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1 Shareable Operational Resources Tool (SORT) Facilitating Multinational Logistics by Exposing Shareable Resources Among Nations Rob Leibrandt, Chairman AC 327 WG5 OUSD(AT&L)/DPAP/PDI March 2012

2 SORT Mission Multinational Defence Doctrine SORT Overview SORT Process Planned Enhancements SORT Walk Through 223 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Agenda

3 Multinational Logistics Doctrine *Joint Concept for Logistics, 6 August 2010 **COL Reese Briefing to MNA TF WG, 12-13 July 2011 *** Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense, January 2012 2010: US Joint Staff “Joint Logistics Enterprise*” requires mutual support to Multinational Partners and use of Standard Data 2011: Allied Command Transformation leads Multinational Task Force project definition and execution** 2012: U.S. Presidential guidance states: “In this resource-constrained era, we will also work with NATO allies to develop a “Smart Defense” approach to pool, share, and specialize capabilities as needed to meet 21st century challenges”*** SORT Supports Multinational Logistics Doctrine

4 NATO ACT Multi-national Task Force Project Tier 1 Project 1.14 Dr Carter reiterated support for US lead June 23, 2012 Production and Operational Test environments hosted at NAMSA De-centralized version for disconnected ops Secure and reliable 423 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Background

5 SORT Advocacy 523 July 2010OUSD(AT&L)

6 Web enabled application to expose, request, and track shareable resources among coalition members Organized by individual operation/exercise yet visible across operations/exercises with proper permissions Should be used for: Planning tool ahead of individual operations Execution of plan to pool and share assets (trucks, generators, spare parts, etc) and/or Capabilities/Services (maintenance, transportation, etc) Disposition of excess assets/services during and after operation/exercise Nations control the information that is shared and who has access to their resources 623 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Mission

7 7 Planning and Executing Shared Logistics Though SORT Planning an Operational Engagement Decision to Execute Plan Populate SORT with National Commitments Processes Information Sources Execute Sharing Resources Draw Resources During Operations Supply / Accountability AIS, (e.g. GCSS-MC, DPAS) Offer/Request Resources During Operations Reconcile SORT Records PlanningExecutionDisposition Decision to Discontinue Operation Begin Withdrawal Decision Operation Complete GCCS-J (JOPES) DRMS Financial Mgt System Treaties and Agreements NATO Statement of Requirements (CJSOR) US Force Commitments Needed or Drawdown items Financial reconciliation Offered Items

8 823 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Benefits Increases readiness by providing knowledge of and access to co-located resources Reduces cost of resource acquisition Free or reduced cost access to items/services Leverages coalition partner expertise Reduces transportation to/from home stores Facilitates transfer of unneeded assets at mission change or operation departure Exposes Commodity (NSN) level and Item level (UII, maintenance, failure) information Selection by commodity or individual item Enables sale or loan Provides transaction history and closure

9 Direct Interface from Country D UID Registry or Property System Country C UID Registry (hosted at NAMSA) Country B UID Registry Digital file from Country A National Property System Country A Items Country B Items Country D Items Country C Items Items coded as shareable (A,B,C&D) Shareable Asset Registry or Situational Registry (e.g., Shared Coalition Environment) Item coded as shareable, via bi-lateral agreement, between Country A & C Shareable Asset Balance Sheet (credits and debits) Codification ( e.g., NATO NMCRL) SORT Architecture Concept

10 1023 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Process 1.Offering Nation uploads available assets/capabilities (+ usage, condition, etc) 2.Requesting Nation searches based on Operation, NSN, Part Number, RIC, or key word 3.Requesting Nation selects item that meets operational needs; Request is approved 4.Offering Nation approves request 5.Offering Nation updates with provision 6.Requesting Nation updates with receipt 7.Financial remuneration acknowledged

11 SORT Planned Enhancements Incorporation of Services Accommodation for coalition, multinational or bilateral agreements and thresholds (e.g., access and credit limit) Identification of Roles and related actions Inclusion of NGOs, Contractors Exposure of unfulfilled need - refined Option for Manual entry of offer or need Electronic (system-to-system) provision, receipt, and financial messages SORT Planned Enhancements

12 User Nation Group kickoff conducted 3 May 2012 Operational Evaluation 13 September 2012 Formalizing SORT Oversight Future Requirements Management Configuration Management Sustainment Approach Governance 1223 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Next Steps

13 1323 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) SORT Operational Walk Through

14 Access to the tool – Log on NAMSA - UID Project14 URL : Strong authentication: MS*ISA server: Login + password (1 st level) ePortal: Entrust card (2 nd level) Access requires Two Factor Authentication

15 Offerors upload here OR directly from National information system Requestors enter here to locate available resources

16 Search within or across theaters based on variable criteria Operations added as needed via Coordination with NAMSA; Participation can be open or limited

17 Results include whether item is for cost or free; Offering Nation, and whether the item is Uniquely Identified Click here for more info SORT List of Items in the Operation that meet the criteria

18 SORT Additional Detail about Uniquely Identified Items Pulled from NMCRL/FedLog Provided by Offeror Click “Add to Basket” to create request

19 SORT Request Approval by Requesting Country View and approve or delete pending requests

20 SORT Request Approval by Offering Country Confirm pending requests Offering country receives email notification of pending request; Enters SORT to view and Validate confirming that resource will be provided to requestor – or rejected

21 2123 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Offeror indicates issue/shipment Offering Country indicates provision

22 2223 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Requestor indicates receipt Requesting Country indicates receipt

23 2323 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Balance Sheet for each country Transactional detail available related to each trading entity

24 2423 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Balance sheet transactional detail

25 2523 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Expose the Need for item not listed in SORT Enter information about the needed item; an email is sent to Operation participants. If a participant has the item, they upload it to SORT. The item is then requested in the established manner.

26 2623 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Consolidated National View of Activity


28 2823 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) BACK UP

29 2923 July 2010OUSD(AT&L) Report of items identified as needed during the operation

30 3023 July 2010OUSD(AT&L)

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