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Root Word: pend= hang, weigh, pay 1.appendix (n) 2.dependent (adj) 3.expenditure (n) 4.impending (adj) 5.independent (adj) 6.pendant(n) 7.pending(adj)

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Presentation on theme: "Root Word: pend= hang, weigh, pay 1.appendix (n) 2.dependent (adj) 3.expenditure (n) 4.impending (adj) 5.independent (adj) 6.pendant(n) 7.pending(adj)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Root Word: pend= hang, weigh, pay 1.appendix (n) 2.dependent (adj) 3.expenditure (n) 4.impending (adj) 5.independent (adj) 6.pendant(n) 7.pending(adj) 8.pendulum (n) 9.perpendicular (adj) 10.suspended (v) a collection of supplementary material that usually “hangs” at the end of a book; extra materials added to the end of a book relying on someone else for aid or support; weighing down on someone else an expense; the amount needed to be paid out about to occur; to threaten to happen; to weigh down upon someone not relying on someone else for aid or support; not weighing down on someone else an object that hangs, usually from a necklace hanging on; something not yet decided; awaiting a conclusion something that hangs and swings back and forth (clock) intersecting at or forming right angles hanging; delayed

2 Root Word: stat= stay, position, to know 1.ecstatic(adj) (n) 3.static(adj) 4.station(n) 5.stationary(adj) 6.stature (n) 7.status(n) 8.status quo(n) 9.statute(n) 10.thermostat (n) extreme joy; to know the feeling of pure delight a considerably large piece of property; high social position or rank; the whole of one’s possessions fixed; to stay with no motion; not active the place or position where a person or thing stands or is assigned to stand; a post not moving; not capable of being moved; fixed in position one’s height in an upright position; an achieved position or level position in society relative to others staying the same; unchanging a law; a rule created by someone of a high position a device that responds to temperature changes in order to maintain its set position

3 Root Word: cogn, sci = to know, knowledge 1.cognition (n) 2.cognizant (adj) 3.conscience (n) 4.conscientious(adj) 5.incognito(adj, adv) 6.omniscient (n) 7.recognize(v) 8.scientist(n) 9.sciolistic (adj) 10.unconscionable (adj) the mental process of knowing fully informed; to know or to be aware a source of moral or ethical judgment; knowing right from wrong thorough; principled; characterized by extreme care and effort describes an unknown identity; identity concealed having total knowledge; all knowing to identify or know someone; to know from past experience a person having expert knowledge in science showing frivolous or superficial interest; amateur-like; superficial knowledge of something unscrupulous; not restrained by the conscience; unreasonably unfair

4 Root Word: sens, sent = feel, be aware 1.assenter (n) 2.consensus (n) 3.desensitize (v) 4.dissent (v) 5.nonsense(n) 6.resent (v) 7.sensational (adj) 8.sensible (adj) 9.sensitive (adj) 10.sentimental (adj) a person who agrees or feels the same way an opinion or position agreed upon by a group; having a similar feeling or belief as others to lessen the feeling or awareness; to make less sensitive to differ in opinion or feeling; to disagree of little importance; ridiculous; unimportant to feel bitter or upset outstanding; spectacular; feelings of success showing reason or good judgment; able to feel or perceive aware of or affected by the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others having feelings of nostalgia; feeling that a thing is special because of how it relates to the past

5 “duc, duct”- to lead take or bring. Abduct- (verb) Aqueduct- (noun) Conducive- (adjective) Deduce- (verb) Deductible- (noun) to lead away by force; to kidnap a channel that brings water from another source causes or brings about to infer; to lead to a conclusion the amount of money that will be taken out first; the payment owed before insurance will cover you in an accident

6 “duc, duct”- to lead, take, or bring. Deduction (n) Introduce (v) Introduction (n) Produce (v) reduce (v) The amount that must be taken out; subtraction To bring into a group; to meet The section that leads into a book; the opening To bring forth To take down to a smaller form; to bring down

7 Root Word: flu, flux= to flow 1.affluence (n) 2.confluence (n) 3.effluence(n) 4.fluctuate(v) 5.fluent(adj) 6.fluid (n) 7.fluted (adj) 8.influential (adj) 9.influx(n) 10.superfluous(adj) A plentiful supply; wealth; a great quantity that seems to keep flowing A gathering, meeting, or flowing together at one point; a joining Something that flows out; outflow To rise and fall irregularly; to vary; to flow up and down unpredictably Able to flow smoothly; graceful A substance whose molecules flow freely past one another; a liquid or gas A tall, narrow shape designed for a smooth flow of liquid Having the power to make things flow their way; the flow of power A flowing in of something in a large number or amount; a mass arrival Overflow; more than enough; an overabundance; more than required

8 Root Word: aud, son, phon = sound, to hear 1.Assonance (n) 2.Audible (adj) 3.Audio (n) 4.Auditorium (n) 5.Cacophony (n) 6.Phonograph (n) 7.Resonate (v) 8.Sonar (n) 9.Sonnet (n) 10.Unison (n) The repetition of similar vowel sounds in the stressed syllables of successive words Able to be heard The sound portion of a broadcast A large room that accommodates an audience, often for meetings or performances Harsh sounds; noisy or disturbing sounds A record player; a machine that produces sound To vibrate or repeat in sound; to correspond harmoniously Echolocation; a system using transmitted and reflected underwater sound waves to detect and locate submerged objects A poem with 14 line that usually sounds like one of several conventional rhyme schemes Words or music produced by more than one person that sounds as if from one voice

9 Root Word: tact, tang, tig = touch 1.Contact (n) 2.Contagious (adj) 3.Contiguous (adj) 4.entangle (v) 5.intact (adj) 6.tactile (adj) 7.Tangent (n) 8.tangible(adj) 9.Tangled (adj) 10.Tangy (adj) State or condition of touching Capable of transmitting an illness, infection, or disease by touch Adjacent; touching; sharing an edge or boundary To twist together; making it complicated to free two things from touching Whole; not damaged by touch Perceptible to the touch; used for feeling Touching at a single point but not intersecting; a sudden digression or change of topic within a conversation; no longer touching on the subject Able to be touched Touching in a snarl; connected together in a disorderly way A sharp taste of flavor immediately sensed upon touch with the tongue

10 Root Word: clud, clus, claus = to close 1.clause (n) 2.claustrophobia (n) 3.cluster (n) 4.conclude (v) 5.enclose (v) 6.exclude (v) 7.exclusive (adj) 8.preclude (v) 9.reclusive (adj) 10.secluded (adj) a group of words containing a subject and a predicate, and forming part of a compound or complex sentence an abnormal fear of narrowed or closed spaces a group of the same or similar elements close together to end; to close an event, book, or movie; to decide to close in; to surround on all sides to keep out; prevent from entering; keep closed off private; closed to those not permitted; single or sole to close off or prevent from a given activity seeking to be closed off from others; preferring to be isolated and alone kept apart from others; closed off; private

11 Root Word: spond, spons, spouse = promise, answer for, pledge 1.correspond (v) 2.despondent (adj) 3.espouse (v) 4.irresponsible (adj) 5.respond (v) 6.responsible (adj) 7.responsive (adj) 8.sponsor (v) 9.spontaneous (adj) 10.spouse (n) to be similar; coincides; goes with; to answer through writing without hope or promise; forlorn; hopeless to pledge one’s loyalty to; to support not reliable; untrustworthy; not answering for one’s actions to answer; to make reply to be reliable; worthy of trust; to answer for one’s actions answering; reacting to assume responsibility for someone else; to promise to pay for someone’s expenses unplanned; happening without an external cause; no promise of a plan a marriage partner; a person who pledged marriage

12 Root Word: pot, pos, val= power, to be strong 1.despot (n) 2.devalue(v) 3.impotent (adj) 4.nepotism (n) 5.omnipotent (adj) 6.possess (v) 7.potent (adj) 8.potential (n) 9.potion (n) 10.valor (n) a ruler with absolute power; a tyrant to lessen in value or strength lacking in strength, vigor, or power; helplessness using power in a business to grant favors to a relative all powerful; having unlimited power or authority to have; to take possession; having the power possessing inner strength; powerful; capable of having a strong influence possessing the ability to grow or develop a powerful liquid or mixture that is thought to be medicinal, poisonous, or magical courage; boldness; bravery; to be strong in mind or spirit

13 Root Word: cit, civ, poli, polis, polit = citizen, city, state (n) 2.citation (n) 3.civil (adj) 4.civilization (n) 5.metropolis (n) 6.necropolis (n) 7.police (v) 8.policy (n) 9.politician (n) 10.politics (n) a fortress in a commanding position in or near a city; a fortified place a ticket; a violation of a minor law within a city or state peaceable behavior; public order; following the laws of a city or state a group of people who live together; the way of life of a people having reached a civilized state a major city; a city or urban area regarded as the center of a specific activity a large and elaborate cemetery belonging to an ancient city; a historic or prehistoric burial ground to control, regulate, or keep order (especially as an official duty of a city a plan or course of action of a city, state, or other organization one who holds a political office in a city or state the activities, methods, tactics, or affairs associated with the government of a city or state

14 Root Word: fac, fic, fect, fict = make, do 1.affect (v) 2.benefactor (n) 3.deface (v) 4.defect (v) 5.effect (n) 6.facilitate (v) 7.factor (n) 8.factory (n) 9.infect (v) 10.manufacture (v) to have an influence on or make a change in a person who gives aid (especially financial aid); person who does helpful things for another person;person who donates money to disfigure; to ruin the surface; to destroy by doing something to the object something people do when they abandon a position or association, often to join the opposing group the result; something brought about by a cause or by doing to make easier something that actively contributes to an accomplishment, result, or process; something that helps make something else happen a building or group of buildings in which a product is made; a plant to contaminate; to make ill; to corrupt to make, create, or produce

15 Root Word: mim, sembl, simil, simul = copy, imitate, to make like, together 1.assemble (v ) 2.assimilate (v) 3.ensemble (n) 4.facsimile (n) 5.mimic (v) 6.resemble (v) 7.semblance (n) 8.simile (n) 9.simulation (n) 10.simultaneous (adj) To put or bring together To make alike; to mentally absorb; to incorporate A coordinated outfit, group, or set; a group of parts that go together A fax; an exact copy; a duplicate To copy or imitate To exhibit a likeness to something; to look like something else An outward or token appearance; a copy; a representation A figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared as if they are alike An imitation of an event; a reproduction of an event that is similar to the actual event Happening, existing, or done at the same time; done together

16 Root Word: leg, lect = law, choose, gather, select, read 1.allege (v) 2.allegory (n) 3.delegate (v) 4.election (n) 5.electorate (n) 6.legalize (v) 7.legible (adj) 8.legislation (n) 9.legitimate (adj) 10.privilege (n) to state; to report or maintain an opinion without or before proof a symbolic representation; a story, picture, or play employing representation to authorize or send as one’s chosen representative; to entrust to another the process of voting to choose a winner a group of qualified voters to make lawful; to authorize possible to decipher; capable of being read the making or giving of laws; an enacted law lawful; authentic; genuine a special advantage, permission, right, or benefit

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