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1. agr: field, crop agriculture: the cultivation of a field agrarian: related to field agrobiology: study of field life _______________________________________________.

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1 1. agr: field, crop agriculture: the cultivation of a field agrarian: related to field agrobiology: study of field life _______________________________________________ Farmers in the Midwest prosper from an agrarian lifestyle.

2 2. bat: beat battle: to engage in beating combat: to engage in beating as a group or with other people battalion: body of troops _______________________________________________ The Battle of Gettysburg left many soldiers wounded.

3 3. clin: bend, lean decline: to bend or lean down inclination: act of bending in or towards recline: to bend back ________________________________________________ After a long day at work, Brian came home and reclined in his chair to unwind.

4 4. cod: written code: a written message, possibly with a hidden meaning codify: to write codicil: a supplement to a will, in writing _______________________________________________ Before you take a test on scantron, you must code in your name, the date, and the class period.

5 5. cord: heart cordial: to be polite out of the kindness of your heart concordance: the state of being in agreement, together in heart discordant: that which is apart from your heart, or disagreeable ___________________________________________________ Everyone in the class was in concordance that the dress code was too strict.

6 6. cruc: cross crucial: quality of being necessary or really important crucify: to kill by nailing to a cross crusade: to mark with a cross, or to fight for one’s belief _____________________________________________________ The knights of the Holy Crusade were fighting to spread Christianity throughout the world.

7 7. dic (dict): speak, say, word dictionary: place where all known words are recorded and defined malediction: the act of speaking badly about someone or something predict: to say something will happen before it actually happens ____________________________________________________ Meteorologists predict the weather in their forecasts.

8 8. ego: self alter ego: other self egocentric: quality of being self-centered egomaniac: quality of being obsessed with oneself __________________________________________________ The Incredible Hulk is Bruce Banner’s alter ego.

9 9. fort: strong comfort: to provide strength together with someone fortification: the act of making strong fortissimo: Italian superlative meaning very loud and strong ________________________________________________ Cereal is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

10 10. gam (gamy): marriage, spouse bigamy: the state of being married to two people endogamy: marriage within one’s own tribe or group misogamist: one who hates marriage _______________________________________________ In some cultures bigamy is an accepted practice.

11 11. glott (gloss): tongue epiglottis: cartilage at the base of the tongue that protects the windpipe during swallowing glossectomy: procedure of cutting out the tongue polyglot: many tongues, or many languages _________________________________________________ Cancer of the tongue can make a glossectomy necessary.

12 12. jus: law justice: the fair, sound practice of law justify: to make lawful or right unjust: not lawful, or not right _________________________________________________ The act of murder is unjust.

13 13. mand (mend): order, entrust mandate: to make an order countermand: to order against, or to recall an order commendation: to entrust someone with praise by awarding a formal citation _________________________________________________ The No Child Left Behind Act is a federal mandate that requires every student to be proficient.

14 14. memor (mem, mne): memory, mindful memory: result of being mindful of something, or committing it to mind memoir: place where one records one’s memories of life mnemonic: related to memory, pertaining to devices that help one memorize something _______________________________________________ Coming up with an acronym for a set of words or a phrase is a mnemonic device.

15 15. orb: circle orbit: to travel in a circle exorbitant: quality of being out of the circle of norm, excessive supraorbital: located above the orbit of the eye _________________________________________________ The Earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the Earth.

16 16. pet: seek, ask, attack petition: act of asking impetuous: rushing forward as to attack petulant: fretful; ready to attack ________________________________________________ To get on the ballot the candidate had to have voters sign a petition.

17 17. phan (phen, fan): appear, show, seem phantom: a ghostlike appearance phenomenon: an unusual appearance fanciful: not real, imaginary _____________________________________________ A shooting star is a natural phenomenon.

18 18. pond (pound): weight ponder: to weigh in the mind; consider carefully preponderance: being of greater power or having greater weight imponderable: without weight; impossible to evaluate ______________________________________________ The student pondered what classes to take next semester.

19 19. poten: power potent: full of power omnipotent: all powerful plenipotentiary: person with full power, such as a position to negotiate a treaty ________________________________________________ The aroma coming from the trashcan is very potent.

20 20. rhino: nose rhinoceros: animal with a horn-shaped nose rhinologist: one who studies the nose rhinoplasty: procedure of shaping the nose ______________________________________________ Some people argue that Michael Jackson has had rhinoplastic surgery.

21 21. son: sound sonic: related to sound unison: one sound dissonant: not harmonious _________________________________________________ When the teacher said good morning, the class replied in unison.

22 22. techn: skill, art technical: related to skills technology: study of skill, related to computers pyrotechnician: one who is skilled in working with fire __________________________________________________ Many students choose to attend a technical college to receive training in a particular area.

23 23. tempor: time temporary: related to time, something that is for a short period of time contemporary: quality of being “with” the times extemporaneous: composed, performed, or spoken on the spur of the moment with no time put into preparation _________________________________________________ When a teacher quits, the principal might find a temporary substitute to take over before hiring a permanent replacement.

24 24. troph: growth, nourishment atrophy: condition of not growing autotrophic: related to self growth dystrophy: result of bad growth _____________________________________________ Muscular dystrophy is a disease that results in deterioration of the muscles.

25 25. vest: clothes, dress vestment: ritual dress of the clergy investiture: ceremony of “clothing” a person in power transvestite: who dresses across genders _________________________________________________ The vestment of Catholic clergymen usually includes some sort of robe.

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