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Ongoing Efforts to Build The US Federal PKI Bridge

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1 Ongoing Efforts to Build The US Federal PKI Bridge
From Presentations by Federal PKI Policy Authority Officials and Others Put together by J. Scott, 2006

2 HSPD George Bush On August 27, 2004, the White House issued Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12. Primary objectives of HSPD 12 are: To develop and deploy a Federal Government-wide common and reliable identification verification system To use this system to interoperate between all Government agencies and serve as the basis for reciprocity between those agencies. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

3 HSPD-12 Mandates all Federal Agencies issue ID credentials using FIPS-201 identity proofing procedures beginning 10/05 Mandates all Federal Agencies begin issuing SmartCards with medium assurance digital certificates by 10/06 Authorization remains a local prerogative within each participating agency Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

4 Federal PKI Architecture after HSPD-12
Agency and other government PKIs required to cross-certify with the Federal Bridge CA As of 12/05 no new agency PKIs; agencies procure PKI services from vendors participating in the Shared Service Provider (SSP) program Architecture issues TLS/SSL certs to credential service providers who CAF, to provide mutual authentication Federal Bridge CA serves as “point of insertion” for external PKIs and other bridges. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

5 Simplified Diagram of Federal PKI
Cross- Certified gov PKIs Federal Bridge CA Common Policy CA Shared Service Provider PKIs (Common Policy OID And root Cert) C4 CA E-Gov CAs (3) Cross- Certified External PKIs eAuth CSPs Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

6 Electronic Authentication
Initiatives Assessment Framework for Credentials: evaluating the level of assurance (LOA) of identity of credential service providers Membership in Liberty Alliance Frequent meetings with Microsoft Interfederation Interoperability Project with Cybertrust and Internet2/Shibboleth team Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

7 Credentials Assessment Framework
Credential Assessment Framework consists of the following: A structured methodology and procedures for evaluating the LOA of a CSP’s credentials An assessment team that goes out and evaluates CSPs A process for conflict resolution Posting CSPs and their credential LOAs to a trust list (unfortunate term) on the website Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

8 E-Authentication: Interfed Interop
inCommon Higher Education Identity Federation Using Shibboleth middleware technical protocols Policy-light E-Authentication US Identity Federation Using a variety of technical protocols Policy intensive Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

9 What Are Electronic Identity Federations?
Associations of electronic identity credential providers and credential consumers (electronic service providers) who: Agree to trust each others’ credentials; Agree to hold credential providers authoritative for the validity of their credentials; Agree to use common communications protocols and procedures to enable interoperability Agree to common business rules Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

10 Purpose of Electronic Identity Federations
To enable trusted electronic business transactions between end users and service providers The service provider does not have to issue and manage identity credentials, including attributes. It’s all a matter of scaling.. No, it’s also a matter of control Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

11 Characteristics of Identity Federations
Standards and protocols for technical interoperability among credential providers, services providers, end users and infrastructure utilities A governance mechanism to assert common business rules, ensure credentials can be used and trusted by all members of the federation and a central control point for entry and exit of members Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

12 LOA Mapping: E-Auth to Fed PKI
FPKI Rudimentary, C4 FPKI Medium/HW & Medium/HW-cbp FPKI Basic FPKI Medium & Medium-cbp FPKI High (government only) E-Auth Level 1 E-Auth Level 2 E-Auth Level 3 E-Auth Level 4 Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

13 Federal Bridge CA Goals
Leverage emerging Federal Agency PKIs to create a unified Federal PKI and provide a cross-governmental, ubiquitous, interoperable Public Key Infrastructure. Limit workload on Agency CA staff Support Agency use of: Any FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithm A broad range of commercial CA products Propagate policy information to certificate users in different Agencies Support the development and use of applications which employ that PKI in support of Agency business processes. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

14 FBCA Certification Overview
Designed for the purpose of creating trust paths between among PKI domains Issues cross-certificates to Member CAs only Employs a distributed, NOT a hierarchical, model Commercial products participate within the membrane of the Bridge OR interoperate with products within the membrane Develops cross certificates within the membrane to bridge the gap among dissimilar products Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

15 FBCA Management Hierarchy
Steering Committee oversees FBCA development and operations Direct Operational Authority Bridge Documentation Enhancements Policy Authority determines participants and levels of cross-certification Administers Certificate Policy Approves requests to cross-certify Enforces compliance by member organizations GSA named Operational Authority Operates in accordance with Policy Authority and Steering Committee direction Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

16 Generalized FBCA Architecture
CA, Directory, End users Bridge CA And Directory Bridge CA And Directory Trust paths Trust paths Trust paths CA,Directory, End users CA, Directory, End users Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

17 A Snapshot of the U.S. Federal PKI
CANADA PKI Illinois PKI DOD PKI Federal Bridge CA NASA PKI Higher Education Bridge CA Notice that the fed bridge is the heart of the u.s. fed pki. Discuss implications of state pki, other bridges, international links. The Canada PKI, the DOD PKI, the Illinois PKI, the NASA PKI, the NFC PKI, and the Higher Education Bridge CA (which the University PKI interfaces with) all interface with the Federal Bridge CA. DOA NFC PKI University PKI Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

18 FBCA Membrane Architecture
Multiple commercial CAs within a “membrane” that cross-certify and interoperate CyberTrust and Entrust Enterprise CA’s for cross-certification CAs offline No network connectivity CA uses “Sneaker Net” to get to the directory FBCA directory online 24 X 7 X 365 Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

Canada Cybertrust CA Entrust CA GSA/FTS NIST 2 NSA CYGNACOM PCA PCA DoD Bridge CA CYBERTRUST Entrust PCA PCA PCA PCA SFL Client Entrust Client CA CA CA CA NIST 1 GTRI NASA PCA PCA PCA CA CA CA CA Motorola Entrust Entrust Entrust Entrust Spyrus Entrust Client SFL Client SFL Client Entrust Client Entrust Client Entrust Client Entrust Client Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

20 What Will It Take to Use the FBCA?
Policy mapping of certificate policies Sharing annual audits Careful management of cross-certificates to limit transitive trust (exclusion trees) Directory interoperability and synchronization Client software for certificate path discovery and processing Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

21 Next Steps To Federal Bridge PKI
Continue to bring federal agencies into interoperability Bring additional products into Bridge membrane Pursue interoperability with State PKIs Pursue interoperability with Nation of Canada Pursue interoperability with non-government sector bridges Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

22 Why A U.S. Federal PKI? Mandates, such as HSPD-12, for e-government and implementing electronic signature technology Demands for improved services at lower cost International Competition International Collaboration Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

23 Why NOT a U.S. Federal PKI? Concerns of Privacy Advocates
Agency internal politics Vendor battles for market space Cost Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

24 Building A U.S. Federal PKI
Agencies implement their own PKIs Create a Federal Bridge CA using COTS products to cross-certify individual Agency PKIs and bind them together Establish a Federal PKI Policy Authority to oversee operation of the Federal Bridge CA Ensure directory compatibility Use ACES for transactions with the public Note that the heart of the us federal pki, the thing that makes it possible at all, is the federal bridge ca. Bill Burr of NIST, one of the primary authors of the bridge model. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

25 FPKI Policy Authority Determines participants and levels of cross-certification Participants become voting members Administers Certificate Policy Enforces compliance by member organizations General Services Administration serves as Operational Authority Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

26 Policy Mapping Candidate Certificate Policies evaluated against the FBCA CP for adequacy and levels of assurance: Identity binding CA security Performed by the Federal Policy Management Authority Certificate Policy Working Group with contractor support Requirements publicly available on NIST website Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

27 Policy Equivalence Example
ISO Banking Can High Fed PKI High DoD 4 Can Medium Fed PKI Med DoD 3 Can Basic Fed PKI Basic DoD 2 Can Rud Fed PKI Rud Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

28 Policy Mapping Example
Federal High = DoD CLASS 4 Federal Medium = DoD CLASS 3 Bridge CA Federal High = Canadian High Federal Medium = Canadian Medium DOD CA Canadian CA DoD CLASS 4 = Federal High DoD CLASS 3 = Federal Medium Canadian High = Federal High Canadian Medium = Federal Medium The Bridge CA interfaces with the DoD CA and with the Canadian CA. DoD CLASS 3 Subscriber DoD CLASS 3 Subscriber Can. HIGH Subscriber Can. MED Subscriber Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

29 Cross Certifying with the Bridge
Applicant PKIs and Bridges may cross-certify with the Federal PKI at one or more of the five levels of assurance of the Federal Bridge CA Rudimentary, basic, medium, medium hardware and high Applicants can also cross certify at the Citizen and Commerce Class Certificate level of assurance. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

30 Requirements for Cross-Certifying
Managers of PKI’s that wish to Cross Certify with the Federal Bridge PKI should contact the Policy Authority prior to submitting any documentation, so that we can work with you actively to smooth the process. Requirements for Cross-Certification and Interoperability with the Federal PKI: Submit a copy of your PKI Certificate Policy for mapping, along with contact information for the individual tasked with seeing to the cross-certification. Please download a copy of the "mapping matrix" available on the web site to use as you prepare your Policy for mapping. Submit an Application for Cross-Certification signed by the responsible executive in charge of the applicant PKI (e.g., CIO, VP for Systems, etc.) to the Federal PKI Policy Authority Chair. Usually, this individual is in charge of funding and budget for the applicant's PKI. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

31 More Bridge Requirements
3. Submit a copy of the summary of your PKI's audit, stating that your operations comply with your CPS and that your CPS is in conformance with your CP. Please download a copy of the Audit Review Requirements from this web site to ensure you understand what language we are looking for. If steps are accomplished successfully, the Federal PKI Policy Authority will enter into negotiations with you to sign a mutually-acceptable Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will spell out our mutual responsibilities and expectations. For Bridges cross-certifying with the Federal Bridge CA, there are additional requirements to be fulfilled mutually. Once the MOA is signed, the Federal PKI Policy Authority Chair directs the Director of the Federal PKI Operational Authority to exchange cross-certificates with the new member PKI. Detailed discussions of all of these steps may be found in the FPKI Criteria and Methodology document on this web site, as well as many other supporting documents. Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

32 An FCBA Status Report On Sept. 18, 2002, the FBCA cross-certified with the public key infrastructures to allow them to trust and validate the digital signatures on files issued and received from one another The US Department of Defense U.S. Department of the Treasury U.S. Department of Agriculture National Finance Center National Aeronautics and Space Administration Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

33 Cross Certified PKI’s March 2006
Organization Certified Certification Level Date Certified NASA Medium September 18, 2002       USDA/National Finance Center Medium September 18, 2002 USDA/National Finance Center Basic October 20, 2003       Department of Defense Medium* September 18, 2002       Department of the Treasury High September 18, 2002 Department of the Treasury Medium September 18, 2002       Department of State High January 21, 2004       State of Illinois Medium January 21, 2004  State of Illinois Basic** March 8, 2005       ACES/Digital Signature Trust Medium February 11, 2004       Department of Energy Medium April 27, 2004       DoD External Certification Authority Medium** February 8, 2005       ACES/ORC, Inc. Medium** February 8, 2005       US Patent & Trademark Office Medium June 1, 2005       Department of Homeland Security Medium June 1, 2005  Department of Homeland Security High June 1, 2005  Department of Homeland Security Basic June 1, 2005       Wells Fargo Basic* December 13, 2005       Government Printing Office Medium** December 13, 2005       Department of Justice High** December 15, 2005    *    FBCA issued cross-certificate allowing one-way trust **   This was the date the Federal PKI Policy Authority voted on and approved issuing a FBCA cross-certificate Federal Bridge PKI J. Scott 2006

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