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1 SEZ ACT & GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTATION. 2 Effect of SEZ Act 2005, SEZ Rules 2006 & Related Laws.

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2 2 Effect of SEZ Act 2005, SEZ Rules 2006 & Related Laws

3 3 HISTORY OF SEZ IN INDIA The first ever Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Asia was set up by Government of India in Kandla in 1965.

4 4 SUCCESS STORY OF EPZ’s Based on the success of Kandla EPZ, in the beginning of eighties, seven more EPZs were set up in Bombay, Noida, Surat, Madras, Falta, Visakhapaptnam. and Cochin.

5 5 FORMATION OF SEZ’s To invite larger foreign investments in India, these EPZs were converted into Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the year 2000 under a new policy announced by the Government of India.

6 6 AIM OF SEZ’s The policy intended to make these SEZs an engine for economic growth supported by quality infrastructure complemented by an attractive fiscal package with minimum possible regulations.

7 7 SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES ACT, 2005 Promulgated on 23rd June, 2005 An Act to provide for the establishment, development and management of the Special Economic Zones for the promotion of exports and for matters connected herewith or incidental thereto. Enacted by Parliament in the Fifty-sixth Year of the Republic of India.

8 8 OVERRIDING EFFECT Section 51 The provisions of the SEZ Act shall have effect not withstanding anything inconsistent herewith contained in any instrument having effect by virtue of any law other than this Act.

9 9 SEZ RULES 2006. In exercise of the powers conferred by section 55 of the Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 (28 of 2005), the Central Government promulgated the SEZ Rules, 2006 vide Gazette Notification No.GSR 54 (E) dated 10 February, 2006.

10 10 SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE Section 14 SEZ proposals approved by Board of Approval (BOA) at New Delhi. SEZ Units approved by Approval Committee headed by Development Commissioner locally.

11 11 BOARD OF BOARD OF APPROVAL (BOA) Section 8 Secretary/Additional Secretary – MOC 2 Joint. Secretaries, GOI dealing with revenue 1 Joint. Secretary, GOI dealing with Economy or Finance About 10 Joint Secretaries, GOI dealing with Commerce, Industrial Policy, Science & Technology, Small Scale Industries / Agro & Rural Industries, Home Affairs, Defence, Environment & Forests, Law, Overseas Indian Affairs and Urban Development. Nominee of State Government Nominee of DGFT Development Commissioner concerned Professor in any IIM Deputy Secretary, MOC

12 12 APPROVAL COMMITEE Section 13 Development Commissioner 2 Officers of Central Government 2 Officers of Central Government dealing with Revenue 1 Officer of Central Government dealing with Economy/Finance 2 Officers of the State Government Nominee of the Developer

13 13 ADMINISTRATION OF SEZ Rule 20 Every Special Economic Zone shall be under the administrative control of a Development Commissioner.

14 14 PROCESSING AREA Section 6 Area for activities of manufacturing of goods, or rendering Services and area exclusively for trading or warehousing purposes.

15 15 NON-PROCESSING AREA Section 6 ( C ) Area for social purposes like Residential, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals as approved by BOA. The BOA shall decide on the size of such facilities and areas.

16 16 EXEMPTIONS AND CONCESSIONS Section 7 & 26 Developers and Units Exempted from Customs Duty, Excise Duty, CST & Service Tax.

17 17 INCOME TAX EXEMPTION Section 27 of SEZ & Section 10AA of IT Act 100% for first 5 years 50% for next 5 years 50% income on re-investment for next 5 years

18 18 CONCESSIONS TO CONTRACTS IN SEZ Rule 10, 26 All Exemptions and concessions are allowed to Contractor appointed by a Developer or Co-developer.

19 19 EXEMPTIONS FOR SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN NON- PROCESSING AREA Rule 11 (10) Proviso All Exemptions available for infrastructure for social purposes in the Special Economic Zone, as may be approved by the Board Zone, as may be approved by the Board

20 20 MINIMUM AREA Section 3(8) – Rule 5 Multi-product zone – 1000 Hectares Exclusive for services – 100 Hectares Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Sikkim, Jammu and Kashmir, Goa or in a Union territory – 200 Hectares. Specific sector or in a port or airport – 100 Hectares Electronics hardware/software, Information Technology ES – 10 Hectares (minimum built up processing area of one lakh square meters Bio-technology, non-conventional energy, including solar energy equipments/cell, or gem and jewellery sectors – 10 Hectares Free Trade and Warehousing – 40 Hectares (with a built up area of not less than one lakh sq.m.)

21 21 EQUITY IN THE ENTITY Rule 5 (4) The Developer or Co-Developer shall have at least 26% of the equity in the entity proposing to create business, residential or recreational facilities in an SEZ in case such development is proposed to be carried out through a separate entity or an SPV being a company formed and registered under the Companies Act, 1956.

22 22 CLEARANCE BY STATE Rule 5 (6) The State Government shall, while recommending a proposal for setting up of an SEZ to the Board indicate whether the proposed area falls under reserved or ecologically fragile area as may be specified by the concerned authority.

23 23 DETAILS OF LAND AREA Rule 7 The Developer shall furnish details of the land with proof of legal right and possession and a certificate from the State Government or the authorized agency that the said area is free from all encumbrances.

24 24 SEZ NOTIFICATION OF THE SEZ Rule 8 On acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Letter of Approval by the Developer the Central Government shall notify the area. as a Special Economic Zone.

25 25 DETAILS FOR AUTHORISED OPERATION Section 4 (2) – Rule 9 The Developer shall submit to the Board (BOA) the details of operations proposed to be undertaken in the SEZ at the time of seeking approval for setting up of SEZ or thereafter.

26 26 PERMISSION FOR PROCUREMENT OF ITEMS UNDER TAX Rule 10, 12 After getting approval for authorised operation from the BOA, the Developer shall make a list of items required duly certified by a Chartered Engineer and submit to the Approval Committee for approval. The Developer shall execute a Bond-cum-Legal. Undertaking in Form-D with the DC.

27 27 ACCOUNTING OF GOODS Rule 12 The Developer shall submit a half-yearly certificate for the period ending 31st March and 30th September of every financial year regarding utilization of goods from an independent Chartered Engineer, other than the one who has given a certificate for the purpose of sub-rule (2), to Development Commissioner and Specified Officer. The Developer shall remove goods from the SEZ to the Domestic Tariff Area only with the permission of the Specified Officer and on payment of duty applicable on such goods.

28 28 NON UTILISATION OF GOODS Rule 25 Where an Entrepreneur or Developer does not utilize the goods or services on which exemptions have been availed, the Entrepreneur or the Developer, shall refund an amount equal to the benefits of exemptions and concessions availed under various Acts/Rules.

29 29 TRANSFER OF GOODS Rule 13 & 38 A Developer may export or transfer capital goods and spares including construction equipment that have become obsolete or surplus to another Developer, or Unit after obtaining the approval of the Specified Officer.

30 30 PROCUREMENT FROM DTA Rule 30 The DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) supplier supplying goods to a Unit or Developer shall clear the goods under ARE-I referred to in notification number 40/2001- Central Excise (NT) dated the 26th June, 2001 in quintuplicate bearing running serial number beginning from the first day of the financial year.

31 31 SALES UNDER CST ACT Rule 32 (Proviso) Rule 32 (Proviso) Dealer selling goods in the course of inter state trade or commerce to a registered dealer under the Central Sale Tax Act, 1956 shall furnish a declaration in Form – I prescribed under the Central Sales Tax (Registration and Turnover) Rules, 1957.

32 32 DESTRUCTION OF GOODS Rule 39 With written prior permission from the Specified Officer, obsolete goods including capital goods procured or manufactured or waste or scrap or remnants can be destructed within the SEZ. Obtaining environmental clearance if any required for such destruction shall be the responsibility of the Unit.

33 33 SUB CONTRACTING OF WORKS Rule 41 Part of production or any production process can be undertaken outside SEZ with prior permission of the Specified Officer.

34 34 SALES IN DTA Rule 47 Goods, rejects, wastes, scraps, remnants, broken diamonds or byproducts arising during the manufacturing process or in connection therewith, Can be sold on payment of applicable duties under section 30, subject to prescribed conditions.

35 35 TEMPORARY REMOVAL OF GOODS Rule 50 Capital goods, parts can be temporarily removed without payment of duty for job work, test, repair, refining and calibration and return thereof & Laptop, notebook computers, video projection systems for use by Authorized employees can also be taken out of the zone on return basis with the prior approval of the Specified Officer.

36 36 PROCEDURE FOR TEMPORARY REMOVALS Rule 51 Removal of goods for the activities covered under sub-rule (1) to (3) of rule 50 shall be undertaken by the Unit on the cover of serially-numbered pre- authenticated challans, authenticated by the Managing Director or owner or working partner or the Company Secretary or by any person duly authorized in this behalf by the Company or owner or working partner.

37 37 MONITORING OF UTILIZATION Rule 15 The utilization of the goods imported or Procured from the Domestic Tariff Area by the Developer shall be monitored by the Approval Committee.

38 38 TRANSFER OF LETTER OF APPROVAL OF DEVELOPER Rule 16 The Letter of Approval of a Developer can be transferred to another Developer following the procedure under Section in case the Board finds any Developer has defaulted the terms and conditions.

39 39 ESTABLISHMENT OF SEZ UNIT Rule 17 A consolidated application (Form-F) seeking permission for setting up of a Unit and other clearances, including those indicated below, shall be made to the Development Commissioner, in Form-F, in five copies, with a copy to the Developer. The Approval Committee may approve the proposal within15 days.

40 40 DETAILS REQUIRED FOR SEZ UNIT Setting up of unit in a Special Economic Zone; Annual permission for sub-contracting; Allotment of Importer-Exporter Code number; Allotment of land/industrial sheds in the Special Economic Zone; Water connection; Registration-cum-Membership Certificate; Small Scale Industries Registration; Registration with Central Pollution Control Board; Power connection; Building approval plan; Sales tax registration; Approval from inspectorate of factories; Pollution control clearance, wherever required; Any other approval as may be required from the State Government.

41 41 ALLOTMENT OF LAND OR BUILT UP SPACE Rule 11 (5) The land or built up space in the processing area shall be given on lease only to the entrepreneurs holding a valid Letter of Approval issued under rule 19 and the lease period shall be co- terminus with the validity of the Letter of Approval.

42 42 LEASE OF LAND / SPACE Rule 11 (5) Provision The Developer can give land or built up space on lease in the processing area, for creating facilities such as canteen, public telephone booths, first aid centres, creche and such other facilities as may be required for the exclusive use of the Unit.

43 43 ALLOTMENT OF LAND BY DEVELOPER Rule 11 (8) The Developer may allot land in the processing area on lease basis to a person desiring to create infrastructure facilities for use by the prospective Units.

44 44 NO SALE OF LAND BY DEVELOPER Rule 11 (9) The Developer shall not sell the land in a Special Economic Zone.

45 45 ALLOTMENT OF LAND BY DEVELOPER IN NON- PROCESSING AREA Rule 11 (10) The Developer may allot the land in the non- processing area for business and social purposes such as educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, recreation and Entertainment facilities, residential and business complexes as approved by the BOA.

46 46 FOREIGN COMPANIES Rule 19 (7) Foreign companies can also set up manufacturing units as their branch operations in the Special Economic Zones in accordance with the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Regulations, 2000 of RBI.

47 47 TRANSFER OF GOODS Rule 38 The goods or services admitted into Special Economic Zone without payment of duty may be transferred or given on loan to a Unit or Developer within the same Special Economic Zone or in another Special Economic Zone or to an EOU or to a unit in EHTP unit without payment of duty.

48 48 NET FOREIGN EXCHANGE EARNINGS Rule 53 The Unit shall achieve Positive Net Foreign Exchange to be calculated cumulatively for a period of five years from the commencement of production.

49 49 MONITORING OF PERFORMANCE Rule 54 Performance of the Unit shall be monitored by the Approval Committee. In case the Approval Committee come to the conclusion that a Unit has not achieved positive NFE Earning or failed to abide by any of the terms and conditions of the Letter of Approval or Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking, the said Unit shall be liable for penal action under the provisions of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992.

50 50 SELF DECLARATION Rule 75 Unless otherwise specified in these rules all inward or outward movement of goods into or from the Zone by the Unit or Developer shall be based on self declaration made and no routine examination of these goods shall be made unless specific orders of the Development Commissioner or the specified Officer are obtained.

51 51 EXIT FROM SEZ Rule 74 The Unit may opt out of SEZ subject to payment of applicable duties on the imported or indigenous capital goods, raw materials, components, consumables, spares and finished goods in stock. Provided that if the unit has not achieved positive NFE, the exit shall be subject to penalty that may be imposed under the FTDR, Act, 1992.

52 52 ADDITIONAL AREA IN THE SEZ Section 4 & 5 Additional area in the SEZ will be included on following conditions: Generation of additional economic activity Promotion of exports of goods and services Promotion of investment Additional employment opportunities Development infrastructure facilities maintenance of sovereignty and integrity of India.

53 53 CHANGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Rule 19 Change of Entrepreneur permitted if the incoming Entrepreneur undertakes to take over the assets and liabilities of the existing unit.

54 54 CANCELLATION OF APPROVAL Section 10 The Approval Committee may, at any time, if it has any reason or cause to believe that the entrepreneur has persistently contravened any of the terms and conditions or its obligations subject to which the letter of approval was granted to the entrepreneur, cancel the letter of approval.

55 55 SINGLE ENFORCEMENT AGENCY Section 20, 21, 22 The Single Agency or Officer, as nominated by Central Government, may, with prior intimation to the Development Commissioner concerned, carry out the investigation or search or seizure in the Special Economic Zone or in a Unit if such agency or officer has reasons to believe (reasons to be recorded in writing) that a notified offence has been committed or is likely to be committed in the Special Economic Zone:

56 56 OFFENCES BY COMPANIES Section 25 Where an offence has been committed by a company, every person, who at the time the offence was committed was in charge of, and was responsible to, the company for the conduct of the business of the company, as well as the company, shall be deemed to be guilty of the offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly

57 57 EXEMPTIONS FROM GOVT OF KERALA Stamp Duty Registration Tax Sales Tax (KVAT) Entry Tax Self Certification (Labour Laws) Building and Profession Tax Stability Certificate for Buildings Development Commissioner declared as Conciliation Officer under Industrial Disputes Act.



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