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Singapore’s Policy on Pirate Activity in Costal Waters.

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1 Singapore’s Policy on Pirate Activity in Costal Waters

2 Straits of Malacca


4 34 shipwrecks, some dating to the 1880s, in the Traffic Separation Scheme causing chokepoints within the already narrow channel Numerous river in-lets, secluded coves, and islands providing concealment and escape routes combine to make ships prime targets for pirates

5 Interests / Concerns Sovereignty Sea trade hindrance Piracy trends Shared responsibility & cooperation w/user Counter maritime piracy/terrorism patrols Sharing of info among users/law enforcement Armed security teams Perpetrator prosecution/incarceration

6 Current Policy Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery (ReCAAP) – Multilateral agreement between 16 countries signed in 2004; effective Sep 2006 – Information Sharing Center (ISC) – 2012 expanded to current size of 18 countries

7 Current Policy continued… Malacca Straits Patrols (MSP) – Malacca Straits Sea Patrol (MSSP) – “Eyes-in-the-Sky” (EiS) air patrols – Intelligence Exchange Group (IEG) – Cooperative security measures originally established by Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in 2004 to counter maritime piracy and terrorism

8 Policy Development - Night Surveillance Sea and air patrols have deterred the potential for daytime attacks, but the region has historically always hosted pirate activity at night under the cover of darkness Employing UAVs with nighttime capabilities will provide aerial surveillance during the primary time of attacks

9 Policy Development - Investment Majority of pirate activity stems from economic poverty and instability in the region Invest neighboring countries – Offer technical expertise, health, and education assistance – Improving infrastructure and promoting increased trading opportunities will strengthen relations, reduce climate fostering piracy in the region, and grow our own economy

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