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Abolitionism and Slavery. He headed an abolitionists movement in the North?

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1 Abolitionism and Slavery

2 He headed an abolitionists movement in the North?

3 William Lloyd Garrison

4 Garrison was the publisher of the newspaper called the ?

5 Liberator

6 Many religious leaders in New England saw slavery as a violation of____ principles ?

7 Christian

8 Most famous anti- slavery or abolitionists novel ever written?

9 Uncle Tom’s Cabin

10 The author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

11 Harriet Beecher Stowe

12 The novel aroused strong feeling in the North as well as in?

13 Europe

14 These two things scared Southern slave owners?

15 Northern abolitionists and Slave Revolts

16 He led a slave revolt in South Hampton, Virginia?

17 Nat turner

18 His slave revolt involved trying to capture the city of Richmond?

19 Gabriel Prosser

20 The slave revolts led to the passing of?

21 Harsh laws against fugitive slaves

22 Southerners who favored abolition were intimidated into?

23 Silence

24 The admission of new states continually led to conflicts over?

25 Whether the states would be slave or free

26 Compromises were struck in order to maintain a balance of power in congress?

27 The Missouri Compromise, The Compromise of 1850,Kansas- Nebraska Act and Popular Sovereignty.

28 The Missouri Compromise only applied to what area?


30 Louisiana Territory

31 Slavery was prohibited where?

32 North of the 36 30 Line of Parallel

33 And slavery was permitted?

34 South of the 36 30

35 The Compromise of 1850 brought this state into the union?

36 California

37 California came into the union as a ____state?

38 Free

39 All new states made from land acquired from Mexico(Southwest Territories) were?

40 Decided upon by Popular Sovereignty

41 Popular Sovereignty means?

42 The people decide for themselves

43 How could Kansas and Nebraska be brought into the union?

44 By way of popular sovereignty

45 If both could have been slave states this made what unconstitutional?

46 Missouri Compromise

47 Popular Sovereignty produced bloody fighting in Kansas causing it to be called?

48 Bloody Kansas

49 Who was fighting in Kansas?

50 Pro-slavery and Anti-slavery people

51 This party was formed that same year opposing the spread of slavery?

52 The Republican Party

53 Southerners also believed that they did not have to obey laws they felt were unfair. This was called?

54 Nullification

55 They also believed that if you entered the union freely you could leave it the same way. This was called ?

56 To secede

57 An interesting debate took place between ?

58 Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln

59 Douglas favoring____and Lincoln favoring___?

60 Popular Sovereignty and opposing the spread of slavery.

61 In their quest for the senate seat in Illinois who won?

62 Stephen Douglas

63 Lincoln warned, “a house divided against itself can not_____?


65 Stand

66 The nation can not continue half____ and half_____.

67 Slave and half Free

68 The Civil War

69 This triggered a long and costly war between the southern states and the northern states?

70 Secession of Southern States

71 Southern States seceded from the union upon the election of ______in 1860 as president?

72 Abraham Lincoln

73 The civil war put our government to its greatest test debating federal power v. ?

74 States Rights

75 Major political and military events of the Civil War.

76 What was the southern reaction to Lincolns election as president?

77 Some southern states leave the union.

78 What fear did southerners have about Lincoln?

79 Feared Lincoln would abolish slavery.

80 The opening confrontation of the war took place in South Carolina at?

81 Fort Sumter

82 After the Battle of Antietam Lincoln issued his ?

83 Emancipation Proclamation

84 Biggest turning point in the war?

85 Gettysburg

86 At what place will the Civil War end ?

87 Appomatox

88 Key Leaders of The War

89 Who was the president of the United States during the civil war?

90 Abraham Lincoln

91 Lincoln believed that the Union had to be held together by ____if necessary.

92 Force

93 He was the most successful military officer for the Union?

94 Ulysses S. Grant

95 He took command of the Union army after many officers had failed?

96 He was the head of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia?

97 Robert E. Lee

98 General Lee opposed secession but, he also believed the Union should not be?

99 Held together by force

100 General Lee surrendered at ____ eventhough many southerners wanted to continue to fight.

101 Appomattox

102 Abolitionist who influence Lincoln to recruit former slaves into the Union Army?

103 Frederick Douglas

104 How the Emancipation Proclamation expressed Lincoln’s war aims.

105 Did Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation free all slaves?

106 NO

107 It only freed slaves?

108 In states still rebelling from the Union.

109 The Emancipation Proclamation made_________a war aim.

110 The destruction of slavery

111 What did the Emancipation discourage?

112 Any interference of foreign governments.

113 Linciln’s vision of the United States as professed by the Gettysburg Address?

114 The purpose of the civil war according to the Gettysburg Address?

115 Preserve the nation

116 The Nation was dedicated to the proposition that?

117 All men and women are created equal

118 Our nation is ruled by a government of the ___by the___and for the___.

119 People

120 Lincoln believed America was one nation not a collection of sovereign_____?

121 States

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