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Primary and Secondary School Transition Monday 9 th December.

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1 Primary and Secondary School Transition Monday 9 th December

2  To discuss way in which we can strategically strengthen and organise the transition between primary and secondary school’s in the collaborative Aims

3 Complete the transition audit to be handed in to Unity.  Who are your primary/secondary partners  What sort of relationship do you currently have and what collaborative work do you currently do Be prepared to feedback in 5 minutes to your partner then in pairs to the group in 10 minutes Where are you now?

4  Secondary school head of maths  Started to build a relationship with primary partners  Put together a proposal to head for whole school transition work  Developed a strong relationship between all schools and formed our own ‘collaborative’ My History

5  Observations  Maths Days in year 6 at my secondary school  Secondary school teacher going to teach during spring and summer term  Project work with year 6 of all primary partners  Junior Maths Challenge  Lead Transition person named in each school  Whole school approach introduced – ICT/English and Maths  Twilight Sessions for leads  Primary Liaison lesson involving Maths, English and ICT  Summer School for last 2 weeks of school term and during holidays for vulnerable school students  Transition booklet for all year 6 students entering NOA My timeline/Process

6  Consistency of routes through calculation in Maths  Appropriate texts chosen in English  Consistency of AFL used  Consistency of behaviour expectations and students being introduced to behaviour policy in year 6  Consistency of presentation in books (there was a huge decline in presentation standards from primary to secondary)  Smoother transition of students, less of a dip in results  Increased confidence in students entering the school and clearer understanding of what to expect  Up-skilling of teachers  Sharing good practise  Students experiencing curriculum continuity Outcomes

7  Have a LEAD of transition for the collaborative project?  Develop lead transition partners in each of the collaborative schools?  Create network sessions and twilight sessions for key members of staff? Weekly? Monthly? Termly?  Different focus each meeting?  Summer Holiday work/booklets  One off lessons?  G & T primary workshops? Ideas

8  Bridging Materials  Holding Assemblies  Year 6 teachers supported by secondary school teachers to promote more independent learning  Ensuring all information received from year 6 teachers is passed on  Summer term enrichment programmes Ideas

9 Your proposals for the collaborative In pairs of three discuss how you think we could take this forward? What should our next steps be as a collaborative? Brainstorm on post it notes and feedback in 15 minutes

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