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LSU By-Laws Proposed Amendments Laurentian Students’ Union General Membership Meeting January 28 th, 2014.

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1 LSU By-Laws Proposed Amendments Laurentian Students’ Union General Membership Meeting January 28 th, 2014

2  BYLAW 1: DEFINITIONS (Grammatical Edits)  BYLAW 3 – EXECUTION OF DOCUMENTS AND FINANCIAL POWERS OF THE UNION (Grammatical Edits)  BYLAW 6 – MEMBERSHIP (Addition of Constituency Representative Clause)  BYLAW 7: THE DIRECTORS OF THE UNION (Amending Board of Directors positions)  BYLAW 9: MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Amending quorum for meetings)  BYLAW 11: PROCEEDURE AT MEETINGS (Amending record holding period)  BYBYLAW 14: DUTIES OF THE DIRECTORS (Addition of two new clauses)  BYLAW 15: DISCIPLINING DIRECTORS (Addition of reference to Human Resources Policy #13-00)  BYLAW 16: THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Amended to change titles and addition of new clauses) Bylaws in Consideration

3 Bylaw 1: Definitions  Bylaws often attach meanings to common terms are different to regular usage or that are specific to the constitution or bylaws.  Provides clarity to terms used in the Bylaws.  Allows every reading of the Bylaws to be read with the same understanding of the meaning of terms used.  Prevents debate, misunderstanding, and conflict over terminology used in the Bylaws.

4 Bylaw 2: Interpretation  Gender neutral terminology in all LSU Bylaws, Operational Policies, and Constitution.  Outlines resolution process in the case of dispute of interpretation of terminology or Article purpose.  The Chair can makes a ruling on any dispute involving the interpretation of terminology in the Bylaws.  If the ruling of the Chair falls into dispute, the Board of Directors make the final decision.

5 Bylaw 3:– Execution of Documents and Financial Powers of the Union  Outlines the fiscal year of the union  Designates signatories and trustees  Specifies responsibilities of cheques, deposits and other banking procedures

6 Bylaw 4: Banking Arrangements  Authorizes the Board of Directors and Executive Committee to entrust Union finances with a financial institution.  Designates Union signing officers.

7 Bylaw 5: Financial Year-End  Authorizes Board of Directors to establish Financial Year-End.

8 Bylaw 6: Membership  Outlines requirements for membership in the union  Amended to note that members may only run for constituency positions if they are members of that constituency group

9 Bylaw 7: Directors of the Union  Shrinks Union Board of Directors from 23 to 15 Directors  Separates Board of Directors from Executive Committee  Reducing the number of voting directors to represent the three main schools at Laurentian in Barrie to an equal number of representatives (Social Sciences and Humanities, Social Work, Business Administration)  Changing the title of one of the voting director-commissioners  Additions of one voting directors to represent clubs and associations on the Barrie campus.  Addition of one to the Executive Committee.

10 LSU Organizational Structure

11 Visual Representation

12 Bylaw 7: Directors of the Union – Purpose of the Board  Board of Directors act as the governing body of the Union.  Board meetings are once a month.  Directors positions (with exception of Executive Committee) are unpaid.  Acts as oversight body to the Executive Committee.  Executive Committee  Implements the will of the Board.  Reports to the Board at Monthly meetings.

13 Bylaw 7: Directors of the Union - Composition  Composition of Academic Representatives  1 director elected to represent School of Social Sciences and Humanities  1 director elected to represent School of Social Work  1 director elected to represent School of Business Administration.  Commissioners:  Womyn’s Issues Commissioner  Indigenous Students’ Commissioner  Students’ with Disabilities Commissioner  Racialized Students’ Commissioner

14 Bylaw 7: Directors of the Union - Rules  Position on the Board shall be held by no more than 1 person at any given time, except in an emergency situation.  Directors, Commissioners, and the All Clubs Representative are unpaid.  The Executive Committee, with the approval of the Board, may receive remuneration.

15 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors - Overview  Outlines the 5 different types of Union meetings  Scheduled Meetings  Emergency Meetings  Consecutive Board Meetings  Annual General Meetings  Special General Meetings

16 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors – Scheduled Meetings  Scheduled Meetings  Monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.  Executive Committee responsible for presenting schedule of meetings for approval at the beginning of each term  Quorum for conduct of business is 2/3rds of Directors present.

17 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors – Emergency Meetings  Can be called with 72 hours notice by either:  The Executive Committee; or  A written request by a two-thirds majority of Directors  Quorum for Emergency Meetings are 7 directors  Approval of any action must be reported at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

18 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors – Consecutive Meetings  Held in April of each year  Meeting of both incoming and outgoing Board of Directors.  Serves as a welcoming/orientation meeting for incoming board of directors.

19 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors – Annual General Meetings  Held during the fall of each year.  Is the supreme authoritative body of the Union  Each member of the Union has one vote.  AGM provides chance for Union Board of Directors to update membership on notable Union work/issues  Allows membership to guide the Board of Directors.  Transaction of business includes the following:  Presentation of the year to date report from the Board  Presentation of year to date financial statements of the Union  Constitutional/Bylaw amendments to be voted on.  Any business arising from the floor.

20 Bylaw 9: Meetings of the Board of Directors – Special General Meeting  You are at a Special General Meeting right now!  Same rules apply as with the AGM.  Who can call a Special General Meeting?  Board of Directors.  Union membership can call a meeting by presenting to the Board a petition containing no less than 10% of the signatures of the membership.

21 Bylaw 10: Right to Vote  Directors elected or appointed to the Board shall have the to vote.  All non-voting members of the Board shall have the right to speak, but shall not be allowed to move, second, or amend any motions put before the board.  Each voting director is entitled to carry 2 proxy votes.

22 Bylaw 11: Procedure at Meetings  Procedure at the meetings of the Board shall follow Roberts Rules of Order  Minutes shall be taken and kept on file for a minimum of 3 years.

23 Bylaw 13: Director Qualifications  At all times, every Director must be:  At least 18 years of age  A registered student of Laurentian at the Barrie Campus  No director shall, at any time, be an elected member of an administrative group that does not belong to the University program. This includes SAC.  The President of the Union may not be enrolled in more than 3 courses during a given semester.

24 Bylaw 14: Duties of the Directors  Directors shall  Act with diligence, fiduciary responsibility, honesty and good faith, and in the interest of the Union.  Act in the best interests of the constituents for which a director was elected to represent  Join a minimum of 1 Union committee  Attend ALL Board meetings  Strive to recruit students from his or her constituency to participate in Union events, projects, services, and campaigns;  Maintain confidentiality of all In-Camera proceedings  Maintain clear lines of communication with the rest of the Board  Are responsible to serve the minimum number of office hours allotted by the Board of Directors

25 Bylaw 15: Disciplining Directors  Outlines the grounds for discipline by the Board.  Grounds for discipline include the following:  Missing more than 3 consecutive meetings;  Theft, fraud, embezzlement;  Harassment and or assault towards other members;  Failure to disclose conflict of interest;  Breach of confidentiality;  Failure to attend the April Consecutive Meeting;  Negligence of duties; and,  Disregard for the will of the Board.

26 Bylaw 16: The Executive Committee - Overview  Executive Committee is tasked with the day to day management of the Unions affairs.  Vested with all executive powers, including but not limited to:  Negotiating contracts on behalf of the Union  Staffing and employment  Task delegation.

27 Bylaw 16: The Executive Committee - Composition  The Executive Committee includes the following positions:  President  Vice President Campaigns and Advocacy  Vice President Finance  Vice President Administration  Vice President Events  Vice President Marketing

28 Bylaw 16: The Executive Committee - VP Internal Affairs  VP Internal Affairs is splitting up to create the VP Finance and VP Administration.  Will be separating administrative and financial duties of the Union.  The amalgamation of those positions proved to be a work load too heavy for one person

29 Bylaw 16: The Executive Committee – VP Campaigns and Advocacy  Formerly titled VP External Affairs.  Responsible for maintaining line of communication with students’ groups, college and university administrations, and other parties external to the union.  Chair of the Union Campaigns Committee  Most responsible for developing and advancing the political and issues oriented objectives of the Union.  Attends all Canadian Federation of Students meetings.

30 Bylaw 17 – Chief Returning Officer And Standing Elections Committee  Outlines procedures for choosing a CRO, DRO and Elections Committee  Outlines criteria for each position involved in elections  Describes time line for filling positions and procedure for filling any positions that become vacant

31 Bylaw 18 - Elections, By- elections And Referenda  Outlines procedures for running elections  Outlines criteria for each position being filled by the election  Describes time-line for all elections periods (nomination, campaigning, polling)  Gives explicit instructions on forbidden actions in elections

32 By-law 19: Elections, By- elections And Referenda – Complaints And Appeals  Outlines procedures for filing a complaint regarding elections procedures  Describes procedure for appeals to rulings on any grievances

33 By-law 20 - Removal From An Office Of The Union  Outlines three circumstances for immediate removal from office  Describes procedure for Impeachment hearings

34 By-law 21: Indemnities To Directors Of The Union  Protects Directors from any personal liability in financial decisions made by the Union

35 By-law 21: Issue Policies Of The Union  Defines what constitutes an issues policy  Describes procedures for implementation and amending issues policies of the Union

36 QUESTIONS?!  BYLAWS%20AMENDMENTS%202013- 14%20DRAFT%201.docx BYLAWS%20AMENDMENTS%202013- 14%20DRAFT%201.docx

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