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Preview of Roots 51-60. 51. clus close, shut 51. clus close, shut seclusion: privacy [Ltn. “sē”=apart + “claudere”=to shut]

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1 Preview of Roots 51-60

2 51. clus

3 close, shut

4 51. clus close, shut seclusion: privacy [Ltn. “sē”=apart + “claudere”=to shut]

5 51. clus close, shut exclusion: the act of shutting out [Ltn. “ex”=out + “claudere”=to shut]

6 51. clus close, shut conclusion: the close or last part of something [Ltn. “con”=with, together + “claudere”=to close]

7 51. clus close, shut inclusion: the act of taking someone or something in as a member [Ltn. “in”=in + “claudere”=to close]

8 51. clus close, shut recluse: one who withdraws to live in solitude and seclusion [Ltn. “re” (intensive) = "claudere”=to close]

9 52. cord

10 heart

11 52. cord heart cordial: diffusing warmth and friendliness [Ltn: “cordiālis”= from “cord”= heart]

12 52. cord heart concord: harmony or agreement of feelings [Ltn. “con” (“com”)=with + “cord”=heart]

13 52. cord heart discord: lack of agreement [Ltn. “dis”=apart + “cord”=heart]

14 52. cord heart accord: harmony or agreement [Ltn. “ac” (ad) = toward + “cordis”=heart]

15 53. corp

16 body

17 53. corp body corpse: a dead body, especially the dead body of a human [Ltn. “corpus”=body]

18 53. corp body Corps: a body of persons acting together under common direction [Ltn. “corpus”=body]

19 53. corp body corporation: a group of people combined into or acting as one body. [Ltn. “corporatus”=formed into one body]

20 53. corp body corporal: of the body ; bodily [Ltn. “corpus”=body]

21 54. cosm

22 universe, order

23 54. cosm universe, order cosmic: of or pertaining to the universe [Grk. “kosmos”= universe]

24 54. cosm universe, order cosmopolitan: common to the whole world [Grk. “kosmos”=universe + “polites”=citizen]

25 54. cosm universe, order cosmonaut: an astronaut [Grk. “kosmos”= universe + “nautēs”=sailor]

26 54. cosm universe, order cosmetic: serving to correct physical defects (or put them “in order”) [Grk. “kosmein”=to arrange]

27 54. cosm universe, order microcosm: a small representative system [Ltn: “mīkros”= small + “kosmos” world, order]

28 55. cour

29 heart

30 55. cour heart courage: the quality of mind that allows one to face danger [Ltn. “cour”= heart]

31 55. cour heart courtesy: polite behavior; gracious manner [Ltn. “cour”= heart]

32 55. cour heart discourage: to deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit [Ltn. “dis”=apart + “cour”=heart]

33 55. cour heart encourage: to inspire with hope, courage, or confidence [Latin “en” (in)=to cause + “cour”=heart]

34 56. crac

35 rule

36 56. crac rule democracy: government by the people [ Grk. “dēmos”=people + “kratiā”=rule]

37 56. crac rule aristocracy: a hereditary privileged ruling class or nobility [Grk. “aristos”=best + “kratiā”=rule]

38 56. crac rule bureaucracy: an administrative system in which the need to follow complex procedures impedes effective action [Fr. “bureau”=office + Grk. “kratiā”=rule]

39 56. crac rule plutocracy: government by the wealthy [Grk. “ploutos”=wealth + “kratiā”=rule]

40 57. crat

41 rule

42 57. crat rule democrat: an advocate of government by the people [Greek “dēmos”=people + “kratiā”=rule]

43 57. crat rule aristocrat: a member of the nobility [Greek “aristos”=best + “kratiā”=rule]

44 57. crat rule bureaucrat: an official who insists on rigid adherence to rules, forms, and routines [Fr. “bureau”=office + Grk. “kratiā”=rule]

45 57. crat rule autocrat: a ruler having absolute or unrestricted power [Grk. “auto”=self + “kratiā”=rule]

46 58. crease

47 grow

48 58. crease grow increase: to multiply or reproduce [Ltn. “in”=within + “crēscere”=to grow]

49 58. crease grow decrease: to grow or cause to grow gradually lesser or smaller [Ltn. “de”=reverse + “crēscere”=to grow]

50 59. cred

51 believe

52 59. cred believe credit: reputation for integrity [Ltn. “crēdere”= to entrust]

53 59. cred believe credentials: that which entitles one to confidence, credit, or authority. [Ltn. “crēdere”= to entrust]

54 59. cred believe credible: believable [Ltn. “crēdere”= to entrust] “You are not very credible, Pinocchio!”

55 60. cres

56 grow

57 60. cres grow crescendo: a gradual increase, especially in the volume or intensity of sound in a passage [Ltn. “crēscere” = to increase]

58 60. cres grow crescent: the figure of the moon as it appears in its first quarter with concave and convex edges terminating in points [Ltn. “crēscere” = to increase]


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