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Islamic Ideology  Characteristic and a Dialogue.

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1 Islamic Ideology  Characteristic and a Dialogue

2  Evolution of Society  Basis of Collective Life  Ideology  Characteristic of Ideology  Characteristics of Islamic Ideology  How Islamic Code of life is different from other ways of Life  Epilogue

3  Evolution  Plato and Aristotle-Individual and dagger drawn  Jhon Lock-Peaceful  Rousseau-Cruel and Selfish  Spencer-Evolution  Need  Acquaintance  Religion  Peace

4  4 stages  Intellect- Individual and Sovereign  Diversity-Coopration  Political System  Universal Political System

5  Individual benefits  Spiritual  Material  Collective Reimbursements  Social Code  Political System  Economic System  System of Justice

6  Concept ▪ A system of ideas and ideals, ▪ Basis of economic or political policy ▪ The ideas and manner of thinking of a group, social class, or individual

7  To follow an ideal is very necessary for the progress of nation. In your view what are basic characteristic of ideal and how Islamic ideology of life affects the individual and communal life with reference to basic characteristi of Islamic ideology? Elucidate  اسلام ایک مکمل ضابطہ حیات ہے ۔ بحث کیجیۓ

8  Set of ideas that constitute one's goals, expectations  a comprehensive vision  a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of a society to all members of this  Main purpose  to offer either change in society  an adherence to a set of ideals where conformity already exists  Ideologies are systems of abstract thought applied to public matters and make this concept central to politics  Implicitly every political or economic tendency necessitates an ideology whether or not it is put forward as an explicit system of thought

9 Islamic Ideology connotes the sum total of Permanent Values or Inviolable Principles which have been preserved in their complete and final form in the Holy Quran. Islamic State is a state which adopts Quranic Permanent Values as its ideal. Islamic Constitution is the document which proclaims the above ideal and details the Islamic Society

10 Islam as a Deen (complete code of life) Islamic ideology helps the people to spend their lives according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah It provides a complete picture of Islamic way of life and traditions It helps in the construction of Islamic society according to the commands of Allah It helps in establishing the basic principles like human respect, tolerance, justice and equality, fraternity and mutual co-operation

11 Religion of Nature Reveled Religion Universalism No discrimination Tolerance Equality, if any ????? Status of Man defined

12 Establish an Islamic Civilization Two fold Accountabality Beautiful Mix of this and life after world Revolutionary Religion Unity of – Thought – Rituals – Humanity

13 Rule of Law Monotheism – Islamic Ideology, therefore, consists of never- changing principles or concepts of life capable of evolving, unhampered by the limitation of Time and Space, a universal social order Human co-operation. – Ideology provides the ‘Objectives Resolution’ of an Islamic State, its ‘Constitution’ gives political form to the Resolution Spiritual Advancement Development of Personality

14  Restoring disturbed proportions.  "Verily Allah ordains justice and restoration of disturbed proportions’  Islamic State.  "You are a dynamic society drawn out for the good of mankind, you enforce the recognized (lawful) and prohibit the unrecognized (unlawful) and have faith in (the laws of) Allah - (3/109).

15 Islamic State. – State not an end in itself. – it is a means to an end, the justification for the establishment of an Islamic State for its very existence, – Relationship between individual and State. – Obedience to God only. – Fulfillment of God’s responsibilities – Contract between individual and State The meaning,people entrust their lives and property to the State which undertakes to enforce the laws of God, and, in return, the State gives them Jannah. Holy Quran uses the term Jannah for Social Order

16  Inviolable Principles.  The Holy Quran calls the latter laws Kalemaat Uliah and says they are inviolable  State symbol of Divine Attributes.  the administration is conducted on the basis of Permanent  The State becomes a symbol of Divine Attributes guaranteeing fulfillment of God’s promises

17  Respect man as man.  Every human being, solely on account of his being a human being, deserves to he respected.  "And verily we have made children of Adam deserving of respect" (17/70).  Humanity is one.  "The whole of humanity is one entity" (2/213).

18  Co-operation.  "Co-operate in what will add to life’s richness and help safeguard God’s laws, and co-operate not in slackening or going beyond those laws" (5/2).  Justice.  "Verily Allah ordains justice" (16/90).

19  Consultation.  "And they determine their affairs by mutual consultation" (42:38).  Pooling of surpluses.  Pooling of individual surpluses for the good of all is a Permanent Value  "And keep open what is surplus to needs for us in the way of Allah" (2/195)

20  Comparison with  Capitalism  Socialism  It adopts middle path  Faith as central point  Emphasis upon knowledge  It is a moment not mere ideology  Principle s of Peaceful Coexistence  Approbation (Rawadari)  Brotherhood

21 That Islamic Ideology is another name for Permanent Values or Inviolable Principles elaborated in the Holy Quran An Islamic State is established for the sole purpose of introducing Permanent Values in life The first and foremost duty of an Islamic State is to provide means for the growth and development of the human body State is known to be Islamic from its being a symbol of Divine Attributes detailed in the holy Quran

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