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Staffordshire’s AEN Funding System Training Update

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1 Staffordshire’s AEN Funding System Training Update
Sandra Swift, Kate Plant, SENSS

2 The objectives of this session are to :
recap the AEN funding principles; the Criteria for allocating funding and the revised timeline Clarify the application paperwork and process Identify ‘next steps’ Principal Funding Streams AWPU + LS* - Age Weighted Pupil Unit/Lump Sum (This is ASN - Additional School Needs) ACN - Additional Cluster Needs HLN - Higher Level Needs HLN County Panel

3 Staffordshire Learning Net (SLN)
Application forms and guidance notes Criteria Timeline Exemplars HLN Panel FAQ’s AEN introduced summer term 2011 Through feedback and practical considerations, the process has been revised (and continues to be revised in response to feedback) so that decisions are made by a panel of Senior district professionals + H/T reps where they are able. Timeline revised from 2012 to accommodate concerns around appropriate notice for staff if necessary, workload on schools in terms of 3 submission dates etc. Revisions will continue to be made following feedback and the implications of the school funding reforms if appropriate.

4 Application paperwork – detailed discussion

5 Next steps … Complete application paperwork (If necessary, ask District Support staff for advice) to the relevant District Office: Lichfield & Cannock District Stafford & South Staffs District Tamworth & East Staffs District Newcastle & Moorlands District Deadline for receipt of applications Friday 26th October District Meetings held 20th and/or 21st November HLN Panel Meeting Tuesday 11th December HLN Decisions to schools via SLN during week beginning 17th December

6 Staffordshire County Council Schools Budget 2012-13 Notional SEN Budget
DfE: School: Staffordshire Primary Section 1 – Additional educational needs funding for named pupils Name NCY Funding period ACN funding agreed £ HLN funding Summer Term HLN funding – Sept - Mar TOTAL funding End date of currently agreed funding From To Level Hours Total Hours (including lunchtime supervisors) Surname, Forename 2 01/04/12 31/08/12 HLN1 20 2,732 2,723 3 01/09/12 31/03/13 25 4,965 31/08/14 5 3,824 4 6,556 Total £3,824 £5,464 £8,789 £18,077

7 Staffordshire County Council Schools Budget 2012-13 Notional SEN Budget
Section 2 – High Volume HLN protection funding Full Year: Full Year: A Number on roll (March 2011 budget) 103 B HLN school contribution 1 C FYE HLN included above (total months HLN 12) 2.00 D FYE HLN above cap (C – B) 1.00 E Funding per full year HLN above cap (equivalent to 10 hrs) £6,556 High Volume HLN protection funding (E x F) £6, TOTAL AEN funding (line 19 of budget sheets £24,633 Section 3 – Additional School Needs (ASN) Funding in delegated budget Lump Sum £6,000 FSM £4,275 Prior attainment £7,616 TOTAL ASN budget £17,891 TOTAL notional SEN funding £42,524

8 Further contact information Dr Lynda Mitchell Strategic Lead for SEN and Personlisation People Floor 2, Wedgewood Building Tipping Street Stafford ST16 2DH Tel: Lesley Calverley SEN Finance Manager Education Transformation Staffordshire County Council Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH Tel: Fax:

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