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Connect Platform Port from Sun Glassfish to IBM WebSphere CONNECT Code-A-Thon - September 21-22, 2010, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM.

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1 Connect Platform Port from Sun Glassfish to IBM WebSphere CONNECT Code-A-Thon - September 21-22,, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM

2  About AEGIS  Introductions  The Mission (Why?)  The Plan (How?)  Successes/Challenges (Lessons)  CONNECT Changes (Coding/Deployment)  CONNECT Integration (Make It Official)  Incomplete Tasks (Testing!)  Demo  Open Discussion (Q&A), Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM 2

3  Founded in 1996  Based in Rockville, MD  ISO 9001:2008 Certified  Rated CMMI Dev v1.2 Maturity Level 3  SBA Registered Small Business  GSA Schedule 70 Contract #GS-35F0125S  Facilities Clearance: DoD Secret, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM 3

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5  Challenged by potential Federal/Commercial Health IT projects requiring NHIN Gateways which run on Production supported platforms - AEGIS undertook an R&D effort to evaluate the feasibility of porting Connect 2.4.x to IBM WebSphere.  While not 100% complete - the effort has achieve an initial answer - Yes, Connect can run on IBM WebSphere., Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM 5

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8 8  Entrust Certificates  Metro 1.5  Web Service Endpoint Re-definition  Deployment / Un-deployment  IBM WebSphere Installation  Environment

9  IBM WebSphere generates PKCS12 keystores [P12] by default with a self-signed certificate for the current machine.  CONNECT 2.4.x uses Sun Java keystores [JKS]  IBM JDK doesn’t like Sun Java keystores  Need to import the Entrust certificates into IBM Java keystores  Implement “Configuring FIPS JSSE files”, ensure FIPS compliance, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM9

10  Lots of forum discussions – does it or doesn’t it work?  Yes, if you do this… ◦ Disable IBM’s default AXIS service: ◦ Place the Metro libraries in your web application deployment – WEB-INF/lib ◦ Configure IBM WebSphere Classloader for each web application to “Parent Last”; i.e. Application First, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM10

11  The Metro 1.5 web services stack (in IBM WebSphere) requires all endpoints definitions in a “sun-jaxws.xml” configuration file  Glassfish auto-generates the required artifacts ; IBM WebSphere does not , Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM11

12  Current deployment method uses “wsadmin” command line tool with jacl script  CONNECT modules are deployed using current order  Un-deployment (un-install) must occur in reverse order to insure proper “clean up” of registered web services / endpoints, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM12

13  IBM WebSphere version is with Fix Pack 9  Installation type is “Application Server”; i.e. stand-alone  Do we need to support version 6.1.x?  Configuration and testing of other installation types is needed, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM13

14  Running on DELL PE R710 Dual Processor, 48 Gb RAM  Windows 2003 Server x64  IBM WebSphere bit, Fix pack 9  IBM J9 VM (build 2.4, JRE IBM J9 amd jvmwa6460sr _54049, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM14

15  IBM vs. Sun JDK (we’re not in Kansas anymore)  Hard-coded Internal Endpoint URLs  Metro 1.5 Configuration  Endpoint Configuration  WSDL File Names  Web Applications – Java Server Faces  Log4J Implementation, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM15

16  Sun JDK packages not available in IBM JDK ◦  Per Sun documentation, the internal packages should not be used and may be removed in a future release  Solution: This package was found to be not needed as the org.apache.xerces.dom package provides the required classes ◦  This is a Sun JDK only package  Solution: Re-code to use IBM JDK package  Both issues isolated to one project and class ◦ NhincCommonLib ◦ gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.saml.extraction.SamlTokenExtractor, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM16

17, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM17  18 hard-coded endpoints in code base  Example – Patient Discovery  GatewayInternalComponentProxy project  gov.hhs.fha.nhinc.patientcorrelationfacade.helper.TransformHelper  tCorrelationFacadeDteService ◦ Need a way to dynamically assign port numbers or entire URL – e.g. use  Down to 5 hard-coded endpoints in 3.1 code base

18, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM18  Need new entry in web.xml MetroLibraryPort MetroLibraryService Endpoint for Metro Library Service 1 MetroLibraryPort /

19, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM19  Comment or remove the servlet mappings in “web.xml” for all the endpoints and re-define them in “sun-jaxws.xml”.

20, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM20  The IBM WebSphere application server does not “like” the same named WSDL file to be used in multiple web service endpoints.  Example from AdapterWeb

21, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM 21  The web applications use JSF libraries of which one, “jsf-impl.jar”, is already in the IBM WebSphere libraries  Current workaround to avoid this conflict is to simply remove this library from the web application’s WEB-INF/lib folder

22  Follow instructions on the IBM WebSphere 7 Information Center site: bsphere.nd.doc/info/ae/ae/ttrb_classload_jcl.html  Minor change – based on the version of Log4J deployed in the CONNECT modules ◦ The log class to assign is org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Log4JLogger, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM22

23 AEGIS’ Goal  Helping the CONNECT community integrate these changes into the core product ◦ Provide development platform(s) ◦ Provide testing and integration ◦ Etc., Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM23

24  We are not production ready yet ◦ This effort was a “see if it can be done” ◦ Now that we know it can, we need to move to the next level ◦ Automated build process integration ◦ Full regression testing ◦ NHIN Conformance testing ◦ Performance and Stress testing ◦ 24/48/96 hour Burn-In ◦ Clustering ◦ Etc., Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM24

25  Stand-alone installation ◦ Successful Deployment and Server Start Up ◦ Updated SoapUI Tests  Gateway to Gateway (2 Servers) ◦ WebSphere to Glassfish ◦ WebSphere to WebSphere, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered.SM25

26, Inc. - Powerful Results. Delivered. SM 26

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