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9/16/09 BR- Does a society need rules to exist

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1 9/16/09 BR- Does a society need rules to exist
9/16/09 BR- Does a society need rules to exist? How do you thing our society would change if there were suddenly no rules Today: Understanding What Came Before There Were Laws Did you get an from me?

2 Vocabulary Journal #1 State of nature, Hobbesian state of nature, Rousseau’s state of nature, social contract, sovereignty

3 Let’s play a game The team that wins gets the prize

4 STOP AND REACT Write down on a piece of paper exactly how you feel right now!

5 What Was There Before There Was Law
State of Nature Hobbes’ State of Nature Rousseau’s State of Nature Sovereignty Social Contract Impact Questions - Summary Statement -

6 State of Nature A philosophical idea that describes humanities social state before there were laws.

7 State of Nature - Hobbes English philosopher who described the state of nature in his work Leviathan
Without a figure of awe, a state of nature exists. State of nature is a state of war against all. bellum omnium contra omnes “No society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Everyone works against everyone all the time - might makes right. Only way out is - social contract, a powerful sovereign (ruler) to give awe.

8 State of Nature - Rousseau French political Philosopher
Humans began like animals and were neither bad or good. “Noble Savages” The earliest solitary humans possessed a basic drive for self preservation and a natural disposition to compassion or pity - we were nice. As they lived together they developed attachments such as family and clan. Property is acquired and labor must be divided, thus governments must be formed Sovereignty comes from the people

9 Sovereignty The power and authority to make laws

10 Social Contract The only way out of the state of nature
You agree to give up certain freedoms in order to have certain safety. A deal to turn over sovereignty to someone else in order to do other things

11 Impact Both philosophies inspired a type of rule of law (government)
Hobbes:? Rousseau:?

12 Assignment (20 pts.)- Due Thursday
Imagine you are living in a Hobbes’ state of nature and Rousseau’s state of nature. Describe for me what your life is like Write a descriptive paragraph for each. -OR- Draw a picture (at least half a sheet of paper for each) that shows life in a state of nature.

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