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Spirituality comes from Spiritual Conversations Fort Bragg, April 13, 2013.

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1 Spirituality comes from Spiritual Conversations Fort Bragg, April 13, 2013

2 Mt. Gerizim was 2,850 ft. elevation Israel as a nation evolved over time: Call of Abraham 21 st century BC Egyptian sojourn 430 yrs. (Ex. 12:40) Exodus 1445 BC Re-enter Canaan 1405 BC Period of the Judges 1350-1050 BC Period of the Monarcy 1050-931 BC Divided Monarchy Northern 10 tribes 931-722 BC Southern 2 tribes 931-609 BC In 722 BC Assyria captured Samaria and subjugated it. Deporting practically the whole population (2 Kings 17:6) They never returned, becoming the 10 lost tribes of Israel. Assyria repopulated Samaria with people from Babylon, Cuthah, Ava, Hamath, Sepharvaim (2 Ki. 17:24) Resulting in inter-marriage, an unforgivable crime to racial purity.

3 Judean Israel saw Samaritan Israel as sinful, divinely punished for its idolatry and iniquity. Both Jewish and Samaritan religious leaders taught it was wrong to have any contact with the opposite group, and neither was to enter each other's territories or speak to one another. Josephus reports numerous violent confrontations between Jews and Samaritans throughout the first half of the first century. Samaritans on Mt. Gerizim Samaritans ( שומרונים) believe their religion was the true religion of their common ancient Fathers, free from the Babylonian errors that compromised Judean religion. They derive their name from Shamerin שַמֶרִים “keepers of the law.”

4 By tampering with both their religious text and history the Samaritans believed Mt. Gerizim was where: Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac Melchizedek met with Abraham Moses first sacrificed to God after the Jews entered the promised land Mt. Gerizim was the most sacred site in the world – it’s actually their 10 th commandment

5 destroyed by John Hyrcanus in about 128 BCE, having existed about 200 years.John Hyrcanus Only a few stone remnants of it exist today. A million Samaritans populated this area in Jesus' day. Through bloody suppression and mass conversions to Islam, today only some 300 remain in Samaria, with an additional 300-400 more else- where in the Holy Land.

6 “for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.” John 4:9 The Jews and the Samaritans: avoided all dealings with each other trade with the Samaritans in case of necessity was counted lawful by the rabbis but all social intercourse was condemned a Jew would not borrow from a Samaritan, nor receive a kindness, not even a morsel of bread or a cup of water To ask a favor of the Samaritans, or in any way seek to benefit them, did not enter into the thought of even Christ's disciples (Desire of Ages, p. 183) Edersheim quotes a Jewish saying: “May I never set eyes on a Samaritan” (1947, 401). The Jews accused Jesus of being a Samaritan – John 8:48

7 Passing through Samaria was usually avoided, Judean Jews frequently would travel north and south on the eastern side of the Jordan river (see Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews 20.6.1) Jesus didn’t avoid it: While travelling south to Jerusalem through Samaria he was rebuffed (because he was going to Jerusalem) so in retaliation his disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven to destroy them (Luke 9:51-56). Healing of the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19) Visit with the woman at the Well (John 4:1ff)

8 The exemplary Good Samaritan - Jesus’ real life story - Luke 10:30-37 The single leper from the 10 Jesus healed was a Samaritan – Luke 17:11-19 Through one Samaritan woman a whole village became Christian – John 4 Jesus instructs his disciples that after receiving the Holy Spirit they would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and the world. After Philip preaches in Samaria, Peter and John are sent to lay hands on them, baptize them, and they receive the Holy Spirit – John 8

9 Deep Well: 250 ft. in AD 670 67 ft. in AD 1881 125 ft. nowadays

10 “Give me to drink” John 4:7

11 Jesus challenges people to see themselves differently… After studying them He says something unexpected that catches them unprepared Often they take what he says wrongly Staying with his statement, he makes his offer clearer and more vivid Still they misunderstand Having their attention He then offers to fulfill the deepest longing of their heart Then he has them, he is Lord!

12 He initiates a connection:“Give me Drink” He initiates a connection: “Give me Drink” Total strangers. One seeking connection, asks for a favor, the other wary of connection is understandably cautious. She misunderstands: “Why are you talking to me?” Her distance and defenses are still up. The woman had not comprehended the words of Christ, but she felt their solemn import. Her light, bantering manner began to change…She was looking backward to the fathers, forward to the Messiah's coming. The Hope of the fathers, the Messiah Himself, was beside her, and she knew it not. He improves his offer: “Living Water” Knowing that everywhere men are unsatisfied and long for something to supply the needs of the soul he moves directly towards the spiritual. She again misunderstands: “Who are you?” She looks upon Him with wondering attention. Her interest is aroused and awakened for the gift He offers. Finally clarifying his offer is exactly what she wants: Everlasting Life She melts, eagerly confessing her need and acceptance

13 Candace Pert: 1974 Ph.D. in pharmacology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Former Chief of the section on Brain BioChemistry, Clinical Neuroscience Branch of the NIH, specializing in peptides, their receptors, and the immune system. Author of Molecules of Emotion and over 250 scientific articles, she holds patents for modified peptides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke and head trauma. She appeared as one of the experts in Bill Moyers 1993 PBS video production, "Healing and the Mind“ She now runs her own research lab

14 The whole body works together in processing information. Images of disability and despair fed to the brain reconfigures it to adapt in kind. The power of remembered wellness… Every cell and peptide vibrates, communicating with cells all thru-out the body, telling it things about what to do, where the body should put its attention – what is important. Listening, hearing remakes us (Rom. 10:17)

15 Only after trust is established does Jesus gently touch a sensitive vulnerability “Go call thy husband” She responds guardedly Jesus frees her from her shame by disclosing it She accepts him as a prophet and is now willing to learn Now he begins teaching her “New Startling Truths”… She is ready to believe To accept him as her Savior To make it public And become his disciple

16 4:28-30 “In her confusion she left her water pot. Back in the village she told the people, ‘Come see a man who knew all about the things I did, who knows me inside and out. Do you think this could be the Messiah?’ And they went out to see for themselves.” 4:39-42 “Many of the Samaritans from that village committed themselves to him because of the woman’s witness: ‘He knew all about the things I did. He knows me inside and out!’ They asked him to stay on, so Jesus stayed two days. A lot more people entrusted their lives to him when they heard what he had to say. They said to the woman, ‘We’re no longer taking this on your say- so. We’ve heard it for ourselves and know it for sure. He’s the Savior of the world!’”


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