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Google’s Privacy Infringements Kurt Ladendorf. Google’s Mantra “Don’t be evil”

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1 Google’s Privacy Infringements Kurt Ladendorf

2 Google’s Mantra “Don’t be evil”

3 Buzz Social network attempt Automatic enrollment Default setting to publicize E-mail recipients Caused a class action lawsuit – Results in Google putting $8.5 million towards privacy education Federal Trade Commission involvement

4 Safari Google placed cookies on Safari browsers and presented targeted ads Google had explicitly stated they would not Federal Trade Commission fined Google $22.5 million Broke the agreement with the FTC from the Buzz incident

5 Gmail Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaign Google uses keywords from E-mail to sell ads Google does not show tailored ads “…based on race, religion, sexual orientation or health” Google allows some control over ad settings

6 Street View Google collected geographical locations of Wi-Fi routers – Used for location of devices Google collected 600gb of network traffic Google blames experimental software in 2010 Google knew about the data collection in 2007

7 Street View Google created a way to opt-out – Adding “_nomap” to router’s SSID Multistate investigation resulted in – $7 million settlement – Employee privacy education – Google must fund a public campaign for privacy awareness

8 New Privacy Policy Combines 60+ policies European Union has concerns er_embedded&v=KGghlPmebCY er_embedded&v=KGghlPmebCY

9 Can Google ever be trusted again?

10 Sources “Google Will Pay $22.5 Million to Settle FTC Charges it Misrepresented Privacy Assurances to Users of Apple’s Safari Internet Browser” Federal Trade Commission, 8/9/2012 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Code of Conduct” Google 4/25/2012 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Our history in depth” Google No publish date given. Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Privacy Policy” Google 7/27/2012 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Don’t get Scroogled by Gmail” Microsoft 2/6/2013 us/news/press/2013/feb13/02-06Gmail.aspx Web Accessed: 4/26/2013 us/news/press/2013/feb13/02-06Gmail.aspx “Ads in Gmail” Google 3/29/2013 Web. Accessed 4/26/2013 Ducklin, Paul “Australian Privacy Commissioner lays the hard word on Google as WiFi data capture saga continues” Naked Security 8/8/2012 privacy-commissioner-lays-the-hard-word-on-google/ Web. Accessed 4/26/2013 privacy-commissioner-lays-the-hard-word-on-google/ Fleischer, Peter “Greater choice for wireless access point owners” Google 11/14/2011 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Attorney General Announces $7 Million Multistate Settlement With Google Over Street View Collection of WiFi Data” Connecticut Attorney General 3/12/2013 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013

11 Sources Liedtke, Michael “Google grabs personal info off of Wi-Fi netwroks” Associated Press 5/14/2010 personal-info-apf-2162289993.html?x=0 Web. Accessed 4/26/2013 personal-info-apf-2162289993.html?x=0 Vaas, Lisa “Google controversially forces users to opt-out of Wi-Fi snooping” Naked Security 11/17/2011 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 Vaas, Lisa “EU tells Google to make its new privacy policy clearer and to give users easier opt-out” Naked Security 10/16/2012 its-new-privacy-policy-clearer-and-to-give-users-easier-opt-out/ Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 its-new-privacy-policy-clearer-and-to-give-users-easier-opt-out/ Pfanner, Eric “Google Faces More Inquiries in Europe Over Privacy Policy” The New York Times 4/2/2013 over-privacy-policy.html Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 over-privacy-policy.html “FTC Charges Deceptive Privacy Practices in Google’s Rollout of Its Buzz Social Network” Federal Trade Commission 3/30/2011 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 Ducklin, Paul “Buzz over Google’s $8.5 million lawsuit settlement” Naked Security 11/3/2010 Web. Accessed: 4/26/2013 “Google to Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion in Stock” Google 10/9/2006 Web. Accessed: 4/28/2013

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