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Learning how to pray 57 MILLET, Jean-François The Angelus Oil on canvas, 1857-1859 55.25 x 66.04 cm Private collection.

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1 Learning how to pray 57 MILLET, Jean-François The Angelus Oil on canvas, 1857-1859 55.25 x 66.04 cm Private collection

2 Compendium of the Catechism 557. What is the importance of Tradition in regard to prayer? 2650-2651 In the Church it is through living Tradition that the Holy Spirit teaches the children of God how to pray. In fact prayer cannot be reduced to the spontaneous outpouring of an interior impulse; rather it implies contemplation, study and a grasp of the spiritual realities one experiences.

3 Introduction The Apostles told Jesus: “Lord, teach us how to pray!” And he taught them the Our Father. We also often feel like telling him: “Jesus, please teach me how to pray!” A Christian usually learns to pray in the heart of a family, “the domestic Church”. The Church is a “community of prayer”. If we behave as good children, our good mother the Church teaches us to pray and helps us to be souls of prayer. ANDERSON, Sophie Foundling Girls at Prayer in the Chapel c. 1877

4 Main ideas

5 1. Main sources of prayer The main source of prayer is the Word of God. In Sacred Scripture it is God who talks and teaches us to pray. Moreover, the Liturgy of the Church, announces, makes present and communicates the mystery of salvation. The theological virtues, faith, hope and charity, refer us directly to God and keep us in constant communication with God through prayer. Everyday situations. ANGUISCIOLA, Sofonisba Portrait of the Artist's Sister in the Garb of a Nun (detail) Southampton City Art Gallery, Hampshire, UK

6 2. To whom do we pray? The public prayer of the Church, or liturgical prayer, is usually addressed to God the Father, through the mediation of Jesus Christ, the Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. The prayer of the Church is the pattern for personal prayer with the one and triune God. In order to reach God more easily we seek the intercession of the angels and the saints –especially the Mother of God and Saint Joseph. ROBUSTI TINTORETTO, Jacopo The Trinity Galleria Sabauda Turin, Italy

7 3. Praying in communion with the Holy Mother of God Ever since the episode in Cana Our Lady continues to lead us to Jesus:  “Do whatever he tells you” Mary, with her example and behaviour, is a sure path of prayer. The Magnificat is a model of prayer —based on humility. Besides praying with Mary, we pray to Mary to entrust to her our petitions and our praises. DÜRER, Albrecht The Virgin Mary in Prayer 1518 Oil on lindenwood, 53 x 43 cm Staatliche Museen, Berlin

8 4. The Hail Mary the best prayer to Mary As God’s mother and our mother, Mary continuously intercedes before her son Jesus Christ for each one of us. The best way to recourse to her is praying the Hail Mary which echoes the greeting of the Archangel announcing the mystery of the incarnation :  " Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee“.  " Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb ". RUBENS, Peter Paul Annunciation 1609 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

9 5. The school of piety The Christian family is the natural school to educate children in prayer. This piety is fostered and completed by the teachings of priests and religious in catechesis, in groups of prayer and in spiritual direction. CHARDIN, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon The Prayer before Meal 1744 Oil on canvas, 50 x 38,5 cm The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

10 6. Where to pray We can talk with God always and everywhere because he sees and hears everything and he is everywhere. The best place to pray is in the church, where he is present in a special way.  In the Tabernacle, Jesus, true God and true man, is present with his body, his blood, his soul and his divinity.  We should sincerely love the Mass and attend it whenever we can, because in each celebration of the Eucharist Christ offers himself. BACON, Henry Christmas Prayers 1872 Private Collection

11 Resolutions for Christian life

12 Resolutions to move forward Meditate on the words of the Hail Mary in order to better understand what we pray. When we are in church, carry out with attention the little details of love and respect: use of Holy Water, genuflexion before the Tabernacle, bowing one’s head before a crucifix or an image of Our Lady, etc.

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