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Deliberation, decision and deployment Michael Pickett Vice President and CIO Brown University 1.

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1 Deliberation, decision and deployment Michael Pickett Vice President and CIO Brown University 1

2 - Agenda Why did we consider a cloud-based option? What factors did we consider? How did we make a decision for a) students, b) faculty/staff? What difficulties/surprises did we encounter? Experiences with Google Apps for Education (GAE) thus far and lessons learned 2

3 Why Change? Exchange 2003 system out of support Inadequate quotas (email 200 mb, attachments 10 mb) Data center limitations made BC/DR critical Significant improvements identified as strategic plan priority for Fall Term 2010 3

4 - Requirements Significant email and attachment quota (> 2gb and > 10mb) Affordable – staff layoffs and budget cuts a reality Standards-based, integrated tools - preserve flexibility for faculty use, include full business functionality for staff, respond quickly to technology change - integrated email and calendar a key requirement Reasonable risks – Privacy, confidentiality, data ownership, compliance, cost exposure, service continuity, service lifespan, BC/DR capabilities key factors Ease of use – speed to functional use time important, low annoyance factor important Preserve naming conventions – no one’s email address should have to change 4

5 Student Options Students had to be upgraded first and quickly because of BC/DR costs 2008-2009 Email assessment team led by John Spadaro (Director, Technical Architecture /Outreach) identified 3 viable student options: – Microsoft BPOS – Microsoft Live – GoogleApps for Education 5

6 Student System Decision Microsoft & GoogleApps options piloted in 2009 Campus technology advisory committee involved – faculty consulted General Counsel and Chief Security Officer reviewed risks & approved contract Students expressed preference for GoogleApps for Education (60% already forwarded to Gmail) Rollout – September 2009 6

7 Faculty Staff Options Upgrade dedicated Exchange service & add BC/DR (onsite & hosted options considered) Convert to Microsoft hosted Exchange service (Live@edu or BPOS) Migrate to GoogleApps for Education 7

8 Faculty, Staff, Decision 2009- 2010 Vendor meetings/evals TCO financial analysis Input sought from Brown stakeholders, peers, businesses Email assessment paper with options and GoogleApps recommendation 8

9 Key Factors for GAE Significant quota allocations: 7.4GB/user for email, 25MB attachments, 1GB for Docs, Sites New features and improvements added nearly daily Brown undergrads GoogleApps experience was positive. More collaboration opportunities w/faculty Cost avoidance - significant new funds required for any other viable option Standards-based, integrated tools (Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sites (web), Chat, and more) – ability to read email from anywhere using almost any email reader or mobile device Reasonable risks – Reviewed by University Counsel and Chief Security Officer. Same protection as Google Apps for Business. Optional tools available for e-discover and end-to-end encryption (Postini) GoogleApps used by over 8 million faculty, staff and students worldwide - over 2M businesses including Intel, Motorola Mobile, Konica Minolta, National Geographic and Jaguar Land Rover entrust their business to GoogleApps. 9

10 Seeking Input and Deciding Academic Technology Steering Committee IT Advisory Board (3 discussions) IT Project Review Committee Graduate Student Council Academic dept stakeholders Faculty Executive Committee Sr. Deans External IT Advisory Council President’s Cabinet University Hall admin assistants Academic Department Chairs – DECISION MADE Based on Chairs feedback, sent out pre- announcement of intent to Brown Held open campus forums and demonstrations to identify issues/showstoppers Roadshows to departments and groups seeking input Can you livewith it? 10

11 Success Factors and Lessons Learned Strong senior executive sponsorship - President, Provost and EVP firmly behind initiative Strong, professional project leadership (Geoff Greene, Director of IT Support Services) Skilled rollout team of central IT staff, departmental staff Google Guides – students and dept staff experts Engaged Appirio - had significant experience in GoogleApps migrations in higher ed environments Promoted full range of GAE features and function to realize maximum benefits of the change Allowed departments and users not currently intensively using Exchange calendaring to be early adopters. “Just get out of the way (but don’t let anything break).” Built a high level of campus awareness, repeatedly trained in a variety of venues, provided online resources, tracked progress on migration website. Responded quickly to misinformation with facts and adjust FAQ documents accordingly Identified real issues and enlisted help to solve Watch out for calendaring on non-standards based mobile devices! – be prepared to replace and retrain Key users: admin assistants – don’t allow them to fail Timing is important and will impact whether a flash cutover or a phased rollout works best – intensive calendar use creates biggest constraints Set realistic expectations It is ok if it is fun! 11

12 Status Governance groups established All departments moved in June/July 2010 ~ 11,370 out of 13,900 accounts moved so far Exchange server to be moved offline in mid- September 12

13 Sticky Points Differences in UI and workflow Calendaring on Blackberries Policy – required opt-in and click thru on AUP Persistent FUD about ads, privacy, data ownership and security Google and China (and others) MX record and elimination of Proofpoint virus/spam Consolidation of all Brown addresses into Google contact list Translating group mailbox approaches into Google tools Google Groups administration, Google Sites Many, many new features + labs 13

14 Warm Fuzzies Many, many new features + Labs Access from any browser almost anywhere in the world – No VPN required Freeing up resources for new use Powerful collaboration tools gaining traction Google’s informal mission statement – “Don’t be evil” Responsiveness of Google (delegation, FERPA support) 14

15 Q&A? 15

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