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Energy Sovereignty Professor Richard Barnes University of Hull.

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1 Energy Sovereignty Professor Richard Barnes University of Hull

2 Overview 1.Context 2.Energy 3.Sovereignty 4.Justifying Sovereignty over Energy Resources 5.Conclusion

3 Context Control of resources. Sovereignty and property James Gillray, The Plumb Pudding in Danger, © V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum

4 Energy –Meanings of Energy Property that a system possesses and can be used to do work Energy is utilised by transferring energy from one state to another The use of energy is contingent on its nature, location and technology Distinction between energy resources and energy use Some energy resources may be subject to exclusive control Energy use generates consequences beyond our exclusive ability to control -

5 Energy Sovereignty Energy Sources Energy Use

6 Sovereignty Meanings of Sovereignty….. –Contentious – manifold views –Exclusive authority – vested in State Or –Diffuse authority vested in States and other actors to varying degrees –Latter version lends itself to nuanced application and analysis

7 Sovereignty Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources Networked Sovereignty Incidents of sovereignty: –Possession, use, management, fruits, … –Duties Both accounts of sovereignty can be analysed in terms of power and control over resources. This require an explanatory theory for the allocation of power

8 Justifying Sovereignty Natural Rights-based approaches Liberty based approaches Utility/economic based approaches Property and identity Propriety based approaches

9 Conclusions –Law of the Sea It seems to support more complex versions of sovereignty and lends itself towards different versions of sovereignty… –Functional sovereignty –Balance of rights and duties –Package deal –Definition of aspects of public interests –Facilitates basic needs and material independence and interdependence (ius communicationes) –It admits a role for other actors (ISA, ITLOS, IMO…) But with limits…

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