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Timetable to Freedom A Plan for Iraqi Stability and Sovereignty.

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1 Timetable to Freedom A Plan for Iraqi Stability and Sovereignty

2 Begin phased troop withdrawals Reestablish Iraqi national army Create an international stabilization force Provide substantial economic assistance

3 1.A fixed schedule for disengaging U.S. and other foreign military forces - the phased withdrawal of U.S. occupation forces - no permanent bases left behind

4 2. The rehiring of portions of theformer Iraqi national army - Iraqi government command of all Iraqi military and police forces - status-of-forces agreement giving Iraqi government political control over all foreign forces

5 3. The creation of an international stabilization force - authorization by the UN Security Council, with the approval of the Iraqi government - some U.S. forces could serve, along with troops from Arab states and other countries

6 4. Support for reconstruction and economic development - $10 billion a year U.S. aid commitment, with equivalent amounts from other international donors - run entirely by the Iraqi government, without U.S. control, subject only to certified international audit

7 Troops can’t leave until there is security But U.S. presence is the major source of insecurity The Security Dilemma

8 The insurgency is primarily a national resistance against foreign invasion— a natural response that occurs often in history Once the foreign invader is gone, this powerful resistance dynamic will subside

9 - the presence of foreign occupation forces provokes resistance - U.S. troops have been frequent targets of attack

10 The withdrawal of U.S. forces - removes a principal cause of the insurgency - reduces the level of violence - encourages other nations to provide support

11 - gives Iraqis real control over their country - enhances the legitimacy and sovereignty of the emerging Iraqi government

12 - there is a major risk of civil conflict - any large-scale reduction of forces can be destabilizing But...

13 - reduce gradually in stages - provide security alternatives So...

14 Concrete security options are available, but will only work if - There is real commitment and significant motion toward exit

15 1.Rehire the Iraq National Army - Creating a new national army that is not seen as U.S. puppet force will reduce number of attacks vs. Iraqi troops - Iraqi army can command national respect, especially in Sunni insurgent zones

16 - assure more balanced officer corps -combine with current forces -begin process of integrating militias

17 2. Create international stabilization force - to counter internal violence, and strengthen the ability of emerging government to control the country - for limited protective deployments in specified localities and potential trouble spots, such as Kirkuk

18 - approved and under political direction of Iraqi government - authorized by UN Security Council

19 - a peace enforcement mission with robust rules of engagement, modeled on Bosnia and Kosovo - not a passive peacekeeping force

20 - Arab troops, perhaps even an Arab command structure, to increase Iraqis’ receptivity - convene international conference to build such a force and to present a timeline for U.S. departure

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