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Dallas Tea Party Meeting Zipcodes 75229 & 75220 Agenda Introductions & Orientation Redistricting Candidates The Ground War Calendar Thursday March 1, 2012.

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1 Dallas Tea Party Meeting Zipcodes 75229 & 75220 Agenda Introductions & Orientation Redistricting Candidates The Ground War Calendar Thursday March 1, 2012

2 Introductions You are here if you signed up on Dallas Tea Party website in zipcode 75229 or 75220 Zipcode 75229 – 177 tea party members – 3 admins Linda Rogers Bryan Knox Steve Gerdes Zipcode 75220 – 52 tea party members – no admins How many are 75229? How many are 75220? How many have been to a tea party meeting before?


4 Core Principles of The Dallas Tea Party 1. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY 2. LIMITED GOVERNMENT 3. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY 4.THE RULE OF LAW 5. NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY Although these ideas are common sense to us, they are not common sense to everyone. Bigger government, larger debts, irresponsibility, emotional decisionmaking and internationalism seem to be the order of the day.

5 Code of Conduct The Dallas Tea Party is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to citizen education, empowerment and engagement. The Dallas Tea Party will not organize or co-sponsor any public rally event to support a political party or candidate. The Dallas Tea Party will not host political party officials or declared candidates as speakers at public rally events organized by the Dallas Tea Party, except issue events. The Dallas Tea Party will not include or appoint to a leadership role any political campaign operative. (Precinct chairs excluded) The Dallas Tea Party and members agree: 1 - To respect and protect the privacy of members and aligned citizens. 2 - To not publicly disclose any member specific information. 3 - To not share information about members or other confidential data to another party not expressly agreeing to this code of conduct.

6 What is the Tea Party Movement? According to Wikipedia:Wikipedia The Tea Party movement is an American socio-political movement that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests. The protests are partially in response to several Federal laws: the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Federal Reserve Transparency Act and a series of health care reform bills. The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 — a protest by American colonists against various acts by the British Government which, among other things, attempted to establish a monopoly on the importation of tea into the colonies by giving a cut on re-importation tax imposed on the East India Company. The colonists felt disenfranchised because of their lack of representation in the British Parliament, and resented the British government's efforts to control them. Tea Party protests have invoked themes, images and slogans similar to those used during the pre-revolutionary period in American history. The Tea Party movement sprang up in earnest in February of 2009. About 35 cities hosted tea party rallies simultaneously on February 27. Dallas Tea Party organized a rally in Dallas and about 300 activists showed up at noon outside Victory Plaza. The next rally was on tax day April 15.

7 History Started this group originally in early 2009 Held meetings once or twice a month for all of 2009 Joint with Americans for a Better Future Linda joined the Broden campaign in January 2010 Became inactive at that time A lot of the Tea Party members worked to elect Broden Re-Launching now for 2012 Elections Cycle Piggybacking on Russ Ramsland’s efforts Preston Hollow / Park Cities Tea Party

8 What Are We About? We are about the long term building of a fiscally conservative majority, via limited and restrained government. It will come about through what we call "Death by 1,000 cuts" administered by thousands of American citizens like you. These "Cuts" can be administered at the Local, State or National level, via e-mails, telephone calls, letters, campaign donations, etc. But it requires people willing to get involved and not apologetic nor concerned about what others think. It is not for people who believe it is "beneath them". It requires people who will stand up and run for office, from being a Precinct Chairman to the President of the United States. Get involved, and you'll learn quickly. You'll become sophisticated in very short order. It requires people who will stand up and participate in the Ground War. Our job is to get engaged. If you are not, right now, sitting there deciding to get engaged and seriously looking into how to get out of your comfort zone and just do it, then I may be entertaining you, but you are not making a difference. Look to your right and to your left. These are the compatriots upon whom you depend, and who are depending on you. Tonight we are going to begin discussing the very tip of the spear that we wield, ie, the GROUND WAR.

9 Redistricting Impact: Precinct designations Voting maps Final maps as of yesterday, pending court approval Court approved today Impact on State House Districts Primary set for May 29


11 House District Candidates HD 103 (831 tea party members) – overlaps 75229 and 75220 Rafael Ancia – Democratic incumbent HD 114 (1592 tea party members) – overlaps 75229 and 75220 Candidates to fill Will Hartnett’s seat David Boone Bill Keffer Jason Villalba HD 115 (1661 tea party members) – overlaps 75229, but not 75220 Candidates to fill Jim Jackson’s seat Lib Grimmett Steve Nygen Andy Olivo Bennett Ratliff Matt Rinaldi

12 Organizing For The Ground War Winning by Winning the Precincts We need precinct leaders For 75229 – 13 precincts For 75220 – 10 precincts Groundwar Training Sessions Available Organizing the Precinct Door to Door Training Preston Hollow / Park Cities Tea Party: 13 out of 30 Precincts in our Group now have Tea Party Leaders Training provided for the Ground War Almost same training as a Precinct Chair - Often a Republican Precinct Chairman, but could be a Democrat Precinct Chair

13 Precincts in 75229 1101 1103 1105 1106 1107 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119

14 Precincts in 75220 1122 1125 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 4444 4445

15 The Ground War Step 1 -Assembling and Training the Troops Step 2 -Intelligence Gathering Mission WWW.GRASSROOTSCOMMANDOS.COM/ USER/LOGIN Mapping the combatants and the terrain Knowing who isn't registered, where they live and which way they lean Knowing who is registered but not voting, where they live and which way they lean Knowing who are the Independents, where they live and which way they lean Step 3 -The Target Rich Environment Background Briefing Books on Each Precinct - Ken Emanuelsen We will ask Ken and Russ to attend a future meeting



18 GET INVOLVED Join the Tea Party Ground War Work for one or more conservative candidates Run for office Deliver 1000 cuts Recruit and educate friends Volunteer for our tea party group

19 Future Meetings Next Meeting April 5 First or Third Thursday of each month? Meet here until we are too big Will have candidates and speakers Will provide education that you can share Bring friends

20 Distribution of Information Email after the meetings Provide on website Occasional handouts, but expensive

21 Upcoming Calendar March 3 - Big Town Gunshow - Michael Porter Contact Mary Bosworth - March 3 -3:00 - 4:00 PM - Precinct Coordinator Training Russ Ramsland - 6339 Desco Drive March 5 - 7:00 - 8:30 PM - State Government Candidate Forum Addison Conference Center, 15650 Addison Road, Addison House Dist. 115, House Dist. 102, and Senate Dist. 16 Bob Jacoby - - March 24 - Irving Convention Center - Gun Show - Michael Porter Contact Mary March 20 - Next Meeting for Park Cities/Preston Hollow Tea Party March 29 -Reception here for Jason Villalba April 5 - Next Meeting for 75229 & 75220 Tea Party May 29 - Texas Primary


23 The Key to US Greatness: Income Mobility Latest Federal Reserve Report From 2001 thru 2007: 56% of those in lowest 20% had moved up one or more quintiles 66% of those in highest 20% had moved down one or more quintile A Fluke? Consider this from the same report: From 1996 thru 2005 57.8 % of lowest quintile had moved up one or more quintiles 57.5% of top 1% had moved down one or more quintiles

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