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Sidnummer Open Access in a national context – the Swedish experience Tartu 28 oct 2011 Jan Hagerlid, coordinator of the

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1 Sidnummer Open Access in a national context – the Swedish experience Tartu 28 oct 2011 Jan Hagerlid, coordinator of the programme, National Library of Sweden

2 Sidnummer 2 Some themes Building a platform for national cooperation concerning Open Access What is the role of different stakeholders? A national library as a catalyst for an Open Access agenda

3 Sidnummer 3 National Library of Sweden National Library of Sweden, also KB, short for Kungliga Biblioteket 1661-, legal deposit of print material 2009-, Swedish recorded sound and moving images 1990-, coordinating research libraries 2011-, also public libraries Maintains nationwide search service LIBRIS Organizes national consortium for licenses for e-resources

4 Sidnummer 10-10-06

5 Sidnummer 5 Support for OA and e-publishing - first steps KB runs SVEP project coordinating e-publishing within higher education, 2003 - 2005 Open Access policy discussion in Sweden started around 2000. Lund univ. library introduced global OA discussion, started ScieCom and DOAJ, with support from KB Major players signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access The Swedish Association for Higher Education, 2004 Swedish Research Council, 2005 KB, 2006 The Royal Academy of Sciences, 2009 and others…..

6 Sidnummer 6 Start of the programme in 2006 Integrate development of repositories and awareness raising on Open Access A platform for practical cooperation between research libraries and the main academic stakeholders

7 Sidnummer 7 Steering committe  The National Library of Sweden (KB)  The Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF)  University libraries  The Swedish Research Council (SRC)  The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences  The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (2008-)  Chairman a former university rector

8 Sidnummer 8 A development programme 30 new projects started with a total funding of ca 1,4 million Euro, mainly from KB, additional funding from the SRC and the Knowledge foundation Mostly run by consortia of HE libraries

9 Sidnummer 9 SwePub Unified access to and reporting of Swedish scientific publications (SwePub) Created the SwePub search service, where LIBRIS Harvests the publication databases of universities for metadata and openly available electronic fulltext To improve visibility and give a basis for evaluation More than 400 000 records See

10 Sidnummer Core projects Parallell Publishing of Scientific Articles Trials and interviews with researchers Creating OA Information for Researchers Website for instructional material about OA Seminars targeted to researchers within universities Open Access to Nobel Prize awarded works – a pilot Workflow and tools

11 Sidnummer 11 Core projects Open Educational Resources in open digital archives Aiding scientific journals towards Open Access publishing Best practices guide to Open Access publishing

12 Sidnummer 12 Stakeholder involvement Not a lobby organization but a gradually growing consensus on OA policy issues SUHF support for SwePub Swedish Research Council – co-funding of projects - Open Access mandate in 2009 The Knowledge Foundation – co-funding The Royal Academy of the Sciences - Involved in setting up programme - Opened the way for Nobel Prize project

13 Sidnummer 10-10-06 Stakeholder relations – some remarks Have patience! Open Access is not the only issue on the agenda of research councils and rectors associations Build relations and create confidence! Libraries are the prime candidates for providing infrastructure. You have to prove a decent maturity of infrastructure before you ask for OA mandates. Clear decisions from the rectors association and the major research council makes a huge difference. Libraries need a good cooperation between themselves to partner with others.

14 Sidnummer 14 Status today - Higher Education institutions Open Access repositories at all universities and major university colleges, ca 35 Three HEIs have OA mandates, Chalmers, Blekinge and Malmö OA recommendations (12) Mandates for full-text publishing of theses (12) Changing role for the library – new researcher service develops, including bibliometric support

15 Sidnummer 15 Research funders – OA mandates The Swedish Research Council, 2009 Formas (sustainable development), 2009 Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Social Science and Humanities), 2010 Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation (research, research networks and equipment in the technical, natural sciences and biomedical fields), 2010 The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies, connected to Södertörn University, 2011 FAS, Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, 2011

16 Sidnummer 16 Swedish Open Access content Content growing quickly, larger share of scientific articles Some data: Total OA availability 22,6 (sample study, Hedlund) Growing number of Swedish Open Access journals, now 48

17 Sidnummer 17 International evaluation An evaluation by Leo Waaijers, the Netherlands, and Hanne Marie Kvaerndrup, Denmark, in 2009, concluded The OA programme has been a catalyst for co-operation, networking and activities on a national scale. … recommendations for a future OA programme based on a strategic framework with clearer goals, bigger projects and broader commitment… The KB should take the role as coordinator

18 Sidnummer 18 New phase – three areas of activity Information to researchers Coordination of policy Infrastructure and user services

19 Sidnummer 19 New steering organization and strategy High-level steering committee Same stakeholders + a new funder (RJ) and an OA publisher A new, more detailed strategy for the programme, see Two working groups mostly populated by repository managers For information and counselling For infrastructure and user services

20 Sidnummer 20 Information and counseling Refocus official website –Target researchers and the general public –An assciated blog-based site for the Swedish OA community, open for participation Strengthening the dialogue between research funders and HEI repository managers concerning OA mandates Calling for coordinated national initiatives concerning OA monographs

21 Sidnummer 21 Infrastructure and user services Priorities for the working group Developing the SwePub database, metadata quality, base for new services Support for parallell publishing (self-archiving) Coordinate data on usage of repositories Identifiers for researchers Linking to data

22 Sidnummer 22 National Open Access policy? The Ministry of Education in 2009 declared it would formulate a national Open Access policy The steering committe of the in Oct 2011 formal adress about a national policy for open access Pointing to EU council decison of 2007 and ”Recommendations for Implementation of Open Access in Denmark" ---a national policy would increase the coordination, strength and pace of the process”

23 Sidnummer 10-10-06 Statement on Elsevier policy "We strongly object to Elsevier’s new policy, which requires separate agreements for author’s rights, and we urge Elsevier to withdraw the new clause. We recommend that Swedish universities with open access mandates refrain from concluding separate agreements with Elsevier. Instead, this issue should be managed along with negotiations over national license agreements with Elsevier." new-policy-concerning-authors-rights-to-self-archive-articles/

24 Sidnummer 24 Open Access policy for a national library? The National Library of Sweden adopted an Open Access policy in June 2010

25 Sidnummer 25 Starting points Reference to public funding and other duties of the library Signature of Berlin Declatation - obligation to promote Open Access to scientific knowledge as well as cultural heritage. Open Access principles concern several aspects of the operations of the national library Promote the National library's internal coordination and communicate a clear common position.

26 Sidnummer 26 Policy areas The National Library of Sweden supports the development of Open Access publishing within higher education, in the form of institutional Open Access repositories as well as Swedish Open Access journals. The National Library of Sweden acts as the coordinating agency for the Swedish e-licensing consortium. In this role it actively promotes a development where licensing deals support Open Access publishing of Swedish researchers.

27 Sidnummer 10-10-06 Open access and licenses for e-resources Author rights clauses in licensing deals Exploring hybrid models National deals with Open Access publishers Support for community- based OA services (like DOAJ, ArXiv etc)

28 Sidnummer 28 Policy areas The non copyright protected material that the library digitizes from its collection shall be made openly accessible on the Internet, in exceptional cases with a certain delay..

29 Sidnummer 10-10-06 Policy areas The staff of the library are required to ask for the right to make their articles available in Open Access mode The publications from the library shall, as a rule, be made openly available on the Internet without delay. The National Library of Sweden will use Creative Commons licenses, The Metadata created or aggregated by the library are freely available to use and reuse without restriction for any third party. See whole policy: for-the-National-Library-of-Sweden /

30 Sidnummer 30 Open Access and national libraries Open Access in the broad sense of the Berlin Declaration essentially concerns all national libraries We want to give the widest possible access to cultural heritage, research publications and the metadata describing them We also want to guarantee long-term access to digital documents The specific about the National Library of Sweden is only that we also have in our remit to coordinate research libraries

31 Sidnummer 31 The role of the national library in coordinating Open Access development Placed directly under government Unbiased, offers an arena for fruitful cooperation Advance development projects into sustainable services Need to create an organization for real stakeholder influence

32 Sidnummer 32 Thank you for listening! Questions? Contact: Take a look at!

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