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STRATEGIC PLAN 2006/07-2008/09 14 Dec 2005 FUTURE OF LEARNING.

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1 STRATEGIC PLAN 2006/07-2008/09 14 Dec 2005 FUTURE OF LEARNING

2 2 MISSION AND VISION OUR MISSION: Educating students for career success OUR VISION: Transforming lives and communities through learning We believe that learning has the power to change lives in simple and profound ways. We will help to create a future where everyone has the opportunity to transform their lives and their communities through learning.

3 3 ACADEMIC FRAMEWORK We support the career and personal development of our learners in every decision we make. We value and support one another in a process of continuous learning and improvement. We create a positive environment for effective learning within a context of global citizenship and social justice. We value the diverse profiles of our learners. Our curriculum, teaching and support services are characterized by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, teaching strategies that suit learners’ needs, and an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect. We strive for excellence. Scholarly debate and applied research contribute to the quality and distinctiveness of our learning environment and advance our instructional and curriculum expertise. We encourage and engage in evidence-based deliberation with open minds in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We consult with and consider carefully the views of internal and external stakeholders who have an important perspective on an issue. We are accountable to our learners, our communities and to the general public for the quality of the learning experiences we provide, for the resources we use, and for the manner in which we treat all people. We build evaluation into all of our work so that we improve continuously.

4 4 STATEMENT OF DIVERSITY Centennial College and its Board of Governors value and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as fundamental to our mission to educate students for career success within a context of global citizenship and social justice. We recognize that historical and persistent inequities and barriers to equitable participation exist and are well documented in society and within the College. We believe individual and systemic biases contribute to the marginalization of designated groups. These biases include race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, nationality, place of origin, colour, ethnicity, culture, linguistic origin, citizenship, creed (religion, faith), marital status, socio-economic class, family status, receipt of public assistance or record of offence. We acknowledge that resolving First Nations sovereignty issues is fundamental to pursuing equity and social justice within Canada. We acknowledge the richness and diversity of the community we serve. As our community has evolved, and our staff and student population have changed, we have implemented policies and practices to address issues of inclusion. In moving forward, we will build on this work to embed commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of what we do.


6 6 LEARNING EXCELLENCE AND STUDENT SUCCESS Introduce Signature Learning Experience Offer a unique learning experience that will distinguish Centennial graduates in the workplace in Ontario, Canada and the world Create a college environment that will support Signature Learning Experience, and develop the college community on Signature Learning Experience principles Enhance academic quality & occupational relevance Implement a comprehensive and streamlined program review process Obtain official certification of the programs by professional and industry associations Implement faculty evaluation and administrative staff performance management Enhance utilization of Program Advisory Committees Align curriculum renewal and development with industry trends Expand field experience opportunities for students Use technology to enhance effectiveness of teaching and learning Expand applied research to enrich teaching and learning Increase program choice and availability Increase the breadth of apprenticeship training offerings Increase the choice of joint programs and articulations with post-secondary institutions and professional associations Expand program offerings in high demand, career-specific areas GOALSSTRATEGIES

7 7 LEARNING EXCELLENCE AND STUDENT SUCCESS Prepare Centennial students for global workplace Increase opportunities for international students to study at Centennial, and for Centennial students to study abroad Develop partnerships with international educational institutions to provide a full roster of programming to students Support internationalization of the curriculum Utilize Centennial faculty members and management in international projects to enhance their diversity awareness and to provide them with professional development opportunities Improve student success Improve effectiveness of English language skills assessment and provide students with adequate support Expand the mobility and transferability of prior learning to create faster graduation paths for students Increase program admission, transfer and graduation options Introduce early intervention programs Develop study methods and practices that address special needs of our diverse students Strengthen curriculum for improved workplace preparation of students GOALSSTRATEGIES

8 8 LEARNING EXCELLENCE AND STUDENT SUCESS Provide opportunities for new immigrants to progress through college programs and enter the labour market Provide advice and counseling to new Canadians entering Centennial College Support and promote Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credits Develop occupation-specific ESL courses and programs Incorporate bridging and/or fast-track programs that address the needs of skilled new immigrants Increase availability of co-op programs and on-campus employment to help new immigrant students gain Canadian work experience Provide more opportunities to prepare students for success in the workplace Help relieve financial strain on students Maximize external bursary and scholarship opportunities to students Develop bursaries that meet the special needs of our diverse students Enhance effectiveness of financial aid processes to ensure timely distribution of resources GOALSSTRATEGIES

9 9 STUDENT COLLEGE EXPERIENCE Enhance student experience Continuously re-engineer business processes to introduce new services and improve service quality Provide a range of service options accommodating the needs of our diverse students Enhance facilities, programs and opportunities in support of social and academic integration of our diverse students Enhance supplementary student services Use technology to increase service access options and availability GOALSSTRATEGIES

10 10 ORGANIZATIONAL STRENGTH Develop a workplace that is inclusive and operates in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust Create an inclusive learning and working environment that welcomes and supports differences Develop a capacity to work collaboratively with all members of the college community Enhance Centennial’s workforce to value and reflect the diverse communities we serve Utilize feedback mechanisms, such as Employee Engagement Survey, for continuous improvement initiatives Increase organizational capability through people development and empowerment Establish an Organizational Learning operational function within Centennial to facilitate a Learning for All framework Develop leadership competencies to serve as the cornerstone of the Leadership Development Program Keep faculty and employees up to date on new technology and systems by providing training opportunities such as web-based training and self-assessment tools Provide programs and learning opportunities to foster and improve professional development Improve accountability within the college Develop and implement a Centennial College Balanced Scorecard Introduce a business process review aimed at continuous improvement Ensure integration of strategic goals and business plan and budget objectives with employee performance agreements Assign accountability at the senior management, school and program cluster level GOALSSTRATEGIES

11 11 ORGANIZATIONAL STRENGTH Strengthen partnerships with High schools, colleges and universities Labour and community organizations Public and private organizations Government Enhance community relations to support Centennial’s diverse student population Develop relationships with high schools to encourage pathways for those students who might otherwise not enter post-secondary education Actively participate in college and government joint initiatives Create and support advocates for Centennial and for the college system as a whole Continue to work in partnership with community organizations on program development and delivery Ensure strong recognition of Centennial College Build and leverage equity and recognition of the Centennial College brand Develop specific communication plans targeting our priority market segments Utilize the college website as an effective information and enrolment tool Further develop and implement recognition programs Increase use of information analysis and planning in decision making process Improve reporting capability by enriching report content and responding more quickly to the need for information Create a central repository for college documents and reports Use program costing for resource allocation and efficiency Manage integrated planning cycle for strategic, business, academic and enrolment plans; Evaluate results and report annually GOALSSTRATEGIES

12 12 RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT AND FINANCIAL STABILITY Create additional revenue Create additional revenue by increasing - apprenticeship activity - international education - ancillary continuing education - corporate training Provide additional philanthropic revenue resources Achieve an annual balanced budget while safeguarding teaching and learning imperatives Ensure efficient, timely and transparent budgeting and reporting processes Continue to invest in people, library resources, teaching laboratories, hardware and software to ensure that teaching facilities and methods remain current Provide a strategic investment fund in annual budgets Generate cash flow to fund capital expenditures and to service and reduce the debt burden of the college GOALSSTRATEGIES

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