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6 Basic Principles Popular Sovereignty

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1 6 Basic Principles Popular Sovereignty the people are the source of any and all governmental power the preamble—”we the people…..” the right to self-govern. The gov’t gets its power from the people.

2 Limited Government no government is all-powerful
government can only do what the people have given it the power to do. Constitutionalism: government must act according to principles laid out in the constitution itself. Rule of Law: government officials are never “above” the law

3 Separation of Powers Separation of Powers:
3 branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers are distributed and separated

4 Checks and Balances Checks and Balances: each branch is subject to restraints and power. Each branch also act as watchdog of the other two. Veto: executive power to reject a congressionally passed law. Label the Chart Provided


6 Judicial Review Judicial Review: power of the courts to determine whether the government follows the constitution. (constitutional or unconstitutional) Unconstitutional: declare illegal, null and void, no effect towards provisions of the constitution.

7 Federalism Federalism: division of power among central and regional governments National government – all 50 states must follow. State government-each has different interpretation and laws for same issues.

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