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Brave New World Hatching and conditioning. Processes  Incubators (Fertilizing)  Bokanovsky‘s process  Bottling room / Matriculator  Social Predestination.

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1 Brave New World Hatching and conditioning

2 Processes  Incubators (Fertilizing)  Bokanovsky‘s process  Bottling room / Matriculator  Social Predestination Room  Embryo Store / Decanting Room  Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Room

3 The incubators - requirements  they get ovaries and sperms from contributors  check: optimum temperature,salinity,viscosity  ripened eggs are detached from the ovaries and are kept in liquor  eggs at blood heat, sperms at 35°C  eggs are controlled under microscope abnormalities, counting

4 The incubators - fertilizing  putting of eggs into a porous bin  bin in warm liquor with free-swimming spermatozoa, (100000/cm³)  ten minutes later lifting out of the liquor and checking of there contents  if some were unfertilized, they would be lifted in again  fertilized ova is put back to the incubators Alphas and Betas remain bottled until final filling, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons are brought out again after 36h to undergo Bokanovsky's Process

5 Bokanovsky’s Process  slowing down the normal growth  eggs respond by budding  moving in test-tubes on moving band  8 minutes under X-rays a few eggs die from two up to eight buds eggs return to the incubators “Every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult“

6 The incubators – further procedure  two days cooling down and checking  Buds stop growing  result: From 2 over 4 up to 8 further buds  addition of nearly deadly rate of alcohol  further budding  left to develop in peace (further arrest would be generally fatal)  finally from 8 to 96 embryos could be produced I. II. III.

7 Bottling Room / Matriculator  putting a piece of fresh sow's peritoneum in large bottles  eggs’ transfer from their test-tubes to the bottles  adjusting of Morula  saline solution is poured in  container passes for labelling heredity date of fertilization membership of Bokanovsky Group Social Predestination Room  amount and caste-membership of embryos is matched on demand

8 Embryo Store  appearance: temperature tropical, red light  embryos feed on rich blood substitution embryos are 267 days, 8 metre every day, 2136 metres in all on the moving band

9 The moving band  every 7th and 8th metre embryos are shaken into familiarity with movement  every 12 metre until metre 2040 corpus luteum extract is automatically injected  every 24 th metre 30% of the female embryos develop normally  for the case of emergency other female embryos get a dose of male sex hormones  they are born as freemartins

10 112 m artificial maternal circulation is installed in every bottle 200 m test for sex is carried out  labelling - a "T" for the males  a circle for the females,  a question mark for the freemartins 320 m rack 11 embryos get different amounts of oxygen  the lower the caste the shorter the oxygen 170 m rack 9 during their journey bottles remain in a kind of tunnel  hot and cool tunnels alternate  “Heat Conditioning”: use of hard X-rays to create uncomfortable coolness -> prospective tropical workers have a horror of cold 150 m gelatinous contents are injected against typhoid and sleeping sickness  for tropical workers rack 10 rows of the next generations' chemical workers are being trained in the toleration of lead, caustic soda, tar, chlorine 1100 rack 3 embryonic rocket-plane engineers are kept in constant rotation to improve their sense of balance 900 m rack 5 intellectual conditioning till the foetuses have lost their tails  for Alpha-Plus Intellectuals 2040 - 2136 m increasing doses of pituitary is applied  After 267 days, babies are decanted in the Decanting Room

11 Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms 1.applied when babies are at the age of eight-months 2.babies are turned so that they can see the flowers and books  Pleasure 3.when they are happily busy  electric shock level I is activated 4.the children scream  electric shock level II is activated  insane, desperate screaming After 200 repetitions of the same lesson instinc- tive hatred of books and flowers is created  reflexes unalterably conditioned

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