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Accountability in Colorado Accountability Advisory Committees September 21, 2010.

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1 Accountability in Colorado Accountability Advisory Committees September 21, 2010

2 What is Accountability? Holding ourselves (students, parents, educators, and community members) responsible for meeting identified student achievement goals and targets through a continuous cycle of planning, evaluation, and reporting.

3 Roles & Responsibilities Available on our District website on the left sidebar called “ Accountability Advisory Committee”

4 Legal Context for Accountability Federal Level – NCLB (AYP and School Improvement) State Level – Education Accountability Act (SB 09-163)

5 The Act Builds Upon... HB-07-1048, establishing student academic growth as the cornerstone of Colorado’s accountability system SB-08-212, establishing readiness for Postsecondary and Workforce success as Colorado’s overarching goal for all students SB-00-186, updating its core concepts in recognition of lessons learned and new technology, while retaining its high expectations and accountability for student results Revised district accreditation process established by CDE in 2008 in cooperation with school districts throughout the state

6 Major Purposes of the Act Aligning conflicting accountability systems into a single system that passes federal muster Modernizing and aligning reporting of state, district and school performance information Holds the state, districts, and schools accountable for performance on the same set of indicators Enhancing state, district and school oversight of improvement efforts Creating a fairer, clearer and more effective cycle of support and intervention

7 Major Components 1.District and School Performance Framework Reports 2.District and School Improvement Plans Performance Plan Improvement Plan Priority Improvement Plan Turnaround Plan 3.Reporting Electronically (SchoolView) 4.State Support and Technical Assistance

8 1. Performance Frameworks Purpose – Establish a common framework for holding districts and schools accountable for academic performance – Provide a body of evidence related to state- identified performance indicators to support district and school performance management

9 1. Performance Frameworks (Cont’d) Four Key Performance Indicators – Academic Achievement on CSAP – Academic Growth on CSAP – Academic Growth Gaps on CSAP – Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (ACT, Graduation & Drop Out Rate)

10 Key Performance Indicators are Weighted (Cont’d) Performance Indicators Total AchievementGrowthGrowth GapsPWR Districts and High Schools 15 Points35 Points15 Points35 Points100 Points Middle and Elementary Schools 25 Points50 Points25 Points0 Points100 Points

11 District Performance Framework, Page 1 Five possible Accreditation Categories Plan Type Assignment & Accreditation Category Indicator Ratings No Points for Finance & Safety

12 Performance Indicator Summary, Page 1

13 2. Colorado Unified School Improvement Plan One Plan, Many Purposes Formal Template Prescriptive Public Document Action Planning (Goals and Actions)

14 2. Colorado Unified School Improvement Plan Template Section I: Summary Information about the School – Student Performance Measures for State and ESEA Accountability (Status, Growth, Gaps, PWR) – Accountability Status and Requirements for Improvement Plan (CDE Plan Designation) – ESEA Accountability (Title I) Section II: Improvement Plan Information – Comprehensive Review and Selected Grant History – School Contact Information Section III: Narrative on Data Analysis & Root Cause Identification – Gather and Organize Relevant Data – Analyze Trends in the Data and Identify Priority Needs – Root Cause Analysis – Create the Data Narrative

15 Colorado Unified School Improvement Plan Template Section IV: Action Plan(s) – School Goals Worksheet AYP, Status, Growth, Gaps, PWR CELA, Scantron, DIBELS, other – Action Planning Worksheet (Major Improvement Strategies) – School-based planning and monitoring tools Formal Process Three Week Data Cycle Flexible Formative Description of Action Steps to Implement the Major Improvement Strategy Timeline Key Personnel* Resources (Amount and Source: federal, state, and/or local) Implementation Benchmarks

16 Improvement Plans There are four plan types that use the same template Performance Plan Improvement Plan Priority Improvement Plan Turnaround Plan

17 Location Accreditation Plan Designation (Official CDE Outcome) District: DistrictTurnaround High Schools: Hidden Lake HSTurnaround Westminster HSPriority Improvement Middle Schools: Crown PointePerformance Clear Lake MSPriority Improvement Scott Carpenter MSTurnaround Shaw Heights MSPriority Improvement Elementary Schools: Crown Point ESPerformance Fairview ESTurnaround FM Day ESTurnaround Flynn ESImprovement Harris Park ESPriority Improvement Hodgkins ESTurnaround Mesa ESTurnaround Metz ESImprovement Sherrelwood ESTurnaround Skyline Vista ESPriority Improvement Sunset Ridge ESPerformance Tennyson Knolls ESImprovement Westminster ESPriority Improvement

18 Accreditation Improvement Plan TypesAccreditation Categories Performance Plan Accreditated with Distinction Accredited Improvement PlanAccreditated with Improvement Priority Improvement Plan Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan Turnaround PlanAccredited with Turnaround Plan

19 Colorado Unified School Improvement Plan Timeline Aug. 15, 2010 - Performance Frameworks received from CDE Oct. 15, 2010 - Districts submit school accreditation categories to CDE Nov. 15, 2010 - CDE confirms final recommendation for school improvement plan designation and accreditation category which will be will be published on SchoolView Jan. 15, 2011 - Priority Improvement & Turnaround Plans are submitted to CDE Apr. 15, 2011 - All “other” plans are submitted to CDE for publication on SchoolView NOTE: Our deadline for submitting Improvement Plan’s is October 19 th

20 October 19 th Presentation to BOE & DAAC Where: Westminster HS (Cafeteria) Who: Principal, lead teachers, BAAC members What: Achievement Results (CSAP, CELA, Scantron PS, PWR, Levels Movement) School Improvement Plan How: Format: “Science Fair” Data Walls (Problem, Intervention, Effect, Conclusion) School Improvement Plan and Process

21 Next Steps… Quality Criteria for Reviewing Plans – Become familiar with review tool Sample Unified School Improvement Plan – As a school team read and discuss – Review while using the Quality Criteria – Index Cards

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