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Randy Borst David Dodge Alec Frazier Susan Mann Dolce.

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1 Randy Borst David Dodge Alec Frazier Susan Mann Dolce

2 Presentation Outline Introductions (10 minutes) David Dodge: Planning and Programming (15 minutes) Alec Frazier: Marketing and Tabling (15 minutes) Susan Mann Dolce: Role of Accessibility Resources & Outcomes (10 minutes) David and Alec: Lessons Learned (15 minutes) Video (15 Minutes) Questions, Comments and Discussion (30 minutes)

3 Planning Form a committee to plan, market and implement the symposium Our committee members had the following titles, however we worked as a team often doing work outside our designated roles: Chairperson– person familiar with fundraising and connecting offices and organizations at the college with each other Logistics – person(s) in charge of planning the operations and aesthetics for the day of the symposium including finalizing location details Resources – person(s) responsible for the tabling at he symposium as well as information provided to guests upon registration Outreach - person talking with classes, clubs and organizations

4 Decide on a Timeframe 9am-4pm on a Saturday with registration beginning at 8:30am 15 minute introduction 45 minute keynote speak (Tammy Milillo, UB Research Chemist) 30 minute break 45 minute speaker 1 (Ari Ne’eman, Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) Hour lunch (free buffet provided) 45 minute speaker 2 (Stacey Milburn, National Youth Leadership Network) 45 minute student and speaker panel

5 Choosing Speakers Process of deciding who could best speak to the objectives of the symposium. Issues regarding securing speakers Being flexible when things don’t work out and going to Plan B (or C) Issues related to having Panel Discussion

6 Local Community Partners Consider who you might partner with in your community. People Inc. was a significant community partner for DDS. People Inc. created the Museum of disABILITY History which donated 4 traveling exhibits for the DDS. Museum of disABILITY resource table provided information. Computer issues limited ability to provide “virtual tours”.

7 Expenditures and Donations Speakers Airfare Hotel Transportation Location for the event and catering Audio/videography Video Production Supplies Pre-symposium dinner

8 Sources of Funding Started out with zero funds. Identified offices on campus to help us by providing funding. Many offices, such as the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Gender Institute shared some of our diversity-related goals. Materials such as pens and folders donated by various offices such as Accessibility Resources and the Intercultural Diversity Center. Acknowledged all sources of funding in marketing and informational materials.

9 Registration Website Site was set up by the UB Office of Special Events. Format of the site was standard to all Special Events webpages. Included: o Names and titles of the speakers; o List of disability links; o List of sponsors; o Link to the Facebook Event Page. When people registered, they were asked if they needed specific accommodations or had special meal preferences.

10 Resource Tables Contacted school offices, local agencies, businesses that could benefit from presence at the symposium. Some people contacted us. Dr. Mann Dolce’s Universal Design students helped staff some of the tables. While not all tables were staffed, there were enough to fill the space to capacity. Symposium day, layout was a little different from what is shown on the slide below.


12 UB Diversity in Disability Symposia Facebook Group Page URL: Email: sunyubdds@groups.facebook.com The Facebook group page enables us to compile a list of potentially interested people and keep them informed of our status. The page includes a description of the Symposium’s goals, an email address for contacting all members of the page, and space for relevant photographs and documents to be attached.

13 1st Annual UB Diversity in Disability Symposium Facebook Event Page URL: The Facebook event page enabled us to invite potentially interested people and keep them informed of our event. The page includes a description of the Symposium’s features, a map with directions to the event, and a guest list.

14 The Event Poster Our poster was done by a friend named Brendan Dillon. We gave Brendan all the important information such as the event’s name, date, time, and place. We also sent him the names of the speakers and their titles. After seeing a black and white prototype of the poster, it was decided that the poster should be in grayscale instead of color. We obtained photos of all of our speakers, along with permissions to use them. We then rendered the photos in grayscale, and sent them to Brendan for placement next to the speakers’ names and titles. And of course, we made sure to name our sponsors.

15 Accessibility Resources Support Financial (speaker & personal aide airfare and hotel/breakfast) Contacts and outreach meetings/phone calls (meeting space, Special Events, EDI, CDS, MDH) Supervision and mentoring (2 – 4 hours/ 30 weeks) AHEAD presentation proposal Video script and direction Accessibility Resources Office Clerical staff Supplies/copying/keyboarding

16 Diversity in Disability Symposium Evaluation Results Best/Most Conducive Least Conducive 12345N/A Our registration website: 31122411 Parking: 4131015 Center for Tomorrow Accessibility: 3485112 Food: 26128212 Tammy Milillo’s keynote: 33121014 Ari Ne’eman’s presentation: 31134111 Stacey Milbern’s presentation: 30123405 The panel discussion: 23126119 Resource Tables: 2213 111

17 Lessons Learned: Alec It is good to have differing viewpoints presented. Real life stories, i.e. practice are appreciated versus just theory. Audience participation is a must. Networking is very important. Having an accessible location is imperative. A diverse panel is appreciated. It is a good idea to look toward the future, and ask where we go from here.

18 Lessons Learned: David Be flexible – plans, guest speakers, food arrangements, among other things are going to change and while that can be frustrating change is GOOD so embrace it and learn from it! Be accessible – from your advertisements to your mechanisms for registration, to the event itself you must make sure that everything you do is accessible for both the attendees and your speakers Be reflective – it is so important to be able to look back on the event and say “this is what we did well” and “this is how we can improve” and this is information you should get from members of the committee and event attendees A professional event with engaging speakers is what we did well Having a clearer outline of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the process is how we can improve

19 Link to the Diversity in Disability Video & Info

20 University at Buffalo Office of Student Affairs and the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts Alec Frazier’s Presence at the 2012 AHEAD Conference is Courtesy of the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation URL: Facebook:

21 Thank You!

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