to their knowledge, and he did not believe in fighting. Thus, they are very surprised to find out about "One-Shot Finch."

6 2. What did Jem do when Mrs. Dubose said Atticus "lawed for niggers?"

7 When Mrs. Dubose told Scout and Jem that their father “lawed for niggers” Jem lost his temper. Jem took Scout's birthday baton and, waving it madly, cut the tops off of all of Mrs. Dubose's camellia bushes.

8 3. What was Jem's punishment for what he did to Mrs. Dubose's bushes?

9 He had to repair the damage as well as he could, and he had to read to Mrs. Dubose each afternoon after school for a month.

10 He learned that people aren't always what they seem, that one can't understand someone else until one has all the facts, and, most importantly, that there is a different kind of courage than physical courage.

11 4. What did Jem learn from his encounter with Mrs
4. What did Jem learn from his encounter with Mrs. Dubose and following her death?

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