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Teacher’s Workplan Pilot Software - December 2003 -

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1 Teacher’s Workplan Pilot Software - December 2003 -

2 Team structure Irja Rautio, Ioana Matei - the Project Managers Jukka Pitkänen – DB “wizard” Reko Linko – HIM (Human Interaction Master) Riina Pakarinen – web “guru” Valtteri Pihlajamäki – senior java script “Jedi”

3 Contents System background New system description New system features Enhanced features Where to find Tplan Cost Conclusions

4 Current system description Teacher download check Department Secretary gives Department Head gives discuss/remake file Department Council final work plan approve DB Admin HeVi input HR Department Accounting Department interface

5 New system description Tplan Teacher Department Head Department Council HR Department Accounting Department Work Plan Reports fill in / modify approve all TPlan users view HeVi interface

6 Tplan Features user-friendly interface based on user role on-line access to work plans decreasing manual work approval system for work plans improved features for planning: reporting, history e-mail remider for deadlines on-line help

7 Tplan Enhanced Features tracking system for teacher based on actual working hours vacation planning & approval system on-line classrooms & ressource reservation budget tracking system download reports in different file formats improved notification system for deadlines

8 Where to find Tplan... Tplan mockup - web-screensweb-screens Tplan official site - herehere

9 Cost Delivery time: 6 months (135 working days) Time estimation/person: 220 working hours Overall time estimation: 1320 working hours PRICE: 30.000 EUR Does it pay off?

10 Conclusions Tplan is a user-friendly reliable software Tplan is extendable Tplan is the kind of software you need for work planning and tracking !

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