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Edison: A Review of the Operational Application Elements and a Look at It's Expected Evolution.

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1 Edison: A Review of the Operational Application Elements and a Look at It's Expected Evolution



4 Implementation I mplementation Time Frame 2006 Through 2009 Size based on employee count of 45,000 and budget size of 32 billion System Elements are PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, Projects, Spend/Procurement Enterprise Learning, Data Warehouse and Portal Supporting Business Applications: Facilities, Fleet, Cash Management, Asset/ Inventory Bar Coding and Data Warehouse Rapid Deployment/ Project Management Consulting Support

5 Architecture Move From Multiple Platforms to Distributed Systems Format Staffing Infrastructure Design Virtual Servers and Storage Area Networks Load Testing Instances Supported : Production, Test, Training, Development and Disaster Recovery Security Provisions

6 User Impact Advisor Committee Steering Committee Key User/Data Owners Subject Matter Experts End User Employees End User Non-Employees Vendor/ Bidders

7 Operational Next Steps Identify/ Change Business Process as Needed Establish System Interface Concept Develop Audit Application Awareness Load Historical Data as Needed Configure Disaster Recovery Application Performance to the Desktop Infrastructure Performance Web, Application and Database Develop an Application Upgrade Strategy

8 Additional Applications to Improve Service and Control Support Cost Compuware Application Monitor Quest Stat to Track Change Control Oracle Enterprise Service Bus AutoSys Application Scheduling Remedy Problem Tracking for Helpdesk Issues Finalist Address Correction Entrust and PGP Token Based Encryption for Files and SSL FileNet for Document Storage

9 Applications and Enhancements In The Wings Database Partitioning Advanced Compression Audit Vault Advanced Security Identity Management Real Application Testing Project Portfolio Management Service Oriented Architecture Using Appliance Strategy in the Infrastructure

10 Lessons Learned Make Sure Everyone Knows and Understands the Deployment Strategy Over Communicate Everything Create a Plan and Work the Plan Make Sure Everyone understands and Agrees to the Operational Plan T he Work Plan Will Increase in Complexity and Volume After Implementation Forecast Three Year Rolling Information Systems Plan to Communicate Future Needs to leadership

11 Value Proposition Eliminated Multiple Applications That Were Not Integrated Established Departmental and Interdepartmental Workflow Consolidated Financial Systems Established Accounts Receivable Improved Integration With Agency Program Systems Created Electronic Repositories for Numerous Documents

12 More Value Moved Procurement to the Internet and a Electronic format Opened Up Numerous Improved Business Process Opportunities Improved Data Availability and Administration Opened Application to Browser Based Internet Access and Handicapped Accessibility Presented Opportunities to Increase Security for Application Operations and Data Employee Growth

13 Value For The Future Improved Opportunities to Share Information Consolidate Purchasing Power to Benefit All That Participate More Easily Adapt to Legal Requirements Leverage Vendor Improvements to All Applications

14 A Project Approach Creating a Project Driven Organization

15 What is a Project Driven Business Group ? Has a well defined project office Group leadership is supportive and references project activities The office is well funded and administrative tools are used All major group activities are defined as projects Projects are detailed in design and a collaborative group has contributed Project ownership is well defined and participatory Evaluations and quality reviews are conducted to establish value

16 What is the Value of a Project Driven Group? Group efforts are documented and visibility created Responsibilities are defined Projects are prioritized and assigned Efforts can be measured Leadership can better understand commitments Expectations can be shaped from a view of the big picture Concurrent and dependent activities are more easily identified Team work can be better coordinated Activities are increased and value identified for the organization

17 What are the Pitfalls? Understanding and feeling good about the work load Identifying the correct project team members Creating working relationships with the project leads Establishing communication and keeping it alive Partnering when you would like to blame Knowing when and how to congratulate and celebrate Establishing the requirements Evaluating, documenting and selling a need to change business process Always improve business time and motion while remaining accountable

18 Selling Project Management What is it and how would you explain it to leadership Why is it needed past the change management steps Can you do the return on investment for project leadership and the associated tools Can you identify a phased-in approach Who would the champions for the project approach be in your business group What tools would be needed How many projects can a PM support What support is required for the PM to have a good result

19 Project Evolution at Edison Creation of the group Transition from implementation to operations How the project approach changed Improvements in administration and support Group training and assignment change Procuring and implementing tools Improving the discipline increasing the documentation Enhancing the business value and celebrating it

20 Edison Leadership Project Map

21 Introduction Monitoring Approach Tools Server Vantage Client Vantage Agentless Current Monitoring Status Areas of Improvement

22 Monitoring Approach Three primary monitoring areas: Usage Who is using resources and when? Performance How much resources are being consumed? How well are resources performing? Availability How often are resources unavailable?

23 Monitoring Approach (cont’d) Two methods of monitoring: Agent Based Monitoring Software local to the monitored device which operates independently and reports back to a central unit Provides greater variety, intelligence, and customization over agentless methods Agentless Monitoring The remote collection of data from a monitored device Often this is done utilizing pre-existing software on the device, such as the Operating System May also capture data passively

24 Tools: ServerVantage ServerVantage Provides server-specific performance monitoring CPU, Memory, Network Rates, etc. Agent based solution utilized for Production monitoring Agentless methods to be used for Dev / Test

25 Database CPU Report

26 App Server CPU Report

27 Alerts Chart

28 Tools: ClientVantage Agentless ClientVantage Agentless Provides End User Experience (usage and availability) monitoring by measuring the network timings between “fault domains” of actual end user activity

29 Portal Level 1 Dashboard

30 Portal Level 1 Dashboard w/Benchmark

31 Portal Level 2 Dashboard

32 Slow Page Report

33 Slow Page Report Cont’d

34 Daily System Performance Report

35 Website Scorecard: All Fault Domains

36 ClientVantage Alarms

37 Current Monitoring Status Performed basic implementation of ServerVantage and Client Vantage with Compuware Developed additional custom monitoring views and reports as well as distribution methods Increased the Vantage server infrastructure to mitigate initial performance issues Upgraded Vantage software from v10.1 to 10.2 and are in the process of upgrading to v10.3

38 Areas of Improvement Implement automatic alerting Implement Development and Test Segment agentless monitoring Implement VM Ware ESX Host agentless monitoring Upgrade Vantage software to v11.1 Develop additional custom counters for JOLT / Tuxedo monitoring Implement additional proactive monitoring practices Implement Business Service Monitor / Integrate Vantage with other toolsets (Remedy, AutoSys, OEM, etc.)

39 Recap Monitoring Approach Tools Server Vantage Client Vantage Agentless Current Monitoring Status Areas of Improvement

40 Changing Landscape for Applications How Applications are Implemented Accessibility / Presentation of the Application (Cloud Computing) Security of the Data Application Support Tools Mobile Computing Support New Social Needs A Constant Move Toward Self-Service Understanding and Using Analytic Data

41 Questions? ?

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