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By Dwi Ambaretno Ningtyas (2012083001) 12345678910.

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1 By Dwi Ambaretno Ningtyas (2012083001) 12345678910


3 Students who learn English with this assumption think that they can master the language by simply memorising as many words in the dictionary as possible. They assume that learning English is learning the words of the language in order to be able to automatically understand and use the language in conversation


5 Some Indonesian learners and teachers who believe with this assumption presume that English vocabulary has equivalent words in Indonesian. The difference is just laid on the way these words are written, so that every single English word can be directly translated into Indonesian.


7 English learners and teachers who hold this assumption often think that every English word has only one exact meaning in Indonesian. Most of English words, in fact, have several equivalent meanings in Indonesian words.

8 EnglishIndonesia What time is it?Jam berapa sekarang? We had a good time during the last vocation Kami bersenang-senang selama liburan akhir pekan ini This is a good time to do research Sekarang ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk mengadakan penelitian TimeWaktu

9 Conclusion: The existence of some false assumptions about the vocabulary teaching and learning among the learners, and even the teachers, is believed to give a contribution as well to this situation, which in turn, may affect the students’ competence and performance in learning vocabulary. Teachers should be aware of these aspects as they may give influence on the vocabulary teaching and learning process in the classroom


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