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Lent calendar 2015 22 Feb 21 Feb 20 Feb 19 Feb 18 Feb 23 Feb 1 March 28 Feb 27 Feb 26 Feb 25 Feb 24 Feb 2 March 8 March 7 March 6 March 5 March 4 March.

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1 Lent calendar 2015 22 Feb 21 Feb 20 Feb 19 Feb 18 Feb 23 Feb 1 March 28 Feb 27 Feb 26 Feb 25 Feb 24 Feb 2 March 8 March 7 March 6 March 5 March 4 March 3 March 9 March 15 March 14 March 13 March 12 March 11 March 10 March 16 March 22 March 21 March 20 March 19 March 18 March 17 March 23 March 29 March 28 March 27 March 26 March 25 March 24 March 30 March 5 April4 April 3 April 2 April 1 April 31 March

2 This Lent we’re asking you to ‘Cut it out’: Ash Wednesday: 18 February As we start the 40 day journey, think of different ways you can Cut it out this Lent. Using labels downloaded from our website, make a collection box for your class, to help communities like Martin’s in Myanmar. Act Martin

3 Thursday 19 February When Cyclone Nargis destroyed trees in the jungles of Myanmar, our partners worked with villagers to restore the jungle. Kyin Nu says: “Every Saturday we would plant… for four weeks… It produces shade, blocks winds and defends the village from cyclones.” “ a tree planted by streams of water.” Act Watch our video about Martin from Myanmar and begin to plan your Lent Fast Day fundraising. Isaiah 58

4 Friday 20 February “Raise your voice like a trumpet.” Isaiah 58 What injustices should I be shouting about? Give Contact your local office to find out how you can speak in your parish to help raise money for people in poverty.

5 ‘You shall be called the repairer of the breach…’ Saturday 21 February Isaiah 58 Daur San Mhwe (pictured, right), from Myanmar says: “If you work alone, you never succeed. We always work together. Everyone participates …a few people together will triumph.” How can I help people, near and far away, to know that we are standing alongside them in their troubles? Find out about our Climate Coalition event. Could you and your friends attend? Act

6 Sunday 22 February God’s covenant is with every living creature. The whole of creation is important to God – we are only one part of it. Do I appreciate the whole of creation? “Behold, I establish my covenant with you… and with every living creature that is with you.” Genesis 9 Visit our website today to support others by taking action on climate change. Act

7 “…neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor…” Monday 23 February Fairtrade Fortnight starts today, reminding us that it is possible to create a more just and fair way of farming and trading the Earth’s produce – fair to the Earth and fair to its poorest people. How will you more fairly share Earth’s produce? Leviticus 19 Give Buy something with the Fairtrade mark and thank your local shop for stocking it.

8 Tuesday 24 February Act Look out for anyone who is sad today and say an encouraging word to them. Kyin Nu from Myanmar was broken- hearted after Cyclone Nargis. Looking back, she says: “My faith helps me through these times… What gives me hope is God. God is the only one who can save you.” “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted.” Psalm 33

9 Wednesday 25 February “And the people of Nineveh believed in God.” Jonah 3:1-10 When the Jonah spoke God’s message, the people of Nineveh believed him. They changed their attitude and their lifestyle. One of God’s messages to us is to care for our planet. By doing this we also help to protect its poorest people who are the most affected by climate change. Yet many people still think climate change is a myth. Act Go to our website and find answers to some climate change myths.

10 “On the day I called, you answered me, O Lord.” Thursday 26 February Pray In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “Ask and you shall receive.” Bring your needs and the needs of others before God today in prayer. Psalm 137 Do I give my worries and cares over to God? Or do I struggle on trying to solve everything myself?

11 Friday 27 February Today is CAFOD Lent Fast Day. “ reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” Many of our sisters and brothers unjustly live in poverty due to unfair trade systems, conflict or the impacts of climate change. We can help by our prayer and fasting, our actions and our giving. Give What will you cut out today?

12 Saturday 28 February God gives the world to everyone. How, this week, can I show love beyond the people I know personally? “Creation is a wonderful gift that God has given us, so that we care for it and we use it for the benefit of all, always with great respect and gratitude.” Pope Francis Pray Creator God, thank you for always loving everyone, regardless of our actions. Amen.

13 The disciples thought that they knew Jesus… and themselves. But as they saw Jesus in his true glory, their perceptions of him were changed. Later, as they obeyed the Father’s command to ‘listen to him’, they grew in faith and wisdom until they were transformed from simple fishermen into heralds of the Gospel. Will I let God transform and use me? Sunday 1 March “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.” Mark 9:2-10 Pray Ask God to show you who you could be, and ‘listen to him’.

14 Monday 2 March Give Today’s Gospel calls us to be generous. This Lent, every pound you give will be matched by the UK government, up to the value of £3.5 million. That’s double the help for people living in poverty around the world! “Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over…” Luke 6:36-38 Put a donation into your CAFOD collection box.

15 Tuesday 3 March “For they preach but do not practise.” Matthew 23:1-12 Jesus criticised the Pharisees for not practising what they preached. Our campaign One Climate, One World calls on politicians to commit to act to prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty. But we cannot ask others to do what we do not do ourselves. Act Pledge to play your part to care for creation and love your neighbour. Add your individual pledges to a giant heart and send us a photo.

16 Wednesday 4 March Jesus was the Son of God, but chose to serve. In our leadership, we too are called to the service of others. CAFOD partners are inspiring examples - like Oscar Romero, who spoke in defence of poor and oppressed people. Where in my life am I called to be a leader who serves others? Pray Servant King, teach me how to serve bravely. Amen. “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant…” Matthew 20:17-28

17 Thursday 5 March Take part in the Close up on climate film project – details at “The world is given to all, not only to the rich.” St Ambrose Act Compared with most of our world, our country is rich. Around 12 per cent of the people in our world suffer from chronic hunger. We are called to share the goods of creation, for the good of all. How will you share your talents, time and money to help the poorest communities of our world?

18 Friday 6 March “There was a master of a house who planted a vineyard…” Matthew 21:33-46 As tenants we don’t have ownership but are called to care for the Earth for God. How do we produce its fruit? Are we good tenants on the Earth? And will we share its produce when we are asked to do so? Act Go to our website and find out how you can email political leaders to take action.

19 Saturday 7 March “I will show them marvellous things.” Micah 7:14-20 We often hear of marvellous things being done by our partners, thanks to your donations and with God’s help. For example, in Myanmar, people have practised emergency drills, to prepare for future cyclones. “Before we had the training our losses would have been great. Now I think they would be far, far less.” U Than Win, Community leader Pray Thank you, Lord, for the great things you do through ordinary people. Amen.

20 “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy…” God knows that we need time to rest and to pray, as well as time to work. Today, International Women’s Day, we remember and pray for women living in extreme poverty who labour long hours to feed their families and are not able to rest. Sunday 8 March: International Women’s Day Exodus 20:1-17 Act In thanks for the rest time God has given, go out and appreciate nature, relax and reflect on the gift of creation.

21 Monday 9 March Pray “No prophet is accepted in the prophet’s hometown…” Luke 4:24 Jesus’ audience were used to thinking of themselves as God’s chosen people, and interpreting this as ‘God’s favourites’. But Jesus preached an inclusive, welcoming message for all people. Do I recognise that everyone is special? Lord, help me to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Amen.

22 Tuesday 10 March Give “Lord, teach me your paths…” Psalm 24 We all need good teachers, both in school and in life. Sadly, in many countries where CAFOD works, people are denied a good education. Ke Kachok runs adult literacy classes in his village in Cambodia: “My village has 40 students… most can now read, write and do maths. As a result, some have started running small businesses.” As a class, buy our “Teach someone to read” World Gift to help communities like Ke Kachok’s.

23 Wednesday 11 March Pray Divine Teacher, show me how to teach your ways by word and example. Amen “Whoever does these commandments and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:17-19 If I use my skills, that is great. But if I teach two others a skill today, and they teach two others tomorrow, and so on, by the tenth day, there are 1024 people who have learned that skill. We can change the world, if we lead by example.

24 Thursday 12 March “With songs let us hail the Lord.” Ps.94 U Win Myi, a fisherman in Myanmar whose village was devastated by Cyclone Nargis in 2008, told us: “I take my boat a long way from the village at night and sing... when I get depressed, I sing gospel songs with a very loud voice…and it helps… I feel singing helps me to be at one with God. I found it is good way to discover God. Singing is a spiritual thing.” Pray Sing a song of praise to God.

25 Friday 13 March “You shall love your neighbour as yourself...” Mark 12:28-34 Do I love whatever the cost… or only so far as it is convenient for me? Who do I consider to be my neighbour? Act Act as a good neighbour to those you meet today.

26 Saturday 14 March Give Deny yourself a treat today, and take the money you save into school to put in your collection box. “What I want is love, not sacrifice.” Hosea 5:15-6:6 We make sacrifices in Lent – fasting and trying to focus on less material things. But it is important that our motivation is love: love of God, but also solidarity with those who have too little food. If we share the money we have saved with the poorest people, our fasting can make a lasting difference to them and help us to grow in love of our neighbour.

27 Sunday 15 March Mothering Sunday We are artworks by the ultimate artist. Every human being is created in God’s image and has dignity for this reason. If we truly recognised this, we would protect and care for others with a sense of awe. “We are God’s work of art created in Christ Jesus to live the good life…” Create a card or other work of art for your mother or another woman who is important in your life. Act Ephesians 2:4-10

28 Monday 16 March “They shall build houses and inhabit them…” After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, our partner, Cordaid, helped communities to build new, safer homes and to prepare for future typhoons. When Typhoon Hagupit arrived a year later, the houses survived and everyone benefited from the disaster training: “Everyone was smiling, everyone was more prepared than ever, we were safe, we were alive.” Isaiah 65:17-21

29 Tuesday 17 March Pray Pray the Stations of the Cross from the secondary school pages of our website. “The L ORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.” Psalm 45 When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar, Daur San Mhwe was on her way home: “I used a mosquito net to tie myself to a pillar. It made me a little warmer, but not much. I could see many people like me – holding onto pillars for their lives... I focused on Christ’s Passion when the storm was at its height.”

30 Wednesday 18 March “He will guide them to springs of water.” Isaiah 49:8-15 In an area where scorching sun is a daily challenge, people in Isiolo, Kenya are working to bring Isaiah’s vision to life for their community. They now have a greenhouse irrigated by a solar-powered pump and can grow enough tomatoes to feed themselves, with some left over to sell. Go to our website and watch a film about the Isiolo project. Act

31 Thursday 19 March Give Cut out an activity that costs money, like going to the cinema or buying something new. Put what you save into your collection box. “They have made themselves a calf of molten metal and have worshipped it…” Exodus 32:7-14 Take a look at your life and the things that you focus most on. What are your false idols? Try to focus on what is really important instead and share your ideas on facebook or twitter.

32 Friday 20 March International day of happiness “His way of life is not like others, the paths he treads are unfamiliar.” Wisdom 2:12-22 Think of ten reasons, not connected to consuming, to be happy today. Act The Yanomami people in the Amazon forest of Brazil work hard to protect their land and their way of life, which is very different from our own. We can learn much from them about living simply and respecting creation. Do I have the courage to learn from others, to live differently, to challenge our consumer-driven society?

33 Saturday 21 March International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination We often hear of refugees fleeing conflict. Communities whose resources are already stretched are frequently the most generous. Thousands of Syrian refugees have been welcomed into Jordan and Lebanon, where CAFOD partners are also supporting them. Lord, open my heart and help me to welcome those who need help. Amen. Pray “Lord God, I take refuge in you.” Psalm 7

34 World Water Day: Sunday 22 March Even the Son of God turned to his Father in prayer. How much more do we need to do this? Whether we pray aloud or silently, whether we pray for ourselves or for others, God is listening and is always with us. “Christ offered up prayer and entreaty, aloud and in silent tears…” Hebrews 5:7-9 Think of new ways to save water today. If you are in a parish youth group, play our simulation game, Life without taps. Act

35 Monday 23 March “Neither do I condemn you.” Name the three values that matter most to you. Act John 8:1-11 If, like Jesus, we are rooted in love, compassion is our immediate response to suffering. Whether that suffering is caused by global poverty or is closer to home, we are compelled to take action. Compassion is one of the seven values that underpin CAFOD’s work. What are the values in my life?

36 Tuesday 24 March Pray Reflect on Romero’s words ‘Aspire not to have more but to be more.’ Today is the anniversary of Oscar Romero’s death. Give Buy a Romero cross for your classroom. Act Find out more about Oscar Romero by watching the video on our website.

37 Wednesday 25 March “Nothing is impossible to God.” Luke 1:26-38 The Angel Gabriel told Mary, “Nothing is impossible to God.” Like Mary giving birth to the Son of God, we too can play our part in miracles that transform the world. When I think about our world, what seems impossible to change? What does God want me to do? What small steps can I take to start to make this a reality? Small actions make a difference. Count the light switches in your house - for each one, put 10p in your collection box. Give

38 Thursday 26 March “I will establish my covenant between myself and you, and your descendants.” Genesis 17:3-9 How will the next generations remember us? What kind of Earth will we be leaving behind for them? Our choices today can be a promise to them of a habitable, fruitful planet. Lord, may future generations remember my generation with a blessing. Amen. Pray

39 Friday 27 March “The waves of death rose about me…” Psalm 17: 2-7 This psalm must bring back vivid memories to those who have experienced floods like those caused by Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. Yet the psalm writer is reminding us all that when it feels like we are drowning in our troubles, God is still there. Pray What troubles do I want to leave with God today? Act Make a donation in your collection box to support people experiencing extreme weather.

40 Saturday 28 March “I will console them, give gladness for grief.” Jeremiah 31:10-13 In refugee camps for people fleeing Syria’s violence, our partners use puppets to help children overcome the trauma they have experienced. Through the voice of a puppet, children can speak about things they would otherwise be too upset to share. The puppets also provide a welcome and essential source of fun. How can I bring joy to others today? Pray …for peace.

41 Palm Sunday: 29 March “Those who went before and those who followed cried out, ‘Hosanna!’” Mark 11:1-10 The crowds welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem and a few days later about demanded his crucifixion. How quickly they had completely changed their attitude to Jesus! Do I stick to my convictions, even when people around me express a different opinion? Do I try to influence others for the good? Share your beliefs with others. Write to your MP or, better still, become an ‘MP correspondent’ speaking out for justice. Act

42 Monday 30 March “Faithfully he brings true justice.” Isaiah 42:1-7 There is still injustice in our world. As members of the Body of Christ, it is our job to continue Jesus’ mission. This Lent, CAFOD supporters have been making tremendous efforts to support the communities where our partners are based and make the world a more just place. Tell us what you have done this Lent so that we can use your story to inspire others. Act

43 Tuesday 31 March “Before the cock crows, you will have denied me three times.” John 13:21-38 Peter is going to get it wrong. He will deny he even knows Jesus. But after the Resurrection, Peter will be reconciled with Jesus. His experience will make him an even better leader. We all get it wrong sometimes. But it’s okay as long as we repent and make a change. Lord, forgive me and help me to forgive others. Amen. Pray

44 Wednesday 1 April “I have reached the end of my strength.” Psalm 68 In developing countries there are people every day who reach the end of their strength: women exhausted after carrying water for miles; farmers whose crops fail; children without enough food or medicine. Thanks to your donations, our partners support people at the end of their strength and help them to find a way forward. Put some money in your collection box and, as Easter approaches, make plans to send it in to us. Act

45 Maundy Thursday: 2 April Act Do an act of service for someone else today without being asked. “This is my body… do this as a memorial of me.” 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 The Eucharist is an amazing gift - Jesus present with us. But the Eucharist also commits us to service of others. Jesus makes this clear when, in John’s Gospel, he washes the disciples’ feet before the meal. Pope Francis said: “In the Eucharist the Lord makes us walk on his road, that of service, of sharing, of giving.” Do I let the Eucharist motivate me to serve others?

46 “They crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, with Jesus between them.” Good Friday: 3 April Act John 18:1 - 19:42 Even as he was dying, Jesus spoke with the repentant thief and gave him hope. Consistent compassion without barriers is not for the faint-hearted; it takes determination and courage. Draw the outline of a cross. Write on it the names of people you know who are suffering and in need of hope. Pray for them at 3pm, the hour Jesus died.

47 Holy Saturday: 4 April Today we watch and wait.

48 Easter Sunday: 5 April Act “This day was made by the Lord; we rejoice and are glad.” Psalm: 117 How often we limit our expectations of God. Yet the Lord who can rise from the dead is capable of so much more than we can imagine. Let’s rejoice today with our Lord who has conquered death and entrust our world and all its people to his care. Jesus is alive! Alleluia! Eat a (Fairtrade!) egg, sing an Easter ‘Alleluia’ and look for Jesus alive in yourself and others today.

49 Picture credits: Eleanor Church; Michel Monginda Mondengele; Phil Knox; Stephen Wood; Ataklti Mulu; Development Partnership in Action, Cambodia; Simon Rawles; Lucasz Cholewiak; Sam Carling; Shareef Sarhan; Emma Clark; The Archbishop Romero Trust; Asad Zaidi; Stuart Matthews; Shea Bradley; Annie Bungeroth; CAFOD.

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