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Geoinformatics courses at the Department of Geosciences and geography 2014 - 2015.

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1 Geoinformatics courses at the Department of Geosciences and geography 2014 - 2015

2 Geoinformatics personnel Tuuli Toivonen: Tenure track prof. in GI Mika Siljander: Senior lecturer in GI (until August 2015) Petri Pellikka: Professor Pekka Hurskainen: -PhD Student -CHIESA project coordinator -- GI-teaching Xiaochen Zou : PhD. Student Tuure Takala: PhD. Student Matti Mõttus : -Postdoc researcher, - docent Johanna Hohental: PhD. Student Maria Salonen: PhD. Student – now in Copenhagen Janne Heiskanen: -Postdoc researcher, --BIODEV project Maeda, Eduardo Eiji: -CHIESA project -Postdoc researcher,

3 2014 – period 1 560411 Basics of GIS for English-speaking students (web course), 3 cr. Starting on 8.9.2014 using mainly Quantum GIS but also ArcGIS 10 software -Web GIS course implemented in Moodle platform: - - (link opens up on Monday 08.09.2014 ) -ennrollment key: mygis2014 -Students will make GIS practicals and return final report to Moodle -If you want to take the course email to GRADING: Fail/Pass 562820 Raster GIS(5 cr.) (this course is already overbooked!) -However, it is possible to make this course independently if you have already fairly good GIS skills using ArcGIS software - all course material available from University of Helsinki Moodle platform - Email to for more information

4 56301 Methods in Remote Sensing 5 cr. 2.09.2014 -17.10.2014 - lectures in Finnish – lecture PDFs also available in English -Practicals: instructions available in English. -2014 teaching only in Finnish and groups are already full. -However, if student are able to work independently contact -Instructor Vuokko Heikinheimo for more details. - -(This course is suitable for student with basic skills of remote sensing and who has some knowledge of Erdas Imagine software) - Software used: Erdas Imagine 2014 -Responsible teacher: prof. Petri Pellikka. Email: 2014 – periods 1 and 2

5 563010 Advanced remote sensing, 4 cr  30 March – 28 April 2015  Course introduces topical research and methods in remote sensing of land cover and vegetation  Deepens content of the “56301 Remote sensing methods”  Improves students’ ability to use remote sensing methods in their MSc theses and research  Lectures, exercises and practical work  Responsible teacher: Janne Heiskanen (

6 Lecture topics in Advanced RS in 2014:  Review of topical research and trends in remote sensing of land cover and vegetation  Atmospheric and topographic corrections for satellite data  Estimation of land cover and vegetation biophysical attributes from satellite data  Laser scanning for characterization of vegetation 3D structure  Remote sensing of land surface temperature and precipitation  Land change detection and modelling Practical work:  Image processing in R software environment  Forest biomass mapping using airborne laser scanning

7 560761 - Basic hydrological concepts with GIS applications 3 credits 3 lectures (2 hours each) and 3 practical (4 hours each) Dates and times: 11.03.201518.03.201525.03.2015 Lecture10-12h Practical12-16h Responsible teacher: Eduardo Maeda ( Evaluation: The evaluation will be done based on a small pre-course assignment, one exercise after each lecture and short projects that will be carried out during the practical classes.

8 Course content (subject to some changes) Day 1 11.03.2015 Day 2 18.03.2015 Day3 25.03.2015 Lecture -The hydrological cycle -Components of the hydrological cycle -Global hydrological cycle -Watershed hydrology -Precipitation-Evapotranspiration - Water infiltration and soil storage - Surface runoff Practical -Use hydrology tools in ArcGIS for analyzing river basins - Use R for processing meteorological data - Evaluate rainfall data using R and ArcGIS

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