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Writing Checks.

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1 Writing Checks

2 When writing a Check: Take money out of the bank to pay for something.
Be careful when writing checks to avoid mistakes. Make sure you fill in all the spaces to prevent theft.

3 Tips for writing a check:
Always use black ink. Date the check the day it is written, even if it’s Sunday or a holiday. Must write today’s date, a check with a later date will not be accepted by most businesses.

4 Who is the check for? In the blank after the words “Pay to the order of” write the name of the payee. Spell it correctly, and do not use any abbreviations that may cause confusion. Click on picture to see it!

5 How much is the check for?
Write number amount next to $ symbol. Never leave a space for additional numbers. Click on picture to see it!

6 Write amount in words… On the next line, write out the amount of dollars in words. Then write the word “and,” followed by the number of cents written as a fraction of 100. Start with writing at the extreme left of the blank. Fill in any leftover space with a line. Click on picture to see it!

7 Write yourself a note… Most checks have the word “for” or “memo” and a blank in the lower left-hand corner. You do not need to fill in this blank, but doing so will help you keep clearer records. When you write a check for a purchase, make a note of what you have bought. Click on picture to see it!

8 Sign It! Finally, there is a blank for your signature.
Always use the same signature you filed with your financial institution. Be sure you have written the name of the payee and the amount to be paid before you sign the check. Click on picture to see it!

9 Don’t forget… Immediately after writing a check, make a note of it in your check stub or in your register. Write the check number, the date, the payee, and the amount in your register. This is necessary for complete and accurate records.

10 Make a mistake? Click on picture to see it!
Oh no! I made a mistake. Can you figure out what’s wrong? You are right! The check needs to be signed Amy Nelson not Andrew Small! Do not change or cross out any part of a check. If you make a mistake, write the word “VOID” across the check and tear it up. Then start again with another check. Be sure to make note of the void check on the check stub or in your check register. Click on picture to see it!

11 Here is what the check should look like…

12 References Ryder, V., Harter, M. Contemporary Living, Illinois: The Goodheart-Wilcox, Company Inc. (1990)

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