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Combating Globalization One Penny at a Time. Allows students of all cultures to help others just like themselves.

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1 Combating Globalization One Penny at a Time

2 Allows students of all cultures to help others just like themselves.

3 “Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community.” This allows for the passing on of education, higher health standards, and generally better life habits. Prevents extremist education.

4 s/LTM4OTk2MzU3OA s/LTM4OTk2MzU3OA Visual and auditory learning

5 50% Literacy rate, males and females combined. 63% Males are literate 36% Females are literate 99% Literacy rate, males and females combined. 99% Males are literate 99% Females are literate

6 Article Twenty-Six, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory.”

7 “I don’t want to teach Pakistan’s children to think like Americans…I just want them to have a balanced, non-extremist education.”

8 Instructs participants as well as raising money for the organization. Includes tailored curriculum suitable to each grade level. Readily available online at


10 1 penny: 1 pencil 2 pennies: 1 eraser 15 pennies: 1 notebook 50,000 dollars: 1 school and support for 5 years.

11 1) Compassion: The children learn that there are children from other parts of the world who have no school, no classroom, and no paper and pencils. 2) Gratitude: The children learn that their own schools, classrooms, teachers, paper and pencils cannot be taken for granted. 3) Hunger for Education: The children learn that where there is no education, there is a hole in life and that by providing schooling for children around the world, they can promote peace through understanding and a better life through knowledge.

12 4) Philanthropy: The children learn that through their gift of pennies, they can help children on the other side of the world, and that when enough pennies are contributed, they can build those children a school. 5) Tolerance: The children learn that though others may speak different languages and wear different clothes, we are all the same inside. 6) Determination: The children learn from Mr. Mortenson’s example that one person can make a difference and that initial failure can make your goals clearer.

13 7) Peace: The children learn what peace feels like and thought about what it might be like to live in a world where there is no peace. 8) Pride: The children learn to be proud of the compassionate hearts within themselves, their schools and their communities. They take ownership of their abilities. 9) Knowledge: The children learn about children just like themselves in other parts of the world. 10) Collaboration: The children learned that by working together they can accomplish amazing things.

14 CAI created what is known as the “Pennies for Peace Toolkit,” which is an online site where the curriculum is available, as well as a Getting Started guide, maps, videos, pictures, templates, and other educational materials.

15 2 weeks to 2 months Technology aids visibility Blog (http://penniesforpeacejour Facebook Group Event Glogster (http://wrenbird4.glogster.c om/pennies-for-peace/)http://wrenbird4.glogster.c om/pennies-for-peace/ Animoto Phone Poll

16 Go to the following link: (polleverywhere) Once here, click the green icon that reads, “Create Your First Poll.” After this first poll, you will have to create an account. Choose your format out of the choices given and follow the easy directions. It is a great way for students to interact with you through a medium they understand and can easily connect with. pass4teacher

17 These formats follow Bloom’s Taxonomy, most often reaching into the top three levels; Creation, Evaluation, and Analysis.

18 Younger kids might enjoy: Photos Videos (YouTube) Skype (Universal)

19 Thank you for hearing about Pennies for Peace. We hope you will consider it for your own schools back home!

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