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Programming Basic Concepts © Juhani Välimäki 2003.

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1 Programming Basic Concepts © Juhani Välimäki 2003

2 Learning Goals General principles, that help to create robust, understandable programs that are easy to modify Solving problems with the programs Using flowcharts to describe the logic of a program Basic Java programming © Juhani Välimäki 2003

3 What is Programming? Problem solving
Designing a program that will solve the problem Reusing ready software components Writing new code Testing the program Documentating and Creating User guides © Juhani Välimäki 2003

4 Software Engineering The Waterfall Model Feasibility study
Requirements Design Implementation Testing Installation aka. Deployment Maintenance © Juhani Välimäki 2003

5 What is a Program? data storage data storage program = program flow +
data processing rules input output © Juhani Välimäki 2003

6 What is an Application? Program and Application may usually be used as synonyms. Application might be better term e.g. while referring to programs that have Graphical User Interface (GUI). Then ready-made UI components are applied to our own program. Or capabilities of the operating system are applied to certain problem solution. Sometimes programs are called as software. ”This sofware is used to create CD-ROMs.” © Juhani Välimäki 2003

7 What is a Programming Language 1?
Text Editor With the text editor (Notepad, TextPad) programmer... C++ source code understood by the programmer Hello.cpp ...writes source code, which is exact text description of the program flow understood by the programmer C++ -language compiler for Linux and IBM 386 PC Compiler is a program that understands the source code written by the programmer and ... A program understood by the Linux operation system and the IBM 386 PC computer = bit flow ... knows how to create an executable program that is nonsense to programmer... ...but works in a certain machine and operating system, referred as the running environment. Linux operating system in an IBM 386 PC © Juhani Välimäki 2003

8 What is a Programming Language 2?
Java source code understood by the programmer Text Editor Virtual Machine makes it possible to run the same program on different computers and operating systems Java Byte Compiler for Java Virtual Machine Hello.class A program Java Virtual Machine understands Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) for Windows Java VM Java VM Java Virtual Machine for Linux Windows Operating System Mac Symbian Linux Operating System © Juhani Välimäki 2003

9 What is the Source Code? source code understood by the Text Editor
programmer Text Editor // Example of Java source code import java.util.*; public class OwnApplication { static public void main() int result = 0; int sum = 0; sum = sum + value; {Example of Pascal source code} begin result :=0; sum :=0; readln (value); if (value>0) then sum := sum + value; end. © Juhani Välimäki 2003

10 Do You Remember these Concepts?
Programming Program (≈ Application ≈ Software) Input, output. (=IO) Programming Language Source Code Compiler Operating System Java Java Byte Compiler JavaVirtual Machine © Juhani Välimäki 2003

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