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WPKI available technology diagram and the business model.

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1 WPKI available technology diagram and the business model

2 2 WPKI Mobile ID The Goal The goal is to provide an alternative way for authentication and digital signing in private systems. The goal is to provide high-level security services without additional devices such as card-readers, PIN keyboard and computers. The goal is to provide trusted key storage with security functions for mobile Apps.

3 3 WPKI Mobile ID Priority Queue: Price for the customer Easy to use Mobile Operators Compatibility Service Providers Compatibility Security CA Compatibility Price Easy to use MO compatibility Number of clients SecurityCA compatibility SP compatibility The number of services Profit/Turnover

4 4 WPKI Mobile ID New WPKI SIM card Mobile Operator Certified PKI SSP Client MO service office Database 1. The customer signs a contract and receives a SIM card 2. SIM card data and ID data are stored in the database Registration System 3. The customer initiates registration: Registration portal Service office STK menu 5. Certificate request signed by Mobile-ID 4. Check: - WPKI exists - ID exists CA 6. Generating certificates LDAP 7. Activation and publishing certificates

5 5 WPKI Mobile ID Common scheme SP... Teenusepakkuja SP2 Teenusepakkuja SP Service Provider MO Mobile Operator CA Certification Authority center TSP Trusted Service Provider RA Registration Authority center Client RA and MO AT&T, T-Mobile … CA and TSP services provided by VeriSign, Verizon, Entrust … By/Sells Certificates SLA

6 6 WPKI Mobile ID Technological connecting SMSC TSP Trust Service Provider SP Service provider CA center Client Mobile-ID STK applet on USIM MSSP server with OTA support

7 7 WPKI Mobile ID What does the customer? 1. The Customer see “Verification code” and compares it with a code from Service Provider Portal. 2. The Customer enters PIN and signs ”nonce” provided by TSP service. 3. Mobile-ID applet sends back SMS with signature. 4. After that Service provider allows access to the resources. The Customer interact with Mobile-ID application

8 8 WPKI Mobile ID Revenue Types of payments: –entry fee –monthly fee –transaction-based fee –royalty Payers: –MO clients –Service Providers –Security software suppliers

9 9 WPKI Mobile ID Investments & Expenses Investments: –OTA Platform software & hardware (if not exists) - MO –MSSP Server software & hardware - MO –Integration of OTA Platform and MSSP Server - MO –TSP Server - CA –Registration System Portal – CA –Mobile-ID applet Expenses: –SIM card cost –Cost of sales per customer –Cost of the certificate –SMS cost

10 10 WPKI Mobile ID Next steps Select Mobile–ID solution as part of government PKI structure!

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