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Carol Franks, KDE Literacy Consultant

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1 Carol Franks, KDE Literacy Consultant


3 Program Review A systematic method of analyzing components of an instructional program, including instructional practices, aligned and enacted curriculum, student work samples, formative and summative assessments, professional development and support services, and administrative supports and monitoring. KRS 158.6453 (1)(i) Senate Bill 1 (March 2009)

4 Program Reviews for 3 areas Arts & Humanities Writing Practical Living/Career Studies

5 Program Reviews... provide a tool for on-going discussion and reflection lead to on-going improvement in the program lead to student success in the program

6 Let’s glance through sample pages of the Writing Program Review early draft.

7 Standards Curriculum & Instruction Formative & Summative Assessments Professional Development & Support Services Administrative/Leadership Support & Monitoring

8 Arrangement Standards – 4 as defined by Senate Bill 1 Demonstrators – statements that describe what is happening in a school considered to be fully functioning Fully Functioning Characteristics – for a demonstrator, specific occurrences in a school considered to be performing at high levels Examples of Evidence – schools may use to support decisions

9 ActionTimeline Pilot Program Reviews in a small number of districts to gather evidence and further inform the design Spring 2010 All schools have access to Program Reviews in draft form Spring 2010 Revise Program Reviews based on pilot resultsSpring 2010 Program reviews finalized; Professional Development provided to schools and districts Spring/Summer 2010 All schools/districts implement Program Reviews for new state assessment system 2011-2012 School Year

10 Sample Questions for Pilot Schools Is this doable? Do PR allow for diversity between schools? Do PR encourage innovation? Are the characteristics measureable?

11 Revisions after the Pilot Process Decreased size Less repetition, redundancy Clearer characteristics More evidence listed


13 Program Review Process Compose team Using analytic method to determine Level of Implementation at the characteristic and demonstrator levels Identify evidence Determine Performance Rating at the standard and program levels

14 Program Review Process Teams use their professional judgment

15 Program Review Process Not ThisBut This



18 at CNA Program reviews Program: Writing Standard 1Standard 2Standard 3Standard 4 Demonstrator 1 Demonstrator 2 Demonstrator 3 Demonstrator 4 Demonstrator 5 Demonstrator 6

19 Purpose of the Program Review But This To inform the school’s program in order to develop a process of on-going improvement and growth Schools develop a plan for improvement and may include in School’s Comprehensive Improvement Plan

20 We asked pilot schools... Does the program review process provide valuable information about a school’s program? (needs/successes)

21 Where to Learn More Go to KDE’s website Select Instructional Resources Select Program Reviews

22 What can you do now to prepare your schools for program reviews?

23 Questions?

24 Contact Information Arts & Humanities Program Review Robert Duncan at Practical Living/Career Studies Program Review Nancy Graham at Writing Program Review Carol Franks at Program Reviews Rae McEntyre at

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