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2 Pengertian Kelompok sasaran pada intervensi program promosi kesehatan dan pendidikan kesehatan Simons-Morton, et al : Terdapat 5 kelompok sasaran (Societal level) Dengan 4 tempat kegiatan (Practice settings)

3 Targets of Intervention Intervention Approaches
Objectives Mediators Intervention Approaches INDIVIDUAL -students -workers -patients -residents Health behaviors Knowledge Attitudes Skills Practices EDUCATIONAL Teaching Reinforcement counseling INTERPERSONAL -friends -family -providers -important others Support TRAINING SOCIETAL -citizens -activists -leaders Programs Policies Resources SOCIAL CHANGE -Social marketing -Resource develpm -social action Community organiz

4 Targets of Intervention Intervention Approaches
Lanjutan….. Targets of Intervention Objectives Mediators Intervention Approaches ORGANIZATIONAL -decision makers -planners -implementers Programs Practices Policies Resources Knowledge Attitudes Skills ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE -consulting -networking -organizational dev GOVERNMENTAL POLITICAL ACTION -Lobbying -policy advocacy -interest group pressure

5 Individual Level Intervention
The modification of health behavior and related factors through motivational procedures, skills training, communication strategies and education techniques on one-to-one basis (Elder et al, 1994) Teori : HBM, TRA/ TPB

6 Group Level Intervention
… are those which emphasize the interpersonal process (include interactions with friends, relatives & others) as a part of the health promotion effort (Elder et al, 1994) Lebih efisien dan efektif Tiap individu dalam kelompok dapat belajar dari anggota yang lain Ada “social network” untuk meningkatkan “difusi” Teori : Social Learning theory, social network, social support

7 Organizational Level Emphasize individual (and group) behavior in the context of membership or participation in an organization Perubahan dalam organizational level bisa dilakukan secara terpisah atau bersama-sama seiring dengan perubahan perilaku individu atau kelompok sebagai anggota

8 Community Level Involve changes in the community’s social and/or physical environment in such ways as to promote individual, group and/or organizational health Teori : Community building & community oganizations Theories of organizational change

9 referensi Simons-Morton, Bruce G., et al, Introduction to Health Education & Health Promotion, 1995, Waveland Press, p Elder, et al, Motivating Health Behavior, 1994, p Glanz, et al, Health Behavior & Health Education, Theory, Research & Practice, 1997

10 Health Care Institution Interpersonal/ Societal
Practice Settings Level School Worksite Health Care Institution Commu nity Individual Interpersonal/ Societal Organizational Governmental

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