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How do I handle major objections to Office 365? Microsoft.

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1 How do I handle major objections to Office 365? Microsoft

2 Office 365 Overview What’s my opportunity as a partner? How do I pitch to my customers? How do I show customer value using demo? What are the licensing & pricing options? How do I transition to high value services? How do I get support and help my customers? How do I handle major objections to Office 365? Drumbeat: Office 365 Sales Readiness for Enterprise Partners

3 Cloud Trust & Security Data Sovereignty Service Updates & Continuity Office 365 Customer Objections

4 “The cloud is new to me. The unknowns and perceived risks are daunting and make me distrustful of the cloud.”

5 Security Best-in-class security with over a decade of experience building Enterprise software & online services Physical and data security with access control, encryption and strong authentication Security best practices like penetration testing, defense-in-depth approach to protect against cyber-threats Unique customer controls with Rights Management Services to empower customers to protect information Compliance Commitment to industry standards and organizational compliance Enable customers to meet global compliance standards in ISO 27001, EUMC, HIPAA, FISMA Contractually commit to privacy, security and handling of customer data through Data Processing Agreements Admin Controls like Data Loss Prevention, Legal Hold, E-Discovery to enable organizational compliance Privacy Privacy by design with a commitment to use customers’ information only to deliver services No mining of data for advertising Transparency with the location of customer data, who has access and under what circumstances Privacy controls to regulate sharing of sites, libraries, folders and communications with external parties Office 365 trust Built-in capabilities and customer controls

6 The place where Microsoft shares our commitments and information on trust-related topics

7 “I don’t know how MY data is handled and secured in the cloud. I am concerned that my data is not kept private and can be accessed without my knowledge.”



10 “I don’t understand how Office 365 service updates are managed and what happens if there is a service interruption. I am unsure of my role and how I am notified.” Message Center Office 365 Services Description Services Update Wiki

11 Vision: single source for customer service communications Recent improvements Bell notification recent improvements NS for new messages Tenant-specific message targeting V3 improvements New message types for service changes and general awareness information Message filtering added to help sort the different message types




15 Drumbeat: Office 365 Sales Readiness for Partners 3. Become a Cloud Partner 2. Get your Office 365 demo tenant set up 1. Join the Office 365 Partner Yammer group


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