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The Pearls ‘My Personal Journey’ Lorraine Clinton Non-Executive Director.

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1 The Pearls ‘My Personal Journey’ Lorraine Clinton Non-Executive Director

2 Session Overview Who am I ? Career lessons learned along the way and ‘on the job’ tips Personal attributes/ Career enablers Q & A / discussion

3 Born in Motherwell, Scotland Wonderful childhood University of Glasgow- MA ( Maths, French and Economics) Pilkington plc Gen. Management Trainee Married, two daughters 15 & 10 Interests- travel, food, theatre, films 1 Who am I ?

4 My Professional Past Executive (Some Key Roles)Global Director of Architectural and Glazing Products European Commercial Director (84 sites, 11 countries, 4200 employees) Works Manager Customer Service Manager Strategic Planning Manager Head of Acquisitions and Divestments

5 The Crunch Point 2006 Why Change?Challenge becoming stale, Japanese acquisition pending, 20 years – so time for a change. Various personal considerations. Why non exec?Personal preference for strategic direction and change management Mental challenge of differing companies, markets and issues Opportunity for self development More focus on tasks and less on surrounding circus

6 Non Executive DirectorMcArthur Group Ltd. Entrust Ltd Ministry of Defence Agriculture and Horticulture Dev Board – Chair of Remuneration and Nomination University Hospital of South Manchester – Chair of Organ Donation ChairMLC Pension Fund Pro bonoWomen of the Year Executive Committee Today

7 Exec. life - the good and the bad The good - the various teams, sense of achievement,the power, the result, the package, the security, the support, the global opportunities The bad - the politics, the in-fighting, conflicting agendas, family juggle, corporate loneliness, it can be ‘tough at the top’

8 Non exec. life- the good and the bad The good- the diversity of roles, the direction not the detail, personal flexibility, the many teams, continuous self development, unique opportunities The bad - the admin ( secretarial, travel, expenses), the package ( no holiday, sick pay, IT or car ), tokenism, constant networking, getting started, the next role

9 Career Lessons learned (1) Have an external mentor ( formal or informal but real) Follow up annually with head hunters to see what external market has to offer Today's world calls for variety, not loyalty Make space for some fun Identify what’s precious and protect it You can’t win all the people all the time

10 Career Lessons learned (2) Be fair- top to bottom of organisation Don’t lie – less to forget ! The troops can save or kill you Everything & everyone has a sell-by date You can be a role model too Treat as you want to be treated

11 Make short action orientated reports the norm – release the time for value added tasks or indeed cost reduction If you can’t get message across in a few pages, either you, the audience or the issue at fault – think of a newspaper, how long are their articles? ‘Recognition of the internal customer concept – succinctly defined requirements and quality delivery, first time, on time All board members ( incl Exec & non-exec) have different roles – as do the striker and the defender – but they still work for the same team ‘On the job’ tips (1)

12 Business process redesign – don’t assume only non front line services should be redesigned/reduced or eliminated Be reasonable - not a zealot - you were once a child, an L driver... An employee, a manager!! Relationships are paramount- systems and procedures help, but people make the difference My Personal checklist for success; strategy, scrutiny, people, governance ‘On the job’ tips (2)

13 Personal attributes to succeed (1) Resilience Self belief Enthusiasm Hard working Personable Fair Fun/ sense of humour Two ears/ one mouth for a reason Negotiate around traffic ‘jams’, don’t just sit there or cancel

14 Personal attributes to succeed (2) Think on your feet Ability to furiously multi- task Think outside of the box Welcome continuous self development Be Accountable Take the bad with the good Stand up for what is right Know your limits – professional and personal

15 Who / what can help ? Education – formal and on the job Networking groups- formal and virtual Peer group counselling re difficult people or situations Mentor- company or independent Presence- dress, tone, behaviours but always be yourself !! Broaden your experience by pro bono roles Seek feedback and evolve Role models- lift as you climb

16 The Pearls Questions and Discussion Lorraine Clinton Non-Executive Director


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