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PKE PP Mike Henry Jean Petty Entrust CygnaCom Santosh Chokhani.

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1 PKE PP Mike Henry Jean Petty Entrust CygnaCom Santosh Chokhani

2 Briefing Contents Common Criteria Background Goals of PKE PP
Assumptions Approach in Constructing the PP Summary of Packages Planned Enhancements

3 Common Criteria: Sponsors
Common to Various Nations: Only charter members shown

4 Common Criteria: Key Concepts
Protection Profile (PP) Specification of Security Requirements at what level Implementation and product neutral Security Target (ST) Specification of Security Features at what and how level Implementation and product specific Target of Evaluation (TOE) Products Evaluated against ST

5 Common Criteria Standard: Specification
Part 1 Introduction PP and ST Contents and Formats Part 2: Security Functional Requirements Select from these for PP and/or ST Can extend the requirements Part 3: Security Assurance Requirements Select from these for PP and/or ST Can extend the requirements

6 Common Criteria Standards: Other Documents
Common Evaluation Methodology (CEM) PP Evaluation Standard ST Evaluation Standard TOE Evaluation Standard Guide to Writing PP and ST

7 Common Criteria: Part 2 & Part 3 Hierarchy
Part 2 or 3 …… …. Class …….... Family Component …….... …….... Element

8 Common Criteria: Part 2 (functional) Classes
Audit Crypto User Data Protection TSF Protection I&A Security Management Privacy TOE Access Trusted Path Resource Utilization

9 Common Criteria: Part 3 (assurance) Classes
Delivery & Operation Configuration Management Development Guidance Documents Vulnerability Assessments Life-Cycle Support Tests Note: CC also packages assurance requirements in 7 hierarchical packages called Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL)

10 Common Criteria: PP Contents
Introduction TOE Description Assumptions Threats Organizational Security Policies Security Environment drives Security objectives for TOE Security objectives for environment Security Objectives drives Functional Assurance Security Requirements Rationale

11 Common Criteria: Functional Package Contents
Security objectives drives Functional Security Requirements Rationale

12 Common Criteria: Evaluation Model
PP Evaluation (Internal) ST Evaluation (Internal; Against PP Optional) TOE Evaluation (against ST)

13 Project Goals Develop a tool for security evaluation of broad range (all possible!!!) PKE applications in Marine Corps PKI based cryptographic services vary from application to application PKE toolkits have varying degree of functionality for certification path validation logic Accommodate a variety of algorithms DoD Class 3 Fortezza Class 4 KMI Future enhancements

14 Assumptions Need to accommodate COTS products with varying degree of path validation capability PKI based security mechanisms will vary from application to application Provide ability to evaluate OCSP and CRL Extend the CC for certification path validation and other items Access control components are not appropriate for certification path validation Existing CC components not appropriate for CRL and OCSP response processing

15 Challenge: Balancing Act
Product Realities Current Implementations Variety of Solutions Planned Enhancements Security Optional Features

16 Challenge: Requirements and Capability
Increasing Security, Functionality, etc. Examples: No trust anchor processing……………………….Full trust anchor processing No policy processing……………………………….Full policy processing

17 Solutions Use functional packages as needed
Example: Policy processing Use “assignment” operation for SFR to provide additional granularity (Example: trust anchor processing)

18 Approach Use functional packages to permit ST author to select appropriate: PKI based cryptographic mechanisms Certification path validation capability Revocation checking Certification path validation rules Non-procedural Attempt to preserve X.509 input, processing, output Policy calculation all in “output”

19 Approach: Environmental Assumptions
Secure Computing and OS Protects keys and data Provides audit capability Protects audit logs Optional Cryptographic Module Protects private keys May protect trust anchors Performs cryptography

20 Approach Use mandatory functional package for PKI Credentials
Required to accommodate cases where cryptographic module does not manage trust anchors Can be met by application, or environment OS, or Cryptographic module

21 PKI Cryptographic Functional Packages
Approach Public Key Based Cryptographic Services Encryption Authentication Integrity Association Path Validation Engine Need for PKI Cryptographic Functional Packages

22 Approach: Handling Lack of Current Revocation Information
Ability to specify acceptance of certification path in case of no revocation information or old revocation information Past experience shows that flexibility may be needed to provide: Configurability User interaction

23 Functional Packages: Certificate and CRL
Full Full Policy Basic Policy CRL Processing Basic OCSP Response Processing Path Validation Select one from four hierarchical Selection based on product capability

24 Functional Packages: Cryptography Related
PKI Credential Management Key Transfer Encryption Key Agreement Encryption Key Transfer Decryption Sign Key Agreement Decryption PKI Based Entity Authentication Verify

25 Enhancements (made or being made)
PKI Based Entity Authentication Functional Package Clean up some language and CC dependencies Add trust anchor processing as optional Neither X.509 nor PKIX require it Match issuer and subject DN Verify signature using subject public key and parameters (if applicable) Verify validity period EKU application note may go away when MS makes changes

26 Enhancements (made or being made)
Optional audit functional package Optional because many applications may not support auditing, e.g., client Will cover only PKE specific event Will also cover audit review and protection Some or all of the requirements may be satisfied by the environment

27 Enhancements (future)
Delta CRL Partitioned CRL (??) Support for SCVP and/or OCSP v2 (??)

28 Questions

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