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Functional Requirements and Considerations for Roles Based Access Control Lessons from CFHIS.

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1 Functional Requirements and Considerations for Roles Based Access Control Lessons from CFHIS

2 CFHIS Description A series of integrated applications that, combined, provide an Electronic Health Record capability including: master patient index laboratory radiology pharmacy order entry and results reporting dental & medical charting clinical and executive decision support Required technology, security architecture Introduces CIHI Management Information System Guidelines to the CFHS

3 Master Patient Index (MPI)

4 Phase 1 Test Bed Functionality Pilot Limited Capability Phase 2 Rollout of Limited Capability Rollout Full Capability (less Medical Clinical Notes) Test Bed, Pilot, Rollout of Deployed Functionality Phase 3 Medical Clinical Notes Order Entry Interfaces with Civilian Sector and Allies MIS Guidelines Phased Implementation

5 Electronic Health Record Chart Organization Specialty Services Physiotherapy Laboratory Diagnostic Imaging Pharmacy Mental Health Primary Care Scheduler

6 Privacy Issues or Concerns CFHIS will: maintain confidentiality of health information utilize Government of Canada PKI based on ENTRUST incorporate digital signature & encryption be capable of providing info on a need to know basis by assigning roles be capable of monitoring access

7 Level A Level B Level C Level D CF HSvcs HQ Base Clinic Functional Sections Functional Sub-Sections PCSDental MH CTS Location Based Access Control

8 Manager Health Records Practitioner ISSO Nurse Supervisor Secretary Base Surgeon Physician Nurse Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant Medical Technician Nurse - Case Management Clerk Receptionist Preventive Medicine Technician Occupational Health&Safety Technician Health Records Clerk Medical Finance Clerk Medical Transcriptionist Pharmacist Pharmacy Technician Pathologist Dental Detachment Commander Dentist Dentist - Specialist Dental Hygienist Dental Technician Dental Receptionist Physician Specialist Specialty Technician Radiologist Diagnostic Imaging Technician Physiotherapist Physiotherapy Assistant Laboratory Technician Nurse - Immunization Social Worker Psychiatrist Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselor Chaplain Psychologist Local Administrator National Administrator Frequent User Position Titles For CFHIS User Management Module

9 Core AppLabDIDental Full Capability Functional Application Roles HP1 HP2 HP3 HP4 MH1 MH2 CS1 CS2 CS3 CS4 Local ISSO Global Admin BS L2 L3 L4 L8 L9 L1 R2 R3 R4 R8 R9 R1 D2 R8 R9 D1 Pharm P2 P3 P8 P9 P1

10 CFHIS Experience 1.Complexity of task is greatly dependent on choice of applications. Identify types of users and their information needs Definition of roles for the entire enterprise Assignment of roles to clinic positions Accommodating LBAC 2.Sharing of corporate systems has advantages and disadvantages. May save of money and effort Control of information (nature and quality of data) Infrastructure, support issues, security clearances

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