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CF Inventory & Northern Initiatives Presentation to Northern Economic and Sovereignty Infrastructure Conference, Iqaluit, NU by Major Nadine Tischhauser,

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1 CF Inventory & Northern Initiatives Presentation to Northern Economic and Sovereignty Infrastructure Conference, Iqaluit, NU by Major Nadine Tischhauser, CD ADM(IE) DGRP/DRPP 2 14 October 2010

2 2 Aim of Presentation  To provide a general overview of the Department of National Defence (DND) inventory and initiatives in the North

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5 5 CANADIAN NAVY Nanisivik Naval Facility  Will serve as a refuelling location for naval vessels on station in High Arctic and a place to embark equipment and supplies, transfer personnel and work closely with Canadian Coast Guard  The project will repair the existing jetty, build a new tank farm and fuel system  Modular Office Accommodations were installed last August 2010 to support deployments, operations and military exercises  Expected to be fully operational by 2015

6 6 CANADIAN NAVY Arctic/Offshore Patrol Vessels  Acquisitions of six to eight ice-capable Arctic/Offshore Patrol Vessels  Will provide armed, presence based, maritime sovereignty patrols in the Canadian Arctic during navigable season  First ship is expected in 2014

7 7 ARMY CF Arctic Training Centre  Located in Resolute, Nunavut  Shared Facility with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Polar Continental Shelf Project.  A whole of Government approach to science, research, and sovereignty  Will serve as a station to prepare Canadian Forces personnel and the personnel of other government departments for cold weather operations  This multi-role year round facility will include additional accommodation module and an aircraft hangar

8 8 New Hangar New Accommodations, New Dinning and Rec Building

9 9 ARMY STRUCTURE INITIATIVES  In response to the growing strategic importance of Canada Arctic region, the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS) mandates a significant CF presence in the Arctic Establishment of Arctic Response Company Group Establishment of a Yellowknife Infantry Company Expansion of Canadian Rangers

10 10 ARMY STRUCTURE INITIATIVES Arctic Response Company Group  A well trained and responsive Arctic Response Company Group will be established in each Land Force Area.  Force generated primarily from the Primary Reserve, they will be trained to operate in all Arctic conditions  Basic and advanced winter operations training and combined and joint training under Canada Command

11 11 ARMY STRUCTUR INITIATIVES Yellowknife Infantry Company  Represents the first Army unit to be manned and stationed in the NWS and is currently the only active Army Reserve unit north of 60.  Infantry Company; sub-unit of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment from 41 Canadian Brigade Group  Initial infrastructure is leased office space  The primary focus of training will be on operations in the Arctic environment. Eventually the coy will be responsible for supporting the training of other CF elements to allow them to operate in the same environment

12 12 ARMY STRUCTURE INITIATIVES Expansion of Canadian Rangers  The Army is responsible to force generate all five Canadian Ranger Patrol Group with 1 CRPG for Arctic operations  Specialties being developed such as Search and Rescues, ice rescue, swift water rescue, patrolling  Formalized discussions being developed to include vehicle fleet.

13 13 AIR FORCE PRESENCE  This project will enhance the CF capability to exercise sovereignty in Canada’s Arctic waters Canadian Forces Station – Alert NORAD - Forward Operating Locations (in Inuvik, Yellowknife, Rankin Inlet & Iqaluit)

14 14 AIR FORCE PRESENCE Canadian Forces Station Alert  The primary mission of the station is to provide a listening post for the communication branch, with secondary roles as weather station, and sovereignty outpost supporting assigned government tasks (such as science)  Supported by 8 Wing Trenton  23 Uniform pers and 35 contractors in loc  Standard capacity of 181 beds  Science coordination with DRDC and EC and others on project specific basis

15 15 AIR FORCE PRESENCE Forward Operating Locations (FOLs)  4 FOLs locations: Inuvik, Yellowknife, Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit  Operated in conjunction with NORAD and 3 Wing Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake  Provide all the necessary infrastructure and supplies to support AF CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft capable of defending Canada’s airspace throughout the North  Current infrastructure projects: Extend Inuvik Runway  Intergovernmental links Governments of Nunavut and Northwest Territories

16 16 Location of FOLs

17 17 CANADA COMMAND Northern Initiative  Multi-purpose Operations/Support Building in Yellowknife Will provide a single location for JTF(N), RCSU and 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Provide office space, training area, warehouse, and support facilities Will eliminate dependency on leased and NORAD FOL facilities

18 18 ADM (Infrastructure and Environment) 3 Northern Initiatives  Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line Clean Up Project is to clean up 21 DND owned former DEW line sites Remediation uses standards set out in the Cooperation Agreements with the Inuit and Inuvialuit Aim to produce environmentally safe sites by precluding the migration of contaminants into the food chain, disposing of surplus infrastructure, and remediating existing earthworks where required There were five active sites in 2010 during the short two month construction season

19 19 ADM (Infrastructure and Environment) 3 Northern Initiatives  Land Use Legislation and Policy changes in Nunavut Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act − DND/CF Land Use Advisors have been reviewing and ensuring that our interests are protected in the Act Nunavut Land Use Plan −Working closely with all Federal Departments reviewing the draft plan ensuring that our CF interests are reflected in the plan −First Land Use Plan draft was presented in June 2010 for review

20 20 ADM (Infrastructure and Environment) 3 Northern Initiatives  Real Property Development Plan for the North Will guide future development decisions for Real Property in the North and may influence Northern operations To provide a 30-year vision for future RP requirements in support of CF missions and Department programs that: −Recognizes the life cycle of the DND/CF assets; and −Considers climate change and adapting to its impacts on the North To provide courses of action necessary to address any deficiencies and gaps in RP and operations in the North while optimizing existing opportunities and overall efficiencies

21 RPDP for the North

22 22 NORTHERN OPERATIONS 3 Annual Sovereignty Operations Operation NUNALIVUT −Are enhanced Ranger sovereignty patrols −Employs the unique capabilities of the Canadian Rangers to support Joint Task Force (North) operations −Ranger patrols provide a presence and demonstrate a response capability in the most remote areas of the North −Held in High Arctic Operation NUNAKPUT −Conducted in the Western Arctic and joint operations with JTF(N), the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police −To exercise sovereignty and practice interoperability, focusing on the Beauford Sea region

23 23 Operation NANOOK −Are joint, inter-agency operations conducted in the Eastern Arctic −Planned and directed by JTF(N) and designed to develop and refine the inter-agency relationships that underpin the whole-of-government approach to the Arctic sovereignty Ranger Patrols −Canadian Rangers routinely conduct patrols and training across the North −Their presence and vigilance help assert Canadian sovereignty and provide Canada Command with “eyes and ears” in the country’s most remote areas

24 24 CANADIAN OPERATIONAL SUPPORT COMMAND (CANOSCOM) NORTHERN INITIATIVES  CANOSCOM, Canada COMMAND and Joint Task Force (North) staff have participated in a series of working groups in pursuit of an overarching Arctic Concept of Support for operations within JTF(N) 1. Establishment of a high-readiness posture for Joint Task Force Support Element 2.The development and procurement of an Arctic Support Base kit 3.The establishment of Standing Offer Agreement contracts for Real Life Support 4.CANOSCOM/Chief Operational Support Transformation has developed an analytical tool to inform the decision process for identifying the optimum number and location of support hubs

25 25 CF DEVELOPMENT (Space D) Northern Initiatives  Polar Epsilon PE will deliver two new dedicated DND/CF ground stations and applications designed to support surveillance of Canada’s Arctic region and ocean approaches using operational Radarsat 2 satellite  Polar Epsilon 2 PE is expected to deliver a northern ground station for satellite data reception, upgrades to existing PE ground stations to access Radarsat Constellation Mission data and add Space-based data to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness

26 26 ADM (Information Management)  Existing Capabilities High Arctic Data Communication System −Consists of a microwave relay between CFS Alert and CFS Eureka on Ellesmere Island and a satelite link between CFS Eureka and CFS Leitrim Video-conference capability and bridges. −DND maintains first-tier secure and unsecure video- conference facilities at JTF(N) HQ in Yellowknife that, at need, could be used by other Government Departments Iridum Handsets. −These satellites phones offer the only mobile satellite capability north of 70°

27 27

28 28 ADM (Material) North Warning System Office  The North Warning System (NWS) is a Bi-National Office with the US (60 US/ 40 CAN cost shared)  In operation since 1957 DEW line and 1992 as NWS  The NWS is a contractor operated and maintained by a joint-venture (ATCO Frontec/Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics)  47 sites: 11 Long Range Radars, 36 Short Range Radars  The sites are Unmanned and operated and monitored remotely from 22 Wing North Bay  The sites are maintained by 5 Logistics Support Sites in Inuvik, Cambridge Bay, Hall Beach, Iqaluit and Goose Bay Supported by contract helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft

29 29 ADM (Material) North Warning System Office  Sustainment of $1 Billion in infrastructure 11 gravel airstrips capable of supporting C-130 Operations 47 Helipads with aviation fuel supply Long Range sites facilities consist of: Hangars, warehouse, power plants, POL systems, and accommodations (20-60 pers) Large POL infrastructure – 400 tanks Heavy equipment for snow clearance and road and runway maintenance

30 30 North Warning System Office Reconstruction project  LADY FRANKLIN POINT, NUNAVUT The North Warning System provides surveillance of Canadian Airspace as well as tactical command and control radar coverage In January 2000, a fire destroyed the main structure at PIN-3 including the radar, radar tower structure, as well as the accommodation, power modules and ancillary equipment The project includes reconstruction of the facility in an environmentally responsible and cost effective manner

31 31 DEFENCE RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CANADA (DRDC) Northern Initiatives  Northern Watch (Technology Demonstration Project)  Maritime Monitoring Mission Micro-Satellite  Radar information for the land and littoral environments  Strategic Assessment of key issues affecting Arctic security and sovereignty  Long endurance airborne relay nodes for Northern communications and surveillance  Ground-Air-Ground communications study  China’s Interests in the Arctic: China in an ice-free Arctic and Implications for Canada

32 32 Conclusion DND/CF have been present in the North for more than a century Exercising sovereignty in the Arctic can only by achieved through a whole of government approach CF are working closely with our federal and territorial partners as well as the people of the North to safeguard the Arctic as a part of a national identity

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