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Creating a Board Game Taboo.

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1 Creating a Board Game Taboo

2 Take a seat. Complete Do Now
Just copy down the following questions for our next activity: Sólo tienes que copiar por las siguientes preguntas para nuestra siguiente actividad: Do you think the robot is living or non living? ¿Cree usted que el robot está vivo o no vivo? 2. What “characteristics” must something have to be considered living? Create a list of at least 3 (observable) requirements ¿Qué "requisitos" debe algo tienes que estar considerado viviente? Crear una lista de al menos 3 requisitos (observables)

3 What makes something living?
Watch this clip from I, Robot

4 Agenda Diagramming an amoeba cell No Brains, No Feet, No Problem!
Slime mold and academics, No way! Writing

5 Diagramming an amoeba

6 What is an Amoeba? Amoeba: Unicellular animal with pseudopods that lives in fresh or saltwater -Psuedopod: False feet which extend from the amoeba.

7 Amoebas move and eat like you and me! Paramecium for lunch or nah?

8 Think FAST! LEFT SIDE ONLY: Based on the video, work with your table buddy at a LEVEL 1-WHISPER to describe the movement of the amoeba in ONE WORD. RIGHT SIDE ONLY: Based on the video work with your table buddy at a LEVEL 1-WHISPER to describe how the amoeba ate the paramecium in ONE SENTENCE.

9 Share out! Right side, as the left side shares out their ONE word, find the one you like the most and write that in the blank. Left Side, as the right side shares out their responses, find one that you like the most and write that in the blank.

10 Types of amoebas There are many kinds of amoebas (or amoebae), and they thrive in places where their food sources are abundant. Often that means where there is vegetation, fungi, and yeast.  Slime mold, of which there are over 900 different species, will survive as a unicellular organism when food is plentiful, but will adapt and grow into a mass of amoebas when starving.

11 Slime Molds: No Brains, No Feet, No Problem

12 CLOZE READING Ms. Jones wins= Bragging rights
You guys win= Popcorn party last 5 mins of class

13 Slime Mold- You don’t need a brain to be intelligent
Time lapse clips, so they don’t really travel that fast However, this does represent how the slime mold moves in an organized way towards a goal. Mold is very efficient in search for food.

14 What does this mean for science?
Mathematician What does this mean for science? Environmentalist Oncologist Network Engineer Geographer

15 Finally Exit Ticket Time! 

16 Write a paragraph in class as if you were in one of the following careers:
Network engineer, trying to figure out how to get better coverage from cell phone towers in remote parts of North America An oncologist, seeking new healthy cells on which to experiment with potential cures for cancer, in a way that does not harm people or animals. A mathematician, seeking a formula or algorithm, replicating information repeatedly to problem-solve was to reach the broadest audiences. (Hint: Research the phrase, “Sum Ergo Computo,” meaning, “I am, therefore I compute.”) An environmentalist hoping to study manage the impact different kinds of slime may have on a habitats of endangered animals, or animals that need to adapt to find new sources of food. A geographer, tracking the migration patterns of wildlife based on food sources, using slime mold as a model.

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