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Entrust Technologies, Inc. John Heltzel, Sr. Mgr., Business Development.

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2 Entrust Technologies, Inc. John Heltzel, Sr. Mgr., Business Development

3 Corporate Positioning Over 950 people Profitable for the last 6 quarters Cash flow positive for the last 6 quarters $266M in cash Over 800 customers in over 40 countries Positioned for leadership in emerging markets

4 B2B and Merchant-to-Consumer Distinct Market Segments Authentication Basic Confidentiality Payment - Credit card M2C $380B in 2003 Authentication Authorization Confidentiality Accountability Payment - ACH & Int’l $7.3T in 2004 B2B

5 Intra- business Web Outsourcing VPN e-Business Infrastructure e-markets Wireless

6 Large and Rapidly Growing Market PKI Authorization Wireless Other Source: IDC/Entrust 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 19992000200120022003 ($ Millions) Market2003 Total $3B

7 Global Market Share Leader 1999 ($198M) Entrust 41% Other 59% Source: IDC/Entrust Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) Market Top vendor Over 150 customers International reach Authorization Market

8 Positioned for B2B Growth Signed agreements with 5 of the top 6 B2B vendors –integrating Entrust into their B2B products PaymentWave –joint company with FDC –comprehensive payment services for B2B e-markets –transaction & rental revenue streams

9 Positioned for Wireless Growth First to market in December 1999 Designing next-generation architectures with industry leaders –registration, validation, & authorization Announced major partnerships Team of 30 people focused on wireless

10 Positioned for Services Growth –Web and Wireless server certificate services –16% market share in Q2 ‘00 –subscription revenue: $299-$695 /server/year (list price) –11 global affiliates; 5 new in Q2 Entrust@YourService –Flexible PKI outsourcing services –Partnership with FDC –Subscription revenue: $15-$20 /user/year (list price) –First customer signed to go live in August

11 Why Entrust Wins Customers Easiest to deploy & flexible & proven Broadest range of integrated applications –Oracle, Ariba, Tibco, i2, webMethods, Microsoft, Lotus, SAP, PeopleSoft, Check Point, Nortel, Cisco, Lucent, Nokia,... Easiest to use for Internet-scale solutions –automated registration & management, roaming,... Lowest operating costs & highest scalability –single infrastructure across all applications

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