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Further Oral Assessment by Grace Masters. Neti Pot by Advaita ijWCAeo ijWCAeo.

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1 Further Oral Assessment by Grace Masters

2 Neti Pot by Advaita ijWCAeo ijWCAeo

3 Pathos - Appealing to those with “respiratory sicknesses or allergies”, which is addressing a broad amount of people as it is very common. - “The solution should remind you of the taste of tears”  alliteration - Evokes empathy  viewers wish to feel what the woman is feeling. Logos - “It is a procedure that cleans out the sinuses…” - It’s logical to use Advaita Neti Wash… Ethos - An ancient procedure, people have been carrying out this procedure for a long time as it is so effective, called “ Jala Neti ” (Neti Cleaning). - “According to yoga science balancing nasal breathing, offers better balance of our autonomic nervous system.”  Appealing to its audience despite the fact that it’s kind of a vague/general statement. ( Also a type of Testimonial.) Repetition - slogan( 0:02 and 3:15), image of product spinning image (0:03, 1:00 and 3:12), the woman with a flower (0:16 and 0:44) Techniques (Rhetorical)

4 Problem and benefit: Problems - if you have an illness or allergies than use the Advaita Neti Pot… Benefits (No explicit claims…i.e. it works in like 5 minutes) cleans the nostrils and sinuses prevention of illnesses and allergies improves breathing and energy flow more balance…”balances the nervous system” “it cools the brain and encourages clearer vision” Motivate the viewer  Listing benefits are also used to motivate the viewer, just by piling on all the great benefits of what you are offering or what they will get when they do what you are asking.  Example, clean sinuses  Get them involved… “Breathe in, breath out”… Techniques

5 Warm & fuzzy -Soothing music -Pleasant voice -Magical background (bright white) Glittering generalities -Health  mentioning this in the advertisement, the viewers will immediately approve and accept the advertisements statements without examining the evidence. Everyone wants to be healthy. Simple Solution - Use the Advaita Neti Pot and your illness or allergies will be bearable! Techniques

6 Product Comparison - “Try this NEW, BEAUTIFUL, way of nasal cleaning.” Opposed to the ancient Neti Pot and other competitor Neti Pot companies Loaded Language  words appeal to consumers’ emotions, rather than their reason. -“ inspired by natural ”, “convenient,” “benefits,” People in the ad - A beautiful, yoga woman Techniques

7 Themes - Appearance vs. Reality  Throughout the whole process - Spiritual (yoga)  White/shining background, the sparkling/magical water, the speaker’s soothing/yoga voice, and the peaceful atmosphere that is created by the slow motion of the advertisement Card-stacking  Only positive remarks about the Advaita Neti Pot are made Catchy slogan (shown at the beginning and end of the advertisement)  “It’s a Petal It’s a new scent It’s a Neti Pot by Advaita”  The best slogans are memorable and create an “image ” of the product. Slogans are less about the actual product and more about the audience recalling a catchy phrase and associating it with the product

8 Techniques Create a need -Don’t actually need the Neti Pot by Advaita Aesthetics  very appealing… “inspired by nature and designed in the shape of a lotus petal”… the neti pot is presented spinning in a attractive way… focused upon at many complimenting angles.  the pot is made of porcelain “to give you an ULTIMATE experience (ETHOS) …We want to have that experience. Headings

9 Other Observations The advertisement is structured to address the viewer’s short-attention span… keeps them interested. Advertisement very effective considering that it took something pretty gross and turned it into something beautiful.

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