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EEMA & “pkiC” Frank Jorissen Deputy Vice President, Utimaco Safeware AG Vice Chair, EEMA IDA - Meeting of National Security.

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1 EEMA & “pkiC” Frank Jorissen Deputy Vice President, Utimaco Safeware AG Vice Chair, EEMA ( IDA - Meeting of National Security Experts on PKI Interoperability

2 WHAT IS EEMA? A European, independent, non-profit forum Formed 1987 Assisting Users, Vendors & Service Providers Close to 250 member organisations - “Vendors” including: Microsoft, IBM, Compaq, Alcatel, Siemens, Lotus, SAP, iD2, Entrust, GlobalSign, VeriSign, Baltimore, Bull, Identrus, Utimaco Safeware, BT - “Users” including Unilever, Reuters, Shell, Volvo, BP, Exxon, ING Bank, Glaxo Wellcome, Hoffmann la Roche, AstraZeneca, SWIFT, ICC, UK Post, etc. + Most PTO’s and Service Providers --> --> A major force in the growth of EU E- Business

3 EEMA Interest Groups --> “PKI Challenge” --> ECAF Model ICT Security initiatives: --> “PKI Challenge” --> ECAF Model --> ISSE2000 Conference --> EESSI Steering Group liaison --> PKI Forum liaison (NEW !)... + Other E-business-related Interest Groups: Directories, Unified Messaging, Users, EDI / E- Commerce, Knowledge Management, Events & Marcom, Standards

4 WHAT IS “WEMA” ? World Forum for electronic business Virtual Composition of all “EMA’s” worldwide: US: ‘EMA’ Europe: ‘EEMA’ Australia: ‘ECA Tradegate’ Brazil: ‘BRISA’ Japan: ‘JEMA’ Asia/Oceania: ’AOEMA’ Russia: ‘RANS’

5 PKI Challenge (pkiC)

6 “Challenges”: a rich WEMA Interoperability Tradition Since the early 90’s On evolving technologies: X400, X500, SMTP, LDAP, S/MIME, X.509,... By “WEMA” organisations worldwide EEMA + EMA (+... ?): PKI “Challenge showcases”, during the period 1999-2002 EMA’s Challenge was demonstrated at last EMA Annual Conference, April 2000

7 EMA “Challenge99/2000” = FBCA “Federal Bridge CA” = a US Federal Gov’t effort to solve the practical interoperability problems between the PKI’s&PKA’s of various Federal agencies (GSA, NASA, NIST, DoD,…) This ad hoc solving of US Fed Gov’t PKI interoperability issues is narrower than what most vendors & users want: no “client to-CA/RA” interoperability Nevertheless the “Bridge CA” concept has strong merits for CA/domain - CA/domain interoperability in general ! See

8 pkiC Objectives: Core Objective& Main Differentiator: To provide a low-threshold, well-managed&funded test infrastructure, that will effectively enable PKI interoperability between many, global PKI&PKA vendors at the level of both PKI & PKA (=PKI-enabled app s ) --> PKI “as an (open) operating system” for various PKA’s Based on stable standards, eg PKIX, CMP, X.509v3, S/MIMEv3,…; Also considering EU-specific requirements (to the extent possible & reasonable in the period 2001-2002...): eg the European Electronic Signature Directive & the accompanying “EESSI standards” by ETSI and CEN/ISSS; To disseminate, demonstrate & promote ‘open’ results; currently 3 strong liaisons: EESSI, TeleTrusT, PKI Forum

9 Scope of interoperability in C2K context:

10 Today’s Status Project accepted under the “Fifth Framework program” (FP5/IST) - all consortium members sign a contract with the Commission & get funding; Contract signature expected November/December ==> Project kick-off : NY 2001 Duration: 2 years==> Project kick-off : NY 2001 Duration: 2 years

11 Time Plan & WP’s

12 “Phase 1”: Project Infrastructure & Management

13 Phase 1: Project Infrastructure & Management  WP1: Project Co-ordination, management & QA  WP2: produce scope and definition of the criteria for interoperability of PKI products and services  WP3: performing awareness activity & identifying participants, negotiating and contracting with them.  WP4: producing the detailed plan and specifications for the interoperability tests  WP5: building the test infrastructure

14 “Phase 2”: Interoperability Testing

15 Phase 2: The Interoperability Testing  WP3 (part) - identifying potential participants, negotiating and contracting with them.  WP6 - performing the interoperability tests  WP7 - demonstrating and disseminating the results of WP6 at “ISSE2002” and “EBE2002” (= Annual EEMA) Conference. Perhaps also at liaison partner events.  WP8 - writing the final project report

16 Who participate in “phase 1” ? Consortium members: Baltimore, Belgacom, EEMA, Entegrity, Entrust, GlobalSign, iD2, KPMG, Makra, Security&Standards, UK Post, University of Leuven (“COSIC” & “ICRI” Labs), University of Salford, Utimaco Safeware

17 Who will be involved in “phase 2” ? “Active” Participants “Passive” Participants --> OPEN PARTICIPATION, BUT LIMITED NUMBERS !


19 Utimaco & PKI/PKA interoperability Project Co-ordination of pkiC, but also: Participant in TIE (Esprit), DTRUST interoperability, Entrust interoperability in Award winning BOLERO (SWIFT) project context, Award winner in SPHINX, …etc..: commitment to be an ‘open’ PKA/PKI vendor (via membership of EEMA, TTT, PKI Forum,...)

20 SPHINX Pilot project of German government Will lead to end-to-end security all over the German Gov‘t Administration Sphinx is based on the MailTrusT specification, which is now a subset of international accepted Standards (SMIME, X.509, PKCS#10, etc) Since 1998 several products of different vendors were tested

21 SPHINX Step 2 - Features S/MIMEv2 X.509v3 + extensions CRLv2 + extensions LDAPv3 Double key pair Decentralised key generation...

22 SPHINX & Utimaco Utimaco plays a major role in the SPHINX project since the beginning Utimaco´s ‘SafeGuard Sign&Crypt‘ is SPHINX certified in each implemented step (currently step 2).

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